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  • Name: Ilya Drevnov ( Ilya Drevnov )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: married Maria Poroshina

    Ilya Drevnov: biography

    Today Ilya Drevnov often remembered as the husband of Maria Poroshina. But acting career is like a lottery — perhaps very soon Drawnow will break the jackpot.

    He is a native Muscovite, born 3 Oct 1977. Ilya chose a profession in secondary schools. His parents are connected with the theatre — it did not become an obstacle to purposeful guy.

    After school Ilya Drevnov filed documents at the Schepkin drama school, he entered the first time. Thus began his professional career.


    After College Drawnow came to work in Sovremennik, and for many years remained faithful to this theatre. Occasionally an actor agrees to participate in productions of other theaters.

    He made his debut in the play «Sideman». Then there were performances in which he perfected the skill of a classical actor. Drawnow played in «Woe from wit», «Dead souls,» «Three sisters».

    The actor believes interesting the play «harlequin» because it was his first enterprise.


    Ilya Drevnov first appeared in film in 1999 he played a teen-rapist of Vadim Pashutin in the movie «Voroshilov sharpshooter». The picture is perfectly interpreted by both the audience and critics. Negative role, strangely enough, made Elijah popular actor. The debut was followed by proposals from the Directors of the Russian series. Drawnow starred in the television series «Kamenskaya» and «the adventures of the magician».

    In 2004, he played in the Comedy «Goodbye, Dr. Freud», and three years later he was invited to the TV series «the Experts» in which the actor appeared in the form of CSI Ivan Jagrova. It was only filmed 12 episodes, but the audience saw only four. Ilya Drevnov hopes that someday the TV will show the full version of «Experts.»

    Next were shooting in a four-episode Comedy «love and other troubles», the film «My mother is the snow maiden», where his character was in love with the heroine of Maria Poroshina.

    In 2012, audiences saw the episode «hot pursuit-2», where Poroshina and Drawnow again starred. The actor says that working with his wife he easy, because on the set they are on an equal footing, listen to each other.

    Personal life

    Spouses listen to each other and the house. Share news, advice.

    Maria Poroshina and Ilya Drevnov met in 2001. It was, in her cupboard — they were sitting at the next table. For familiarity followed by courtship, joint campaigns at cinema, theatre, and soon the couple began to live together. Ilya says that he fell in love with Maria at first sight.

    Today, they – the lawful wife, raising three adorable daughters Seraphim, Agrippina and aid. Mary is the eldest daughter from the marriage with Gosha Kutsenko. The girl already adult, but when her mother met Ilya, she was a teenager. Drawnow says that easily found common language with her, and she treated him like an older friend. He believes that the child cannot be two popes. By the way, Kutsenko he has a good relationship — the passion has long subsided.

    The family lives in an apartment they built on the mortgage for five years. Ilya Drevnov doesn’t like to drive a car, prefer a bike, unlike his wife, who feels confident behind the wheel.

    The actor says that is not offended when he is called «husband Poroshina», and no jealous wife to glory. He believes that this is another test that must be passed. And Ilya Drevnov believes that his best role is found. In any case, the desire and the power to create, to transform and surrender to the work he does.


    • «Voroshilov sharpshooter»
    • «My mother is the snow maiden»
    • «Hot pursuit 2»
    • «Goodbye, Dr. Freud!»
    • «Legends about a Circle»
    • «Best city in the world»
    • «Kamenskaya»
    • «Adventures of the magician»
    • «A fine line»
    • «Lave»


    Ilya Drevnov

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