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  • Name: Igor Yurtaev ( Igor Urtaev )
  • Date of birth: 18 February 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Igor Yurtaev: biography

    Igor Yurtaev was born 18 February 1989 in Moscow. He grew up observant and impressionable child. As a child he loved to watch trains, romance of the road beckoned him. When Igor was seven years old, he received a gift for the New year the railroad and was very happy. The actor still keeps it as a memory from childhood.

    Yurtaev liked music and wanted to sing on stage. In childhood, the boy said that is sure to be famous, and people looking at it, will smile and rejoice. And so it happened.

    The parents sent their son to a music school, where he graduated with a gold medal. In this school, Igor Yurtaev studied piano and accordion. And along with the usual training and music lessons played in musical youth theatre. In 1996, the boy took a soloist in children’s choir of St. Popov, where he practiced until 2002. Igor and today loves music, and chooses a genre depending on the mood. As he says himself, loves classical, romantic, and electronic music.

    Yurtaeva another passion is foreign languages. From an early age he was struggling with English, and in school he became interested in the study of French and Italian languages. Now the actor speaks three foreign languages in perfection. Craving for foreign languages helped him more than once. In school, he became a special correspondent for the youth news Agency Yunpress and remained so until 2007.

    Strangely, neither at school nor at the Institute Igor jurtaev not any more. Classmates and classmates turned to him only by name.

    Igor Yurtaev graduated from school with silver medal and entered the faculty of journalism MGIMO. His student years coincided with the heyday of his acting career.


    For the first time movie starred by Igor in 2004. He made his debut in the role of the Applicant in multiserial film «Cadets». He was so fascinated by the creative process that he is seriously thinking about the profession of a movie actor. Igor Yurtaev actively attended the auditions and was soon promoted to several roles of the second plan. One of them was the role in the famous movie «the Bastards». He was lucky to play with Andrei Krasko and Alexander Golovin. The talent of a promising young actor was appreciated. He received the President’s award.

    3 years after the film debut Yurtaev starred in the series «Adult life Polina Subbotina» and draft «their Own team». In 2008, in his creative career lull.

    2011 became a turning point in the fate of the actor – it was one of the main roles in the TV series «Closed school». He played the Roman Pavlenko. The project was a success with the audience, and Igor learned what it means popularity. He had fans, he was interviewed and invited to participate in talk shows and other television projects.

    Today Igor Yurtaev continues to act in films, however, to repeat the success of «public school» yet it fails. The Directors propose a small but diverse roles. He starred in the film «Elena» – this film was shown at the Cannes film festival. Also had roles in the TV series «the Mistress of my fate» and «peculiarities of national bus».

    Personal life

    About my personal life, the actor says, that’s probably why around it so a lot of rumors and speculation. Journalists attributed Yurtaeva an affair with colleague Tanya Kosmacheva. There was an information that the girl was pregnant from Igor: subsequently, the actors denied it. And the fact of Roman yurtayev, never confirmed, nor denied. They were often seen together, they looked meaningfully at each other.

    Igor – open and positive person in life. He is friendly to his fans, enjoy communicating with them and answering questions.

    A hobby he never had, even in childhood. Spare time the actor performs in a circle of associates and friends, loves to skydive, scuba diving, trying out the other extreme entertainment. During the filming of «public school» he tried to fly in aerotrube and admitted that it was a little scary, but interesting. The pleasure of flying Igor Yurtaev, by his own admission, got when a couple of times I hit my head on glass wall design.

    About the actor himself says that he is an adventurer, besides easy going. It costs nothing to fly to Kiev or Paris, if you are in the mood.


    • Academy
    • «Closed school»
    • «Murder»
    • «Adult life Polina Subbotina»
    • «The mistress of my fate»
    • «Cadets»
    • «Kadetstvo»
    • «Bastard»


    Igor Yurtaev

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