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  • Name: Ilya Glinnikov ( Ilya Glinnikov )
  • Date of birth: 19 September 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Novomoskovsk
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Ilya Glinnikov: biography

    One of the most popular «interns» Ilya Ilyich Glinnikov was born in the town of Novomoskovsk, Tula region 19 September 1984. The boy grew up very active. Dancing he started kindergarten. And when I went to school, first became interested in football and went on swimming. The parents approved sports son and wanted to see his son at least is a champion swimmer. But Ilya Glinnikov saw their future different.

    In addition to sports and dance, he studied music and attended the circle of independent activity, as well as wrote and recited poetry. In ninth grade, Ilya Glinnikov took part in the poetry contest, which was dedicated to the great Patriotic war. He read his poem devoted to the native grandfather, and won.

    Ilya Glinnikov: dancing

    Growing up, Glinnikov began to spend more time on a variety of music competitions at school. And probably for good reason. Because before long, dancing became the biggest hobby guy. Ilya has created a dance group. It includes dancers of break-dance and hip-hop good. Guys often attended various competitions, taking them a leading position. The team Glinnikov even put their own show, and participated with him in the Championship of Russia on hip-hop in the capital, finishing in second place.

    After school Ilya Glinnikov enrolled in the College of physical education and sports in his hometown. Soon the dancer was invited to dance-theatrical show «Urbans». But stopped it briefly: differences of opinion with the producer of the show made Glinnikov to go. Ilya organized and put together a new team. During this period Glinnikov often starred in various music videos, commercials and even managed to participate in the «

  • Minute of glory».

    With his dance group Ilya for three months toured China. But after the tour decided to continue his education, realizing that it’s most appealing acting skills. Glinnikov first tried to get into the Mat school-Studio, not passed the third qualifying round. Elijah didn’t give up and enrolled in GITIS. He was lucky to attend the course, a renowned teacher and actor Valery Garkalin.

    Ilya Glinnikov: movies and theatre

    Debuted Ilya Glinnikov on television with a small role in a serial film «the Club». He played a member of the boy band. On the 2nd course of the young artist adopted in one of the leading roles in the movie «First love» directed by Yegor Druzhinin. The job went to Ilya accident. Recalls Glinnikov, walking with a friend down the street, he stumbled upon an advertisement for the recruitment of young people with theatre training who can dance. Not really hoping for success, Elijah sent his photo. Soon he called and invited to the casting. In «First love» Ilya Glinnikov was lucky enough to play on the same set with such famous people as the ballerina Ilze Liepa and singer Julia Savicheva. This work has made the novice actor recognizable.

    After the «First love» Glinnikov was involved in the production of the «Third shift.» For this work he was nominated for «Golden mask». Soon, the young artist went to America, where he continues to improve at the master classes in theatre schools «Whether Strasberg and Goulart». After his return he was invited to the musical «town musicians of Bremen» and played a small role in the sitcom «Univer».

    By the beginning of 2010, the artist already had a considerable track record and filmography. Existing experience and recognition has led Ilya Glinnikov on the main area of his creative life is a sitcom «

  • Interns». After leaving the series Glinnikov Romanenko woke up mega-popular. Now he has his own fan club. At the present time Ilya Glinnikov work in the entreprise «Lucky number» in the play Druzhinin «life is Everywhere». He continues to play in the next season of «Interns». Of the last notable works of the artist Glinnikov role in the film «swallow’s nest» and the Comedy «In sports only girls».

    Ilya Glinnikov: personal life

    Enrolling in GITIS, Elijah immediately moved to Moscow to their relatives, without whom I really missed you. Now the mother and brother of the actor living in the capital.

    But personal life Ilya Glinnikov in the development process. The actor is still not married. Not so long ago, he began appearing at various public events with the actress, a fellow «Interns» Aglaia Tarasova. The girl played Capitman niece Sophie. Aglaya, daughter of a famous actress Ksenia Rappoport.

    At the time, young people stopped their relationship, but after sharing vacation again began to appear together at star get-togethers.

    Ilya Glinnikov: filmography

    • Club
    • Univer
    • First love
    • Interns
    • Fog
    • Swallow’s nest
    • Students are taught to play the guitar
    • Zaletchiki
    • Housekeeper
    • In sports only girls
    • Explorer

    Ilya Glinnikov: photo

    Ilya Glinnikov

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