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  • Name: Ilya Novikov ( Novikov Ilya ya )
  • Date of birth: 11 February 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: The Player «What? Where? When?» lawyer
  • Marital status: Married

    Ilya Novikov: biography

    Ilya Novikov was born 11 February 1982 in Moscow. His mother was of Ukrainian origin and her father was Russian. Since childhood, the boy gravitated to knowledge and actively read. In high school I became interested in intellectual games, his favorite TV show was the show «What? Where? When?» and Elijah wanted to get on it. Then he read the detective stories of Erle Stanley Gardner about the lawyer Perry Mason and decided to become a lawyer. After school, Novikov filed documents at the Russian Academy of justice. As a student, the young man became a member of the team that participated in the sports version of game «What? Where? When?». Future lawyer and expert also read a lot, buying a month up to ten different books.

    Graduated with distinction from the Academy in 2005, Ilya began his law practice and began teaching at the Department of criminal process. Later, he began to train judges on refresher courses. However, as a practicing lawyer, Novikov had to abandon work on the advanced training faculty to have the opportunity to continue working in court.

    In August 2011, Ilja became the senior partner in the legal Bureau «Natalia Goncharova, Novikov I PARTNERY». Through its partnership with the Bureau, Novikov became a lawyer well-known expert

  • Anatoly Wasserman, who filed the lawsuit on the company «Mary Jane» illegally uses the image of a scholar. The lawyer was able to prove the similarity of the image created by the company and the client. Thanks to the efforts Novikov, Wasserman should be compensated in the amount of one hundred ten thousand roubles. In January 2013 he became a partner in the legal company «Tenzor Consulting Group», which mainly deals with arbitration cases and cases involving economic crimes.

    In 2013, Novikov became a lawyer in the case of resonance of the Tolyatti businessman

  • Sergei Electronica. The lawyer’s client was accused of violation of traffic rules, which led to the accident and death of a young girl. Relatives of Electronica turned to the famous scholar and lawyer after Sergei rebelled the inhabitants of the city. Novikov has made a fair verdict, reassured the public that his client was found guilty and was punished to three years in colony-settlement, and also paid monetary compensation to the family of the victim. 2014 Novikov is one of the lawyers of Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko. Client Elijah is accused of complicity in the murder of two Russian journalists under Lugansk. Late charges added, and illegal crossing of border of the Russian Federation. The lawyer believes that the issue of releasing Savchenko — not so much the court’s decision as a political decision of the Russian leadership.

    Ilya Novikov, «What? Where? When?»

    On television Ilya Novikov made his debut at the age of fourteen as a participant of the program «

  • The wheel of history» on TV channel «RTR». Then the guy won, but managed to answer one of the quiz questions. In the same year he took part in the program»
  • Jeopardy», which also won. He still participated in three shows, where he was able to get two wins in 2001 and 2002.

    In the famous game «

  • What? Where? When?» which made the famous Novikov, the guy got in 2002, through participation in the sport version of this program. His team won the championship of Russia and the children were invited to view. However to become a member of elite club «What? Where? When?» was only Elijah. Novikov joined the team of Marina Afeway that won in that game. But the expert was not upset and continued to improve his knowledge and became a permanent member of the show. The next two games also ended in defeat for the young connoisseur. Success came to Elijah, in 2004 after he was repeatedly recognized as the best player in the team and got the «Crystal owl». This victory brought him popularity among viewers.

    In 2011 Ilya was again nominated for the «Crystal owl», but refused to award in favor of another expert

  • Gregory Alhazov. In the same year became a participant of the popular TV show»
  • Who wants to be a millionaire?». The project Ilya came with his colleague and girlfriend
  • Elena Potanina. They were able to correctly answer ten questions, however, the eleventh question brought them defeat and a zero cash prize. At that time he also took part in extreme show»
  • Cruel game», where in couple competition with the singer Elena Perova was able to achieve the title of semifinalist.

    2014 Novikov became the owner of «Crystal owl» as part of the show «What? Where? When?» and also became best player of the year, received the «Diamond owl».

    Ilya Novikov’s personal life

    A well-known lawyer and expert Ilya Novikov does not like to discuss his personal life. For a time he dated a co-worker on the game «What? Where? When?»

  • Elena Potanina. The pair were so close that many perceived them as husband and wife. Together they participated on the show «Who wants to be a millionaire?». In one of the editions of «What? Where? When?» Elena said that Elijah proposed to her. Novikov himself soon in one of his interviews said that for some time not Dating Potanina. With his current wife and Ilya met at a show «What? Where? When?».
  • Anastasia Shutov is taking part in the game since 2011. Between colleagues began an affair, and in July 2013, the pair went to a twelve days journey to the North pole. There experts, according to ancient Maritime tradition, «painted» the captain of the atomic icebreaker Dmitry Lobusov. Legally this marriage is not valid, however, Ilya and Anastasia was going to later register it at the registry office. On their journey they consider the perfect wedding, full of bright impressions and unforgettable memories.

    Ilya Novikov photo

    Ilya Novikov

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