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  • Name: Ilya Reznik ( Ilya Reznik )
  • Date of birth: 4 April 1938.
  • Age: 78 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 187
  • Activity: songwriter, actor, people’s artist of Russia, people’s artist of Ukraine
  • Marital status: married

    Ilya Reznik: biography

    Ilya Reznik – Soviet and Russian poet-songwriter who was awarded for contribution to the world culture is the title of people’s artist of Russia in 2003, and 10 years later was named Folk artist of Ukraine.

    The future renowned Russian pop music was born in the spring of 1938, he was a mere child when the Great Patriotic war. The little boy survived the siege of Leningrad, and later together with his family was evacuated to the Urals. During the war he was seriously wounded at the front and from the received wounds has died his father Leopold Resnick. Pretty soon mom remarried and moved with her husband to Riga. Maternal Ilya has a younger brother and twin sisters.

    Ilya Reznik in childhood
    Ilya Reznik in childhood | Official website

    The boy remained in Leningrad with her grandmother, Riva Girshevna and grandpa Rachmeler Samuilovich. These people are still in 1934 had immigrated to the Soviet Union from Denmark. Grandfather was an excellent shoemaker and the memories Reznik, stay on him the whole family. By the way, grandpa and grandma not just took custody of her grandson and adopted him officially, so Ilya is the middle name Rahmielevich, not Leopoldovich.

    In elementary school, the future poet was dreaming of long voyages, so all told, that will go to naval school and become an Admiral. Thoughts of a military career pursued Reznik almost to high school, however, being older, he already was thinking about artillery school.

    Ilya Reznik in childhood
    Ilya Reznik in childhood | Official website

    But closer to the prom Ilya came up with the idea of becoming an actor since he loved theater. After school, he takes the documents in the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and film, but fails the exams.

    The young man got a job as a laboratory assistant in a medical Institute, and later performed the duties of an electrician and working of the stage, and every summer again and again tried to become a student at the desired University. But only in 1958, his perseverance was rewarded. By the way, their first single, «the Ballad of the French duel,» «Tarakani» and a few other Ilya wrote when I studied in the theatrical Institute.

    Ilya Reznik in his youth
    Ilya Reznik in his youth | Official website

    In 1965, a young actor enters the Theatre troupe name. F. Komissarzhevskaya, playing a lot in different productions, but simultaneously continues to improve in poetry. Four years later, he publishes the first book of children’s poems «Bozo doesn’t want to be a clown.» Later the world will see many more builds that are designed for the little readers. But the main career Reznik in the same 1969 came back to the side of the stage, as the song «Cinderella» to his words in the performance of Lyudmila senchinoj becoming very popular across the country.


    In 1972, feeling the strength, recognition and relevance, Ilya Reznik leaves the theater and decides to focus solely on singing poetry. In the same period he was accepted as a member of the Leningrad Union of writers. Incidentally, 1972 is remarkable in the fate of the poet that he first met another aspiring singer Alla Pugacheva and gave her the song «Sit-pookaem». With this composition, Pugacheva became one of the laureates of all-Union competition of performers and gets the right to represent the Soviet Union at the international festival in the Polish city of Sopot.

    Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva
    Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva | Official website

    A huge success was waiting for the song «Apple trees in bloom». It was sung by Sofia Rotaru, as well as the author of music Yevgeny Martynov. His performance received the first prize «Golden lyre» on the Czechoslovak vocal competition «Bratislava lyre». Incidentally, this was the first occasion when Soviet song won such a high award. «Apple trees in bloom» also brought Ilya Reznik recognition at the national TV show «song of the year». Subsequently Ilya Rahmielevich will be the winner of the annual contest of about three dozen times.

    La Resnick Rahmielevich
    Ilya Reznik | Official website

    Over the years the work of Resnick collaborated with such prominent composers as Maxim Dunaevsky, Raimonds Pauls, Vladimir Feltsman, and many others. Songs his words played Mikhail Boyarsky, Irina Ponarovskaya, Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Nikolay Karachentsov, Valery Leontiev, Laima Vaikule and many other artists.

    Ilya Reznik and singer Laima Vaikule
    Ilya Reznik and singer Laima Vaikule | Russian Dialogue

    But the main thing was still the tandem of Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva. In her repertoire there were such recognized hits written by the songwriter as «Maestro», «Ballet», «my», «Without me», «Photographer», «Antique clock», «Three happy days» and many others.

    In recent years, the poet never stops writing songs. Fans of local music know the song, «Saint Petersburg» and «the Return» Edita, «I love this world.» Reznik wrote whole albums for Tatiana Bulanova, Diana Gurtskaya, Elena Vaenga and many other contemporary musicians.

    Books and movies

    In addition to collections of children’s poems, about which was spoken above, Ilya Reznik has written a number of books. He published a book-biography «Alla Pugacheva and others,» a collection of his poems «Leyli», «Limericks», «favorites», «Two on the town», «Square quatrains» and many others. In addition to poems is, in Resnick and large shapes, for example, folk poem about militia «Egor Panov and Alex Vanin». Also saw the light of Patriotic literary work for children «Where to serve». A very remarkable book was published in 2004: «Salvatio» is a collection of dedications of the poet, written on napkins.

    Illya Reznik have FLM
    Ilya Reznik in the film «the adventures of Prince Florizel» | Movie-Theater

    I must say that in acting for Ilya Reznik was not superfluous. He not only played a lot on the stage, including in the author’s productions, but also starred in the movie. The first film in which Elijah appeared as an actor, was a well-known Comedy «the adventures of Prince Florizel», where Reznik portrayed the offender in a wheelchair. He later starred in the musical «Come and say,» the script for which was written by himself, in the melodrama «Moscow beauty» new year movie «once…» and Comedy «Brilliants for Juliette». Last appearance of Elijah Rahmielevich at the art cinema was the remake of «carnival night 2, or 50 years later.»

    Personal life

    Young poet Ilya Reznik enjoyed success with women, but for a long time remained a bachelor. The first time he got married already at the age of 30. His first wife Regina he met on tour. The girl was younger more than 10 years, but this did not prevent the couple to create a good family.

    Regina Resnik as Carmen
    Regina Resnik as Carmen | Alchetron

    After the wedding, Regina worked as a Deputy Director of the Leningrad variety Theatre, and later played on the stage. In this marriage at Reznik was born two children, son Maxim and daughter Alice, who is younger brother of seven years. It is noteworthy that after the divorce, the son stayed to live with his father. The boy was trained as a journalist and worked with the infamous transmission «wordsmiths».

    Ilya Reznik, Munira Argymbaev and their son Arthur
    Ilya Reznik, Munira Argymbaev and their son Arthur | Art mosaic

    Second official marriage, the master of the Russian platform was concluded in 1985. His choice was a Ukrainian dancer and choreographer Mounir Argimbaeva. Four years after the wedding the couple had a son Arthur. In the early 90-ies of the family moved to live in the USA, but in 1992 Reznik returns home, and Argimbaeva with a child left in America. Officially Ilya and Munira divorced only 20 years, however, no longer lived.

    Ilya Reznik with his wife Irina Romanova
    Ilya Reznik with his wife Irina Romanova | the First Internet TV

    By the way, the second divorce Reznik was widely reported in the press. Almost immediately after receiving the documents, the poet married again. His current wife is a former athlete, master of sports in athletics, and now – Director of Theatre of a name of Ilya Reznik Irina Romanova. They are familiar for a long time and for many years lived in actual marriage before the wedding.

    Famous songs

    • Maestro (Alla Pugacheva)
    • Apple blossom (Sofia Rotaru and Evgeny Martynov)
    • Stewardess named Jeanne (Vladimir Presnyakov Jr.)
    • My little lady (Nikolai Karachentsov)
    • The edge of a birch (Edita)
    • Vernissage (Laima Vaikule and Valery Leontiev)
    • Golden wedding (Children’s ensemble «kukushechka»)
    • The Veil (Irina Allegrova)
    • Convertible (Lyubov Uspenskaya)
    • Edith Piaf (Tamara Gverdtsiteli)


    • 1969 — Bozo doesn’t want to be a clown
    • 1982 — Two over the city
    • 1982 — Leyli
    • 1994 — Alla Pugacheva and others
    • 1998 — favorites
    • 2000 — my life is a carnival
    • 2003 — Where to serve?
    • 2004 — Salvatio
    • 2006 — Square quatrains
    • 2012 — Sacred love to a woman


    Ilya Reznik

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