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  • Name: Ilya Korobko ( Ilya Korobko )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1992
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Ilya Korobko: biography

    Ilya Korobkov is a native Muscovite. He was born in January 1992 in a family where artists were not even distantly related. Ilya’s mother – the seller in shop hours. Dad works as the head of the warehouse of one of capital restaurants. In addition to Elijah in the family Korobkova has grown by another two children. All children – two sons and a daughter – were artists and have linked their lives with different kinds of art. Ilya decided to become an actor. His brother was seriously involved in dance at age 16 and is a multiple champion in folk dances. Sister is studying design.

    In childhood and youth Ilya Korobko went to an art school. On the screen the boy was born at a very early age: in 1st grade, it was removed in advertising. The debut was brilliant, and Elijah once again filmed in commercials. I guess is a boy and was spotted by producers from the thumbnail. It is for this Studio called Elijah’s mom and invited the young musician to audition for the project «City of millionaires». This is a TV show. Korobko has successfully passed tests and was approved for the role of the son of the protagonist, played by the famous Nikolai Karachentsov.

    In addition to filming commercials and movies Ilya had another great passion – football. But he had to leave because of allergies boy on a synthetic fabric. Had to switch to Thai Boxing.

    At the end of secondary school Ilya Korobko went to enter the theater University. He entered GITIS where studied in the Studio of people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Andreev.


    Like most young artists, Ilya Korobko started his cinematic career with a cameo role. His filmography includes such roles a lot. Basically, this series. Among the most popular – «My fair nanny», «Unreal story», «Save the boss», «Moscow. Three station», «Poor relatives.»

    As a student, Ilya Korobko appeared on the stage. He played in the play «Pippi Longstocking».

    Success came to the novice actor in 2013 with the release of a popular serial strip, gathered at the screens of the huge youth audience, called «Junior». Ilya played in the series hockey player-defender team «Bears» Mikhail Ponomarev. Misha is a pretty vicious guy. He is from a problematic family, which hesitates to introduce his girlfriend. For Ponomarev hockey – the only way to escape from the gray and poor life. So his workout is exhausting and selfless.

    Most artists had to work hard to get that star role. I had a decent stick on skates. Ilya Korobko, before couldn’t even stand on skates on the ice, had to put a lot of effort and diligence to master this sport. It is noteworthy that the actor auditioned for several roles with the Junior team, but was approved as a player Ponomarev.

    After finishing work with the Junior team Ilya Korobko starred in the Comedy romance «Blood and milk» and the TV series «Parallel lives». And the young actor plans to withdraw its youth cinema. Korobko is going to get a second profession – Director.

    Personal life

    Ilya Korobko raised in a strong and happy family, where you can feel the support of family and parental care of children. So he dreams about the same family. Some time Ilya was having an affair with the same age, and a couple of some time even lived together. But after the breakup Elijah has not returned to his home, and rents an apartment. Now Ilya Korobko is enviable groom.


    • «My fair nanny»
    • «Unreal story»
    • «Mosgaz»
    • «Save the boss»
    • «Moscow. Three station»
    • Last minute
    • «The poor relatives»
    • The team
    • «Parallel life»
    • «Blood with milk»


    Ilya Korobko

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