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  • Name: Ilya Lagutenko ( Ilya Lagutenko )
  • Date of birth: 16 October 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: singer, musician, composer, actor, writer and leader of the group «Mumiy Troll»
  • Marital status: married

    Ilya Lagutenko: biography

    Ilya Lagutenko, a Russian rock musician, founder of the group «Mumiy Troll», which literally ascended to a musical Olympus.

    He was born in Moscow, in the family of architect Igor V. Lagutenko and his wife Elena Borisovna, who was a fashion designer. When Ilya was only six months old, his father was intended, in General, a simple operation for appendicitis. But something went wrong and a man died after a botched procedure.

    Mom took the baby and went to his hometown of Vladivostok. It was there that it took a conscious childhood and adolescence Ilya Lagutenko. Elena Borisovna married again for the captain, which was engaged in raising the boy, replacing his father. In the new family the boy’s got a sister Maria.

    Lagutenko studied at school with advanced study of Chinese language and made significant progress in mastering this difficult subject. Already at that time he was interested in music. The first group he founded back in Junior high, calling it a «Bonnie Wee». In addition, the boy acted in the children’s choir, which toured in many cities of the Soviet Union.

    After school was admitted to the far Eastern state University, where he specialized in Oriental studies. During practice he visited in China and the UK, where even more improved language skills. And in the middle of 90-x years, Ilya worked as an Advisor in Russia to Beijing and London. By the way, Lagutenko gave military service in the ranks of the red banner Pacific fleet, which in his songs, especially early, so often slips a nautical theme.

    Became famous team of young people founded in 1983, but it was originally called «Moomin Troll» in honor of the characters of children tales of the Finnish writer Tove Jansson. But as the group for a long time could not achieve anything serious, once Ilya in the hearts exclaimed: «We are not Moomin, we are real mummy». Thus was born later became a world-known name «Mumiy Troll».


    The first album «New moon of April» was published in 1985 under the same name «Moomin Troll». A few years later came «Do the Yu-Yu». But although on this record there are songs that will later be national hits, then the material is not aroused in the audience no interest, and the group disbanded, to return only after many years.

    The musical activities of the «mummy Troll» was resumed only in the late 90-ies. And the first album after the revival, which was called «Sea», created a furor. The CD was named the best-selling in 1997, and such songs as «funneling», «Girl», «Vladivostok 2000» sounded literally from every window.

    In honor of this success was immediately released album «Caviar», the critically acclaimed, but the wave of mania, previous work has left insufficient visible on the charts. Ilya Lagutenko later admitted that nothing was rushed to release.

    Early songs of the 80s years, the singer has re-recorded and re-released under the name of «Shamora». Then the new life received such hits as «Alien guest», «Hello, POPs!», «Do me right, mom.»

    The group regularly gets into the Studio, and every two or three years releases a new disks. Of the following hits you need to celebrate «Carnival.No» and «Bride?» from the album «Exactly mercury aloe», «This love» and «seaweed» have disk «meamury», «dipper», which was included in the album «thieves of books», and many others.

    For the last two songs of the album «SOS Sailor» and «Pirated copies» group «mummies the Troll» under the leadership of Ilya Lagutenko recorded during the world tour on a sailing vessel «Sedov». The most famous works of this period are «Sharks or Spider» «SOS sailor», «Swimming with Sharks» and «Seems».

    Many songs were translated into English and published in the US in the form of mini-albums.

    Personal life

    The first time Ilya Lagutenko married at the time when I lived in Vladivostok. His wife was Elena Troyanovskaya, the scientist-ichthyologist. To this marriage was born a son, Igor, named after the earlier deceased natural father of the musician. Ilya and Elena lived together until 2003.

    In late 2007, the singer met a gymnast and model Anna Zhukova. After some time they got married, and then they had daughter Valentina, Veronica, that parents abbreviated name is Vivi, and the little Leticia. Now the couple Lagutenko resides in Los Angeles.

    Main hobby Ilya is… writing. First work «the Book of wandering. My East» can be considered a memoir of the group «Mumiy Troll». The second book «Vladivostok 3000» is a fantastic story of a Pacific Republic. Latest work «the Tiger story» is written in the form of a trilogy about the life and adventures of the Amur tiger. The publication was produced with the support of «Russian geographical society». By the way, Ilya Lagutenko is the International coalition for the protection of tigers, which is the main representative of the Russian Federation.


    • 1985 — New moon APR
    • 1990 — Do Yu Yu
    • 1997 — Sea
    • 1997 — Caviar
    • 2000 — Exactly Mercury Aloe
    • 2002 — meamury
    • 2004 — the Kidnappers of books
    • 2005 — mergers and Acquisitions
    • 2010 — Rare earth
    • 2013 — SOS to a sailor
    • 2015 — Pirated copies


    Ilya Lagutenko

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