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  • Name: Ilya Averbukh ( Ilya Averbuh )
  • Date of birth: 18 December 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian figure skater
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ilya Averbukh : biography

    Outstanding athlete of Russia and the USSR Ilya Averbukh Izyaslavich was born in an intellectual family in Moscow in December 1973. His parents were far from the sport. Father Izyaslav Naumovich Averbuch – engineer, mother Julia Markovna Burdo – microbiologist by training. And yet she has determined the future profession of Elijah. Yulia Markovna loved figure skating since childhood. As a schoolgirl, she knew by heart the names of all skaters. So long before the birth of his firstborn fate was sealed: Julia Burdo already knew, that will certainly give the future child to figure skating.

    For the first time Ilya Averbukh stepped on the ice at the stadium «Avangard» at the age of five. But soon he was expelled from the group: the coach believed the boy developed enough to start training on the ice. But my mother was inexorable: when Ilya was six years old, she took him skating. The story of the underestimation of the abilities of the boy again. And if not for the persistence of Yulia Loginova, it is unlikely that Russia would get one of the best skaters. Mom managed eventually to find a coach who saw in her son’s capable students.

    This first coach, seriously took up the little Ilya was Zhanna Gromova. Mother, twice a day, taking my son on her workout. First Averbukh was about to become a figure skater in single skating, but in 13 years, he for the month increased by 12 centimeters, which the young figure skater was having temporary problems with coordination of movements: jumping began to happen very well. So Ilya Averbukh at the time moved in partner dance, where he remained permanently.

    Ilya Averbukh: figure skating

    Baton coach Zhanna Gromova took over the famous figure skater and coach Natalia Linichuk. Since 1989, a promising young athlete became a member of the national team of Russia. In 1990 and 1992, the sports biography of Ilya Averbukh was marked by a long-awaited victory in pair with Marina Anisina those in the Junior League Averbukh becomes a double world champion. The pair predicted a great future. However, due to frequent quarrels partners to address Natalia Linichuk, they had to leave.

    Since 1992 Ilya started to skate pairs skater Irina Lobacheva. Now the couple had two teachers – Natalia Linichuk joined the famous figure skater and coach Gennady Karponosov. By the way, with a new partner Irina Lobacheva Ilya Averbukh was familiar from childhood. But now he looked at the grown-up beauty with different eyes. In 1995, Averbukh and Lobacheva moved to the United States, where he lived and trained before the Olympics 2000. Unfortunately, due to injury Irina 2001-2002 season and all the Grand Prix stages were skipped. Lobacheva injured her knee in training in September 2001.

    But sports biography of Ilya Averbuch did not end there: in February of 2002, the tandem Averbukh-Lobacheva successfully performed by capturing the silver medal at the Olympic games in salt lake city (USA). In Amateur sports Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva, he stayed for another season. They won the European championship and took second place at the world Cup.

    In 2004, the Olympic pair Averbukh and Lobacheva returned from the USA to Russia, ending an Amateur career of athletes and decided not to play.

    Ilya Averbukh: «Ice Symphony»

    Saying goodbye to professional sports, Ilya Averbukh was not going to leave figure skating: in 2004 he starts his own show «Ice Symphony», which he dreamed for a long time. This project was a magnificent theatrical ice performance, which is attended by stars of world figure skating: world Champions, Europe and Olympic games.

    In addition to his own show based Ilya Averbuch, the company organizes many activities related to figure skating.

    In 2006 the company «Ice Symphony» Ilya Averbuch on the First channel for the first time presented the audience the show «

  • Stars on ice», which is attended by movie stars, singers, athletes. Ilya Averbukh has acted as a producer and trainer of show. The project was a resounding success, and was subsequently created a similar show. From 2007 to 2009 – «Ice age,» «Ice age 2» and «Ice age. Global warming.» But from 2010 to 2012 launched the project «fire and Ice», «Bolero», «the Ice age. Cup of professionals». The popularity was so great that at the end of each season were arranged touring parties in cities of Russia, near and far abroad. At all performances of Ilya Averbukh acted as facilitator.

    In 2014, Ilya Averbukh was a producer and Director of the new season of the TV project «the Cup of professionals» on the First channel. The competition is divided into two stages: team and individual standings and the Olympic games in Sochi. And participants were divided into «Team Russia» and «world Team». In the same year, at the end of December, took place the premiere of new year’s ice productions of Ilya Averbukh’s «Mother» and «the Kid and Carlson».

    Currently Averbukh engaged in business, is a producer of his own ice shows and coached the Russian skaters.

    Ilya Averbukh: movies

    In the film Ilya Averbukh made his debut in 2004, starring in the crime drama Vsevolod Plotkin «Time cruel». Averbuch played in the film by journalist Ilya Gavrilov.

    In 2008, Averbuch became the producer of the series «

  • Hot ice». In this film, except the film stars Ekaterina Guseva, Boris Nevzorov, Lyudmila artemeva starred by famous figure skaters, Olympic Champions, multiple Champions of Russia, Europe and the world Irina Slutskaya, Alexander ABT, Alexei Yagudin, Roman Kostomarov, Alexei Tikhonov, Povilas Vanagas and many others. In 2010, a year in the spring Ilya Averbukh Izyaslavich creates a Russian version of the cartoon «Winx Club» «Winx on ice». The author of the text in Russian was Alexei Kortnev, the main role is played by Irina Slutskaya.

    Later Averbukh starts working on the staging of the musical «big city Lights», which premiered at the Moscow concert hall «Russia» in Luzhniki on October 14, 2010.

    Ilya Averbukh: personal life

    In 1995, Ilya Averbukh married his partner in figure skating

  • Irina Lobacheva. In March 2004, in the United States, where the couple moved after the wedding the couple had a son Martin. The couple have lived together for 12 years. But in 2007, Ilya and Irina decided to leave. On trial Averbukh said to the judge that he and Irina are adults who have lived together for many years to make this step it was difficult and painful, and asked that the process was not delayed and took place without unnecessary emotions and emotional trauma. After a heavy divorce procedure as they argue themselves, both breathed a sigh of relief. Ilya took on the full support of the former wife and son. From the division of jointly acquired property Averbukh refused – all were ex-wife and son, Martin. At the time he was three and a half years.

    The former couple remained normal friendly relations. Martin is often seen with dad.

    Ilya Averbukh: photo

    Ilya Averbukh

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