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  • Name: Ilona Novoselova ( Ilona Novoselova )
  • Date of birth: 2 November 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: in city Pavlovsky Posad
  • Activities: psychic, clairvoyant, medium, participant 6 and finalist of season 7 of the show «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: not married

    Ilona Novoselova: biography

    Ilona Novosyolov, the audience first saw on the TV show «Battle of psychics.» Striking brunette was noted for the sharp attacks against skeptics and unpredictable behavior. However, the «hereditary witch», as she calls herself, there were a lot of fans.

    Novoselov was born in November 1987 near the capital, in Pavlovskiy Posad. In 8 years the girl went to school, where she immediately had a strained relationship not only with teachers but also with classmates. Ilona kept apart and not in contact with the guys. It came to the point that my mom had to pick up 12-year-old daughter from school and move to homeschooling.

    Biography of Ilona Novoselova – it’s only her version of reality. As for reliability, we have the right to either believe or not believe. As she says the heroine, «the gift» she developed in 10 years. She saw beside her mirrored silhouette of a dead grandmother. Since then, Ilona has started to «contact the dead». It tells Novoselova, her paternal grandmother was a witch. And mother – a healer.

    Shocking brunette says with the help of his extraordinary abilities, she saw herself in the past. It turns out that once her name was Eleanor, and in a past life she lived in Germany in the 18th century.

    With 12 years Novoselov developed her gift, and at 14 was able to recognize the disease of the people and «speak with dead». 17 Ilona to come to understand that its purpose is to help people.

    In 19 years she has experienced severe emotional stress due to separation from loved ones. She almost committed suicide, but in that moment the spirits said that she was given magical power. Up to 30 years, according to Novoselova, her abilities reached their peak. To obtain new knowledge Ilona travelled to different corners of the country, where they familiarised themselves with the new practices of the esoteric.

    TV show

    On the screens the young witch from Pavlovskiy Posad appeared in 2008. Then came season 6 of the project «Battle of psychics.» Loudly asserting itself, Novoselova unexpectedly left the show. His departure, she explained that he had received a strict ban on spirits to test their abilities.

    But in 2009, the jury and the audience, many were surprised to see Novosyolov again. It arrived on the 7th season of the project, and this time reached its finale.

    The woman repeatedly shocked all the audience and viewers sharp attacks, when something irritated her. Could consume and profanity during the shooting. The medium has demonstrated outstanding success in competitions. Apparently, this happened only in one trial, when it was necessary to find the child that hid in the Park.

    Constant «magic attributes», which Ilona Novoselova did not leave on the set, was dried shoulder blade of the deer, maps and colorful scarf. Also witch is widely used in various rituals and incantations, it is absolutely not shy of the camera.

    The participant of the show from the very beginning of the project were among the recognized leaders. But according to voting results, the audience gave the championship to her, and Alex Pokhabov. However, the project has brought Novoselova huge popularity. The number of customers has increased significantly.

    Personal life

    During the project in social networks began to circulate rumors that Ilona Novoselova – man. Then talk about it and her fellow psychics. It turns out that the woman did not know how to stay on the heels. Later rumors spread that Novoselov previously was called Andrew. The guy changed his sex and became known as Ilona. Of course, the witch called all the rumors of the machinations of envious competitors.

    Not so long ago social networks started talking about the alleged kidnapping Novoselova and a ransom note for her in the amount of 7.5 million rubles. Rumor has it that in his house kidnapped Ilona is not one, and together with the groom by Oleg Petrov. But soon Novoselova returned home alive and unharmed.

    Personal life of Ilona Novoselova – closed issue. All questions are interested in get quite sharp answers.


    Ilona Novoselova

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