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  • Name: Ilya Ilyin ( Iliya Ilyin )
  • Date of birth: 25 August 1993.
  • Age: 23 years
  • Birth place: Krasnokamsk, Perm
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Ilya Ilyin: biography

    A young Russian actor Ilya Ilyin, who became famous thanks to the paintings of «the Geographer globe propyl», «In the distant the forty-fifth… of the Meeting on the Elbe» and «Sophia», born in the Perm region, in a small working town called Krasnokamensk. To him in the genus were not representatives of the cinema: the boy’s mother worked as a nurse, and his father served in the militia. Yeah, Ilya has long dreamed of such a romantic in the eyes of 10-year-old boy occupations as truck driver, and firefighter.

    Ilya Ilyin
    The issue of school | VK

    But when in the biography of Ilya Ilyin appeared krasnokamskiy children’s theatre, he gained an entirely different look at the artist’s work and literally got sick on stage. Having matriculation, the young man goes to Moscow and tries to pass a creative contest in four Moscow theatre universities. Unfortunately, none of the institutions the candidate ilinykh did not consider as a future student, so Ilya returns to the small home and comes into the Perm state Academy of art and culture, where until 2014, studies in the Studio of Victor Ilieva.

    Ilya Ilyin in his youth
    Photo by Ilya Ilyin | VK

    By the way, as a student actor debuted in the film, on the stage of the Perm theatre-Studio pop miniatures «Impromptu», and also became the winner of all-Russian contest «Young talents of Russia». In addition, young people participated in the production of «Bunin. Sketches,» which the artist created on the basis of the International summer theatre school under the direction of Alexander Kalyagin. After receiving higher education graduate again travels to the capital of Russia and entered the service in the troupe of the Moscow regional theatre of young spectator, which is headed by honored artist Nonna Grishaeva.

    Ilya Ilyin in the play
    With Nonna Grishaeva and Pavel Safonov in the play «Five evenings» | VK

    Tried Ilya Ilyin your hand and on the field of the presenter. He led the TV contest of children’s creativity «Formula for success», the final of which took place in the Perm Opera and ballet theatre named after P. I. Tchaikovsky. I should add that the actor and his classmates created their own theatre «Histrion» and when Elijah arrives in Perm, it is always a pleasure performing on stage, and on charitable basis.


    Debut in cinema for the actor Ilya Ilyin has become the role of major Alex Ovechkin in the social drama «the Geographer globe propyl.» An aspiring Artist has collaborated with such stars as keira Knightley, Evgenia Brik, Elena Lyadova, Aleksandr Robak, and many others. Ilya sure that it was on the set of this film he understood what team spirit and professional ethics.

    Ilya Ilyin in the film
    As a student of Alex Ovechkin (right in bottom row) in the film «the Geographer globe propyl» | Cinema

    When ilinykh with his course came to Moscow for the festival «Your chance», he in the play «sailor’s silence» has played a major role Lieutenant. And there he saw the representative of film Studio «Mosfilm», who invited the young actor to the casting of the film about the first days after the end of world war II «In the forty-fifth… of the Meeting on the Elbe». However, as such samples Ilya Ilyin did not pass: it is, in fact, had again to be embodied in the image of the young Lieutenant, and the actor has coped with it brilliantly.

    Ilya Ilyin in the film
    In the role of Lieutenant Yuri Nikitin in the film «In the distant the forty-fifth… of the Meeting on the Elbe» | Cinema

    In 2016, the screens comes a new series Ilya Ilyin under the name «Sofia». It is a historical biographical drama about the life and love of the last Byzantine Princess. It is believed that largely due to this woman over time Russia became a powerful state. He received the role of the son of Tsar Ivan III, called Ivan the Young. In order to participate in the show Ilya Ilyin learned to ride a horse. He believes that he has some similarities with his character, especially in terms of faith in family, God and country.

    Ilya Ilyin in the film
    In the role of Ivan the Young, in the movie «Sofia» | the Cinema

    New project Perm actor is a criminal detective story with elements of mysticism «the Mentalist». There, he starred with Anastasia Mikulchina, lot’s Elizabeth, Ezekiel by Nazarovym and other domestic masters of a scene.

    Personal life

    Officially, marital status, personal life Ilya Ilyin changed August 7, 2015. He married his sweetheart, whose name is Regina. Soon the couple are awaiting the completion of the family, as the wife of Ilya Ilyin is in a position to give him the firstborn. By the way, about my wedding day Ilya produced a short video, which is laid out for all to see.

    Actor in his spare time enjoys sports, particularly light and heavy athletics, he enjoys hockey, but after starring in the TV series «Sofia the first» loved horseback riding. In addition, Ilya owns a guitar, skillfully tap dances and develops his vocal skills.


    • 2013 the Geographer drank his globe away
    • 2015 — back In… forty-fifth Meeting on the Elbe
    • 2016 — Sofia
    • 2017 — the Mentalist


    Ilya Ilyin

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