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  • Name: Ilya Lyubimov ( Ilya Lyubimov )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Actor
  • Family: married Ekaterina Vilkova

    Ilya Lyubimov biography

    Ilya Lyubimov, a popular Russian theater and film actor, was born in Moscow into a family of aircraft. Mom Lyubimov was a great linguist, she was fluent in English and French. Ilya also has an older brother Oleg, who also chose a career in «Pyotr Fomenko Workshop».

    Her childhood Ilya was replaced by three schools. This was due to the fact that in the eleven years of the boy’s talent manifested itself so vividly that he was invited to work in the Theatre of young Muscovites, and the parents picked a school closer to the theatre. Directors-Directors of Sci at that time was Alexander Gordon and Viktor Shenderovich.

    However, despite such an early beginning of a theatrical career after ninth grade, Elijah decided to buy a programmer for hedging and began teaching at the Lyceum at the mechanics and mathematics of Moscow state University. But a year later, the future actor learned about a set course in the workshop

  • Pyotr Fomenko. Ilya got a job as a volunteer at the GITIS course subsequently as an external student graduated from high school.

    Ilya Lyubimov theater

    While studying at the directing Department of GITIS Ilya Lyubimov began working in the theater of his mentor. So, in «Pyotr Fomenko Workshop», the actor took part in various productions, among which are such classical pieces «the Wedding» by Anton Chekhov and «Winter’s tale» by William Shakespeare, and modernist production of «School for fools». Also played Ilya Sergey, it was cold in the front row and Prince Andrei Bolkonsky in the play based on «War and peace».

    General theatrical biography of Ilya Lyubimov is more than two dozen performances. In 2000 he became the laureate of the theatrical award

  • «The Seagull» for the duet with actress Xenia Kutepova in the play «Family happiness», in the nomination «Some like it hot».

    Ilya Lyubimov movies

    The debut work of Ilya Lyubimov in the film was a bit part in a detective serial «the citizen the chief». The second film, which starred actor, brought him an award and recognition in the film industry. However, to truly notoriety remained three years. During this time he managed to star in the acclaimed «Boomer», as well as in a detective story about the everyday life of the Soviet special services «Red orchestra».

    In 2005, the company «AMEDIA» has released a Russian adaptation of the Colombian series «I am Betty, the ugly» called

  • «Not born beautiful». This telenovela about the fate of the smart, but ugly girl in record time won the hearts of viewers. «Not born beautiful» Ilya Lyubimov played a charismatic main villain Alexander Voropayev, which is building the ambitious plans for the Corporation, led by the protagonist of the series, part-time groom for his sister. Role in this project has brought a wide popularity of Lyubimov and the artist was invited to more significant projects.

    Of the last films I would like to mention Comedy romance

  • «Inadequate people», shot in 2010, directed by Roman Karimov. This film won five different categories of the film festival «Window to Europe». Critics praised how organically was performed a duet of the main characters, the role of which is played by Ingrid Olerinsky and Ilya Lyubimov.

    Ilya also participated in the filming of medical telenovelas 2012

  • «Diary of Dr. Zaitseva», and two years later starred as the hard Vorozhtsov Herman in the TV series»
  • Ship», which is a Russian adaptation of the Spanish post-apocalyptic soap Opera «the Ark».

    Ilya Lyubimov: personal life

    Ilya is a deeply religious man who strictly adheres to the canons of Orthodoxy. So with his wife, actress Catherine Vilkova, Lyubimov was kept in chastity until the wedding, which was held in the Church of St. Agrippa.

    Married Ilya Lubimov and Ekaterina Vilkova became the parents of two children, they grow up the daughter of Paul and son Peter. Parents chose names for the calendar. I wonder what such an unusual name was Pavel Kochetkov, which Vilkova played a few years before the birth of her daughter.

    Despite the fact that they are colleagues from the theatre and film Department, met Vilkova and Lyubimov quite trivial at the gas station. The artist was so impressed that Catherine looks exactly fit the description that he was a few years ago gave the Holy elder of the Pskov-caves monastery. Therefore, the personal life of Ilya Lyubimov, as he said himself, formed according to the original intended destiny.

    Ilya Lyubimov: filmography

    • The chief citizen
    • Diary of a killer
    • Boomer
    • Red orchestra
    • Kazus Kukotskogo
    • Not born beautiful
    • 20 cigarettes
    • Inadequate people
    • Churchill
    • The doctor’s diary
    • Ship

    Ilya Lyubimov: photo

    Ilya Lyubimov

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