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  • Name: Ilona Bronevitskaya ( Ilona Bronevitskaya )
  • Date of birth: 17 February 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, TV presenter, radio host, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Ilona Bronevitskaya: biography

    Ilona Bronevitskaya – known singer, actress and TV presenter. At the time, she was the winner of the all-Union vocal competition in Yalta, where he received the first recognition. Great fame brought Bronevitskaya TV program «Morning mail» and «Wider circle» in which she acted as leading.

    Ilona was born in the famous family of creative people. Her mother is a legendary Soviet singer of Polish descent Edita Piekha. Father Alexander Bronevitsky was a composer and conductor, who founded the vocal-instrumental ensemble «Druzhba», which has become incredibly popular in the USSR.

    In childhood Ilona of their parents not seen very often, because they were constantly on tour. Her upbringing was engaged grandmother. Moreover, when the girl grew up, she tried from classmates and teachers to hide the fact that her mother is a star. Bronevitskaya wanted to be treated as persons and not as daughter of the artist. She was not even allowed Peha to the prom. By the way, Ilona is still addressing the mother, by name – just Edita.

    Having matriculation, Ilona went to study at the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. She chose the specialization stage, but also studied and dramatic art. After graduation, the aspiring singer was in the musical theatre «Buff», and then about two years played in the team of his mother.


    In 1988, Ilona Bronevitskaya very successfully performed at the all-Union performers contest «Yalta-88», where he received one of the main prizes. It was then that the girl decided on a solo career. However, on its first independent concert held in the city of Irkutsk, it is only 7 people. But this was the first attempt, which was obliged to go lumpy.

    Gradually, the singer gained popularity. On the basis of such songs as «so far away», «Radio love» and «Dear Piero,» she in 1995 and recorded the debut album «Dances for Breakfast.» A year is a new drive «What do you want customers?». The composition in this work was of a humorous nature, so the record was met with enthusiasm. For Ilona even established the title of «children’s singer, which she, however, decided to take as a compliment.

    Many years later Bronevitskaya released its third album, the name of which is consonant with the debut «Songs for Breakfast.» It sounds like solo compositions and songs, which she performs together with her mother Edita and son Stas Piekha. Success with the hits «Let’s not talk about love», «the Projectionist», «Childhood last call». Also very famous was the song «Family album», were not included in the record of Ilona Bronevitsky.


    After the success at the vocal festival «Yalta-88» Ilona Bronevitskaya began to build a musical career, but pretty soon she was asked to try his hand at another genre. The girl has agreed to be the presenter. Her decision was influenced by the fact that, first, the entertainment program «Wider circle» has already had sufficient success with the audience, and secondly, her colleagues in this show were two famous singers, Vyacheslav Malezhik and Michael Muromov.

    Later Bronevitskaya appeared in more popular music program – Sunday program «Morning mail», which was previously led by Yuri Nikolaev, and now Ilona was her face along with the singer Svetlana Lazareva. Also on account of the soloist’s own «House», which was aired on the radio station «Russian radio».


    Ilona Bronevitskaya – man is not only creative, but very keen on. So she tried her hand in different directions. In addition to music and television while still a student, she visited the set. In 1981, the girl starred in the role of student Herc Fradkinoy in the historical Comedy children’s film «Our calling», and five years later the same role was reproduced in the continuation of this «I — leader Outpost».

    Also she, along with Igor Igor’s and other Soviet pop artists starred in a musical film «cluck-cluck-where?», and in 2010 participated in the documentary of Michael Shirvindt about voyages to other countries, «Taste travels».

    Personal life

    Just like her mother Edita Piekha, Ilona Bronevitskaya got married three times. It is interesting that each spouse had a direct relation to the music.

    From her first husband, Lithuanian jazz musician, Petras Gerulis, she fell in love at a very young age, long sought him, but once married, I realized very quickly that invented the person is actually there. This brief Union gave birth to her firstborn son Stanislav. The boy’s early years bore the name of the father, but then at the insistence of his grandmother’s documents were altered, and he became a Stas Piekha.

    With her second husband, pianist and composer Yuri Bystrov, Ilona met being the actress of theatre «Buff», whom the man ruled. In this marriage a daughter was born to Eric, one of the descendants Edita, gave up a stage career. When the girl grew up, she became an architect and interior designer.

    With the last husband Eugene Timoshenkov Bronevitskaya began Dating in the 90-ies. He was the keyboardist of her friend Svetlana Lazareva and conquered Ilona that got along great with her children. The family moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

    The singer is a big lover of animals. In her house at different times lived dog breed livrada, and even Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Pumbaa. In addition, Ilona Aleksandrovna provides serious support to shelters for homeless animals.


    • 1995 — Dancing on Breakfast
    • 1996 — What do you want customers?
    • 2005 — Songs for Breakfast


    • 1981 — Our mission
    • 1986 — I-leader Outpost
    • 1989 — Kood-Kood-where?
    • 2010 — Taste of travel


    Ilona Bronevitskaya

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