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  • Name: Obroncow Ilya ( Ilya Obolonkov )
  • Date of birth: 26 November 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Togliatti
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: married Natalya Gromushkina

    Ilya Obroncow: biography

    Ilya Obroncow — Russian theater and film actor, known to viewers of the TV series «Platinum», «Kremlin cadets» and «the Stolen happiness». He was born and raised in the Samara region, Tolyatti. The childhood of Elijah can not be called quiet: the boy was more rowdy, talked with far not the most rough teenagers of his district, many of whom subsequently went to prison, and some even said goodbye to life because of addiction to drugs.

    Obroncow saved passion for the theatre and the full support of the father. It was on the advice of the parents, the young man after graduating from high school comes to the acting Department of Volzhsky University named after V. N. Tatishchev in his native city, where Ilya was trained in the workshop of Gleb Drozdov. In parallel with the education student was involved in performances of Drama theatre «Koleso».

    Ilya Obroncow
    Ilya Obroncow | Production center «the Firebird»

    Until, as a young man graduated, he already knew clearly that he wants to devote to acting my whole life. But the novice artist all more attracted to the cinema, so Elijah is sent to the capital and entered the experimental workshop of Honored artist of the Russian Federation Andrey Panin in the legendary VGIK.

    In 2006, Ilya Obroncow already the owner of two higher educations, began to collaborate with theatre actor, but later decided to focus more on the movie and on the stage he appears now only in antrepriznyh performances.


    The first picture, the credits of which Ilya Obroncow, was a dramatic television series about firefighters «Firefighters». Then followed a long series of small roles in many domestic projects, notably adventure Comedy «Full speed ahead!».

    The popularity of Elijah gave the image of a senior Lieutenant of the interior Ministry Alexei Kartash the serial Thriller «Platinum». The film’s success led to the fact that two years later, the screens out the second part, in which Obroncow fulfil the same role.

    Ilya Obroncow in the film
    Ilya Obroncow in the film «looper» | Cinema

    Also worth noting is the unusual modernized adaptation of the imperishable tragedy «hamlet», the biographical film «Airborne dad» and the youth television series «the Kremlin cadets» had a very high rating.

    In General, Obroncow often plays military and police, not only in fiction but in documentaries, for example, in the film «Afghanistan. Point of no return». From works of other genres are considered to be the most spectacular mystical detective «time Loop», the drama «Stolen happiness» and social drama «with us.»

    Personal life

    With his future wife Natalia gromushkina the actor met in the theater when they had to play together in one Comedy act. Darling Ilya Obroncow over him for six years, at the time of their meeting has already experienced the pros and cons of family life with actor Alexander by Domogarova, and also had a son from a previous relationship.

    Ilya Obroncow and Natalia Gromushkina
    Ilya Obroncow and Natalia Gromushkina | Entertainment portal «7 days»

    All these circumstances of the past led to the fact that Natalia was afraid to chase almost immediately fell in love with her Elijah. But Obroncow fascinated not only romantic actions and behavior of a real man. He took the wisest decision in this situation – first befriended seven years of Gordius, son of his beloved. And as the boys Obroncow fascinated, she couldn’t resist his mom.

    We had a wedding in 2012, and very quietly and modestly, even many fellow actors did not know about the marriage. A year later the family had grown: Ilya and Natalya was born, a joint daughter, who was given the unusual name of Iliana, and the name recorded double — Gromushkina-Obroncow.


    • 2007-2009 — Platinum
    • 2009 — the Justice of wolves
    • 2009-2010 — Kremlin cadets
    • 2010 — Landing dad
    • 2011 — Afghanistan. The point of no return
    • 2012 — Three days of Lieutenant Kravtsov
    • 2014 — time Loop
    • 2014 — the Smile of a Mockingbird
    • 2016 — Next to us
    • 2016 — Stolen happiness


    Ilya Obroncow

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