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  • Name: Ilya Oleynikov ( Ilya Klyaver )
  • Date of birth: 10 July 1947
  • Age: 65 years
  • Date of death: November 11, 2012
  • Place of birth: Chisinau, Moldova
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actor of film, television and music stars, TV presenter, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Ilya Oleynikov: a biography

    Ilya Oleynikov liked and loved by the audience. Many remember the artist for the comic project «the Town» is nice and good jokes, this sad clown. But few people know that in the life of Elijah L. was not so much cause for laughter.

    Ilya Lvovich Klyaver-is the real name of the artist, was born in July 1947 in Chisinau in a poor Jewish family. Their house is a ramshackle old house with 2 rooms with a tiny kitchen. In one of the rooms the family lived Kleverov with two kids (Elijah was the eldest sister), the second uncle with his family and elderly parents.

    Father earned the bread for the family making shore (side Blinker) for horses. Mom worked with children and housework. The children had a lot of work in helping parents. The boy could only learn in school. But the strength is not enough, so it grew cold to all the Sciences put together. However, parents managed to attach the son to the world beautiful. First, Ilya Oleynikov, he learned to play the violin, but he did not succeed. But the activities for the development of the accordion was a success.

    The first stage of the young artist is a wooden chair, which dad proudly threw their child, which was to entertain guests. The boy was pretty good at that. He sang, recited poems, made funny faces, repeating memorized phrases from different movies. After that, the guests approvingly fingered young talent cheeks. In his autobiographical book, Oleynikov remembered that glory was then related to him with a rather painful sensations. Cheeks of pink became cyanotic for a few days.

    In 18 years Ilya Oleynikov has collected the simple belongings and went to Moscow. Effortlessly, he enrolled in circus school. To prepare for the arrival of Smaug, working in the Kishinev puppet theatre. Later with a sad humor, the artist admitted, he had no other way but to hypocrisy. After all, the prospect of science in his absent. Actor and for literacy is not mandatory.


    The creative biography of Ilya Oleynikov began in his student years. He worked on the stage of Moscow concert. Monologues and comic sketches performed by the young artist enjoyed the same success. Oleynikov took as a basis the texts of Seeds Viola, Mikhail Mishin and others, but have always made them something of their own.

    Having graduated circus school, Oleynikov left to serve in the army. After demobilization he returned to his native Chisinau and some time performing in a dance group «Smile». But soon returned to Russia, to Leningrad. Here, since 1974, he continues to perform on stage with humorous monologues. But after 3 years, Ilya L. you are a wonderful partner – a novel of the Cossacks. Their dialogues and sketches are very popular with the audience.

    The Duo are being increasingly invited to St. Petersburg theaters. And in the late 1970s Oleynikov and Cossacks appeared on the screens. Catchphrase this fun pair, which is repeated in many rooms, «the Question, of course, interesting.» It becomes a kind of trademark of the Duo. At the same time, Ilya Oleynikov in films. His debut become the Comedy «Thai voyage stepanich and Kolkhoz interteynment».

    In 1986, Ilya Oleynikov began searching for a new partner: a novel of the Cossacks died. For 4 years he has collaborated with several colleagues in the genre, but without much success. Everything changed after the Comedy film «Jokes». On the set Oleynikov met with Yuri Stoyanov. This meeting proved fateful: more artists did not leave. This creative tandem through a short period of time began to be perceived as a unified whole.

    In 1993 Olejnikov and Stoyanov started his own project under the name «Town». Transfer instantly becoming one of the most popular. For 19 years, «Town», was released 284 release. Twice the program was awarded «TEFI». In 2001, Olejnikov and Stoyanov received the title of people’s artists of Russia.

    A few years before the death of Ilya Oleynikov has set an ambitious musical called «the Prophet.» In this project he has put a lot of effort, soul and money. The play was based on the musical self-expression. The Director of the project was Janusz józefowicz, a choreographer of «Metro». To create decorations Ilya Lvovich has attracted professionals who worked on the special effects of the film «Lord of the rings». Oleinikov, himself, was played by the false prophet.

    But the musical failed. Its budget was about $ 2.5 million. 2 of them agreed to give investors from Belarus. But at the last moment they changed their minds. Ilya Oleynikov sold the apartment and got into considerable debt. The failure of his project, the artist took very hard.

    Personal life

    Despite the external necklacesthe, Oleynikov was a huge success with the opposite sex. It is known that he had two marriages that friends of the actor considered fictitious. But true love Ilya Lvovich met when he served in the army and returned to Chisinau. While touring pop group, which was made by a young artist, he became acquainted with Irina Oleinikova. It has been found in Leningrad.

    To this marriage was born the only son of the couple, Denis Klyaver. Family home for Ilya Oleynikov was very expensive. Their home was characterized by love and harmony. Irina Klyaver (after marriage she took her husband’s name, and he is to stage name «lent» her last name) was a real homemaker. By profession she was a chemist. It’s safe to say that the personal lives of Ilya Oleynikov was happy. Together, the couple lived until the death of the actor.


    After the failure of the musical Oleynikov sank into depression. Relatives later recalled that when he spoke of the imminent death. In the summer of 2012, the actor was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was forced to undergo chemotherapy. Aggressive treatment has reduced the already weak heart. In the autumn of the same year the actor got pneumonia.

    The doctors brought the artist into a state of artificial sleep. But to save the actor failed. 11 Nov 2012 it did not. Olejnikov has died on 66-m to year of life.


    Ilya Oleynikov wife

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