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  • Name: Ilya Noskov ( Ilya Noskov )
  • Date of birth: 21 July 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Novaya Kahovka, Ukraine
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married to Polina Vasilyeva

    Ilya Noskov’s biography

    Ilya Noskov Anatolievich was born in the southern Ukrainian city of Kiev on July 21, 1977. In school the boy was engaged in a dance circle and the school of music. Ilya grew up in a family where the parents were not related to the world of theatre and cinema. But this world had a direct bearing on big brother Elijah

  • Andrey Noskov, who also became an actor. In 1992, when Elijah was 15 years old, he went to Leningrad to stay with his brother Andrew, who was a student of the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography named after N. Cherkasova (now St. Petersburg state Academy of theatrical art). Ilya decided to try to go to this University and unexpectedly received. But when I finished exams, and it turned out that Socks Jr. does not have the certificate of completion of secondary education.

    The family Council decided that Ilya will go to study in the evening school of Leningrad and at the same time to attend classes in LGITMiK as a free listener. A year later, the guy received a certificate upon completion of secondary education, got on the second course of the workshop A. D. Andreev.

    Ilya of Socks: theatre

    After graduating from the Academy in 1997 Ilya Noskov was accepted by the Imperial Alexandrinsky theatre (now the Russian academic drama theatre. A. S. Pushkin), where he worked for ten years. Over the years the actor has played in performances «the Auditor» (Gibner), «Double» (Parsley), Pygmalion (Cockney), «the wise man stumbles» (Yegor Kurchaeva), «Boris Godunov» (Prince Theodore) and many others.

    In this period of time he went on stage of the Alexandrinsky not only his, but also in other theatres. For example, at the Youth theatre on the Fontanka, he played in the play «Glass of water» captain Masama. One of the roles Ilya Noskov invited the Theatre «Mansion» (the play «the Green cheeks of April»). Not every actor participated in the entreprise. For example, from 2001 to 2005, the first year Ilya Noskov played Sergeant Trotter in the Mousetrap.

    Ilya and Andrey Noskova their similarity-dissimilarity used in the work. Although the brothers are not twins, they are constantly confused. Be the first to beat this circumstance decided the Director Andrei Dezhonov, offering the Noskov brothers to play in his play on works by Stanislaw LEM, «the Seventh voyage of Ijon Pacific». For this production in 2004, the theatre Association «Noskov and Company.» Andrey and Ilya made him together. Today is a cohesive team of like-minded people with creative nucleus — brothers Noskov family. The society produced two productions – «the Journey» and «Game of love».

    Ilya of Socks: movies

    A cinematic biography of Ilya Noskov started in 2002. And the debut was held in a quite remarkable film «Azazel», where the actor played the role of Erast Fandorin. The hero Ilya is a young, agile and energetic Metropolitan detective. This role is opened to the audience a new actor. Noted the work of the young actor and Director. The film

  • «Azazel» was a good springboard to further the artist’s career. In 2004-m to year on the screens out two films — «Women in game without rules» and «the Moscow Saga». Both melodrama was a success. Especially popular was the film «Moscow Saga» Yuri Moroz. This adaptation of the novel by Galina Shcherbakova.

    From 2005 to 2006-th Ilya Noskov starred in seven films. The most notable of them is of the painting «the Kiss is always wrong», «return to Faith» and «Short breath». In the latter film, Ilya starred in the lead role along with Elena Zakharova and Vladimir Zherebtsova.

    Almost every year a four to eight new films involving Ilya Noskov. In 2013 year, for example, released six films with the participation of Ilya Noskov. The actor does not stop there and maybe what his best role is yet to come.

    Successful for Noskova was, and the current 2015. On the screen comes the film

  • «Indemnity» where the actor starred in the role of investigator Andrey Murzin.

    Ilya Noskov’s personal life

    In 2004, the year Ilya Noskov married. His wife was the actress

  • Polina Vasileva. Young people due to the tight schedule of Elijah was seen infrequently, that did not stop the couple to preserve the relationship. In love with the result married and were married in the Church. In their family there are two children – the eldest daughter Sofia and son Junior Savva, born at home. Birth of Sofia and Sava Ilya Noskov took himself. Before birth Noskovy attended special courses.

    Ilya Noskov has a very interesting and unusual hobby: he collects antique suitcases and bags.

    Ilya of Socks: filmography

    • Azazel
    • Women in game without rules
    • Moscow Saga
    • Kiss is always wrong
    • Shortness of breath
    • To Restore The Faith
    • Distorting mirror of the soul
    • Rose farewell winds
    • Guest
    • Meeting with hamlet
    • Indemnity

    Ilya of Socks: photos

    Ilya Noskov

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