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  • Name: Ilshat Shabayev ( Ilshat Shabaev )
  • Date of birth: 8 January 1978
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Komsomol’skiy, Orenburg oblast
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Russian dancer, choreographer, artist, musicals performer of his own tracks
  • Marital status: not married

    Ilshat Shabaev : biography

    Ilshat Shabayev was born at the beginning of 1978 in the village of Komsomolsk, in the Orenburg region. Not to say that the first dance has become a conscious choice of 4-year-old boy. Most likely, it was the initiative of the mother of Vasily, who decided that dancing encourages son has many wonderful qualities, teach discipline and hard work. Well health promotion was crucial.

    Little boy first loved to dance: this exercise was associated with harsh discipline and took the time to play with the courtyard kids and watching cartoons. At first, mom even had to encourage a young dancer with different sweets. But then Ilshat what is called «involved» in the process already and would be willing to attend training dance group Tap dance.

    It is noteworthy that the children in this team was a purely male company» – that is, it consisted only of boys. Directed «the Tapping» is a talented choreographer Victor Y. Bykov, who is Ilshat Shabayev, after many years, continues to call his main teacher.

    After graduating from high school, Pablo entered the school of culture in his native Orenburg (the family moved to town when his son was 2 years). Shabaev chose, of course, the choreography. He developed the skills in different dance styles.

    After graduation, Ilshat Shabayev, already can not imagine life without movement to music, went to conquer Moscow. He enrolled in the Metropolitan MGICA (Moscow state University of culture). The capital of Orenburg gave the dancer a huge opportunity. In Moscow, was frequently visited by famous foreign choreography and dancers. When visiting their workshops, Shabaev learned all new honing technique and developing.

    Seeing talented and promising dancer, one of the visiting stars of choreography encouraged him to move to the United States. But Vasily refused, preferring to remain in Russia.

    Dancing career

    Probably, the desire of Ilshat Shabayev to stay at home was not only motivated by patriotism, but by understanding that to develop in the desired direction it may, without going abroad.

    After graduating from University, Ilshat decided to try their hand and get a job in one of the legendary dance bands in the country – the ensemble of Igor Moiseyev. The dancer managed to pass a rigorous selection and became part of the team. Mosaic Shabaev worked for a year. At the same time he honed his skills by attending school of contemporary dance, led by choreographer Alexander Shishkin.

    He felt that the increased skills, the young dancer decided to try to get into the capital’s musicals. At that time, was declared a casting for «Notre Dame de Paris». To get to this famous play, Shabaev had 3 auditions that lasted for a year. The debut was more than successful. After a while the creative biography of Sergei Shabayev expanded to include several musical performances, the most striking of which is «Love and espionage» in which the main role went to Larisa Dolina and Dmitry Haratjan, and «I am Edmond Dantes», which starred Dmitry Pevtsov and Natalia Vlasova.

    In addition to musicals, Ilshat Shabayev has worked as a choreographer with many pop stars, among them Irakli, Julia, Vlad Topalov, Sergey Lazarev and others. With these performers the dancer toured the country and abroad.

    In 2006 Shabaev signed a contract and went to Israel. Here he spent some time performing in the show program of famous pop singer Rita. Then Ilshat signed a new contract and went to China.

    Orenburg talented dancer, creative portfolio which many achievements and cooperation with the stars of the first magnitude, believes that the greatest experience he acquired during performances in the famous musical «Chicago». Here Ilshat mastered the new genre of «FOSS».

    The year after Chicago, in 2014, the choreographer continued to perform in musicals. In the production of «Once in Odessa», he was offered the role of Gopika. Then there were the «Cats» and «Bombay Dreams».

    TV show

    Ilshat Shabaev was lucky enough to take part in the first large-scale dance show in Russia «dance floor». The project was brought to life on the TNT channel. A young dancer has a long casting session, which attracted more than 3.5 thousand domestic dancers. Of them have been selected 80 of the strongest. Among them were Ilshat Shabayev.

    Award winning project was a solid car and a tour to Los Angeles, where he was given the opportunity to learn from the legends of world choreography by Wade Robson.

    Ilshat not only managed to get to the finish line, but to win in the first season of the project. For the dancer, the experience was priceless. At the end of the show Shabaev had the opportunity to become a teacher in the Metropolitan school of dance «Mainstream».

    Another television project, which was attended by Ilshat Shabayev is «Dancing» on TNT. The project started in the fall of 2014. It was attended by nearly 300 dancers from 77 Russian cities. The main prize for the victory was also generous: 3 million rubles, which is attached to the title of «Best dancer of the country.»

    Ilshat made the team choreographer Egor Druzhinin. On the eve of the 2015 Shabaev received the best Christmas gift of his life – winning the show. The winner was determined by audience voting. 2nd place went to Vitaly Savchenko, 3 – Adam and 4-e – Alice Dotsenko.

    After the Grand tour, which was attended by the best dancers of the project, Ilshat Shabayev began to give workshops in all the major cities of Russia. The direction in which he teaches – «Contemporary» and «Hip-Hop CHOREO».

    Personal life

    The choreographer is at the Zenith of fame. His work schedule is painted on the clock. Perhaps that is why the personal life of Ilshat Shabayev still was sidelined. But this state of things beautiful and a famous choreographer is not going to be tolerated. Ilshat has already announced that he intends to soon start a family. His wife must be soft and balanced. And be sure to give him at least two children.

    In an interview with the dancer admitted that she dreams to come back to a cozy clean home where he is looking forward to a family and a scent of fresh pastries.


    Ilshat Shabayev

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