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  • Name: Igor Yatsko ( Igor Yatsko )
  • Date of birth: 30 August 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov, Russia
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor, theater Director, honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: —

    Igor Yatsko: biography

    Igor Yatsko is a Russian actor of theatre and cinema. Known for her performances in the theater «School of dramatic art» and also for films like «Rod» and «Mama daraga». Included in the cast of 2016’s «the Island», which is produced by TNT. In 2001 he received the title «Honored artist of Russia».

    Igor was born in Saratov, where he spent his childhood. During the schooling the boy got into the club-Studio of aesthetic art, which was led by Nina Arkadakskiy. It is the recommendation of a talented teacher Igor Yatsko decided to pursue acting on a serious level.

    At the end of the senior classes he enrolled in the Saratov theatre school named after Ivan Slonova. Jacko studied in the Studio of Yury Petrovich Kiselev, who was not only a school teacher, but the Director of the Kharkov Theater of the Young Spectator. This theater was the first working place of the actor.

    In 1988, Igor went to Moscow and entered the GITIS, where he studied in the workshop of Anatoly Vasiliev. Moreover, Jacko waited a year to get to this master, as we had heard about it from my colleagues, Peter Maslov, who previously was a student Vasilyev.

    Besides her work as an Igor often acts as narrator. In 1987, he even became the winner of the all-Russian Pushkin poetry reading, well-reading the novel classics of Russian literature «Blizzard».

    In 2001, Jacko started the acting course in the children’s theatrical Centre «the Eiffel tower-Art», and in 2007 became a lecturer of the acting faculty, International Slavic Institute named after Derzhavin.


    In the Saratov TYuZe Igor Yatsko debuted in 1985 in the play «the Housewarming in an old house,» then played John Wording in the play of Oscar Wilde’s «the importance of being earnest».

    In 1990, while still in the second course of GITIS, the actor becomes part of the troupe of the theatre «School of Dramatic Art», which was led by its Institute’s Director, Anatoly Vasiliev. In this unusual theater, where every rehearsal is a lesson of something new, Jacko has played in more than 20 performances. Each role was in its own way vivid and memorable, but the actor allocates his debut play «Tonight we improvise», as well as the role of Prosimage in Plato’s «State», unusual staging of «don Juan, or the Stone Guest and other poems Pushkin,» the role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the play «Mozart and Salieri. Requiem» and the tragedy «Faust», where Jacko plays the role of the title character. Theatre «School of Dramatic Art» Igor visited almost all famous world theatre festivals.

    In 2004, the actor tried his hand as a Director, with a performance of «100 years. The Day Leopold Bloom. The root of time» based on the novel by English writer James Joyce’s «Ulysses». It was an unusual play-reading, lasted exactly a day, once in the Russian book of records as the longest theatrical production. Were iconic and premiere date — June 16, 2004, exactly 100 years after the publication of the famous novel.

    In 2007, after the emigration of Anatoly Vasilyev, who moved to France, Igor Yatsko became the main Director of theatre «School of Dramatic Art».


    On the screen, Igor Yatsko debuted in 2001 in the Russian film «Black room», taking part in the filming of a series called «Cleopatra». In the movie, the actor came on the recommendation of his classmate Oksana Fandera, who also played in this film. In the same year, he starred in the Thriller «the Rod» as a successful television actor Andrew Vernal. The final monologue of the character drew attention to Jacko as an actor and has become his trademark.

    But as the theater was a priority for Igor, he rejected many offers of new film. The following picture with his participation appeared only a few years.

    Today, on account of the actor about 40 films and TV series. The most known is drama «Doctor Zhivago,» the big adventure «Running on waves» and the Comedy «Mama daraga».

    At the beginning of 2016 on the channel TNT will be released colorful series «the Island», in which Igor Yatsko is also involved. The series is being filmed in the Seychelles in the genre of adventure Comedy.

    Personal life

    Igor Yatsko carefully hides his personal life and in all the interviews carefully leaving all questions on this subject, preferring to discuss exclusively the creative activity that are full of role and Director’s work.


    • 2001 — Rod
    • 2005 — Doctor Zhivago
    • 2006 — Hunting genius
    • 2007 — Running on the waves
    • 2007 — antidrug
    • 2007 — red pearl of love
    • 2008 — Nameless — a woman in Berlin
    • 2012 — you Go out to look for-2
    • 2013 — Eighties
    • 2014 — Mom daraga
    • 2016 — the Island


    Igor Yatsko

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