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  • Name: Igor Yasulovich ( Igor Yasulovich )
  • Date of birth: 24 September 1941.
  • Age: 75 years
  • Place of birth: village of Zalesie, Samara oblast, Russia
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, film Director, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Yasulovich: biography

    Igor Yasulovich – actor. He played incidental characters in the cult Soviet films such as «the diamond arm», «guest from the future», «12 chairs». Thanks to his unusual voice-in this case became a voice actor, which account for about a hundred paintings.

    Igor Yasulovich
    A photo of actor | Zoon.ru

    Future people’s artist of Russia Igor Yasulovich N. was born in 1941, in the village Zalesie of the Samara region, known for the fact that until 1952 it was called Reinsfeld and was a German settlement-colony. But the ancestors of this Case was not German, and Belarusian origin.

    Parents of Igor’s attitude to the art world had not. Father was a Soviet officer and fought in the war. Mom kept the home fires burning. After the war the family moved to Tallinn, where the case went to school. During these years he became interested in the theatre, was engaged in a circle of Ivan Rassomakhin known Tallinn theatre, and in this age, decided to become an artist. The children in the family mentioned different character and dreams. Mom really wanted Igor took the example of brother and entered the Polytechnic Institute. The father immediately supported the initiative of the son.

    Igor Yasulovich in his youth

    After receiving a high school diploma, Igor Yasulovich went to Moscow. But in the field, as he had planned, could not do. But went to VGIK, where he was enrolled in a course by Mikhail Romm.

    12 years after graduating from VGIK Igor continued his education in the Romm, but this time at the directing Department. The diploma about the second higher education he received in 1974.


    After receiving the first diploma of high school theater Igor Yasulovich for two years served as the actor’s Experimental theater Studio pantomime («Actamin»). But in 1964 moved to Metropolitan Theatre-Studio of film actor, where he worked for 30 years. On this stage he played dozens of different roles.

    - In This Case Igor
    Early career | full Movie.RU

    When Igor Yasulovich was 33 years old, he received the diploma of the Director. Try yourself in this capacity, he was able three times. The debut was family melodrama «Everyone dreams about the dog.» A year later, in 1976, the audience saw a new romance of this Case «Lost and found», and in 1978, the screens out the film for children «Hello, river!». But the actor, not the Director’s profession, Igor downloads.

    From 1994 the artist can be seen on the stage of the Moscow youth theatre, where theatergoers praised his skill in performances of «the Black monk,» «Rothschild’s Fiddle», «the Storm» and «Boris Godunov».

    Igor Yasulovich in the film
    In the film «Nine days of one year» | 1922-91

    A cinematic biography of Igor Yasulovich began with the painting «Nine days of one year», filmed by a talented Director and teacher Mikhail Romm in 1961. The picture can be considered the standard movie of the time, it was a complex, intelligent drama. Igor got a very small role, but even this did not prevent the actor to show his talent in all its glory. The young actor was very flattered participation in the film his teacher, he was the only person from the Studio who finally summoned to appear.

    In crew there were many stars: Innokenti Smoktunovsky, Batalov, Alexei and Kirill Lavrov. The young actor was surprised how they’re just people. Never boasted of their status and were asked to call them by name and you. This created a friendly atmosphere on the set, but Igor still considers it a familiarity and after years of trying not to let that happen either with respect to themselves or to other distinguished actors.

    Igor Yasulovich in the film
    In the movie «the Twelve chairs» | Ruskino.ru

    Since then he was filmed continuously. Filmography of the actor includes more than 170 names of various feature films and TV series. Most often, the Case got the role of the second plan, but even the episodes with his participation was well remembered by the audience, and phrase of his characters became aphorisms. Even a cameo role contributed to the growth of its popularity. But nevertheless iconic, really brought the stunning success of the role in the career of this Case was not.

    Dancer-glasses in «the adventures of Babe,» the white clown in «Aibolit-66» by Rolan Bykov, a citizen with a dog in the «Golden» Comedy «diamond arm» by Leonid Gaidai, Appel in the film «Major Whirlwind husband, Ellochka Ogress, the engineer Shchukin in «the Twelve chairs», which always stuck with the country their shocking appearance naked in the foam, in the stairwell, Korn in the TV series Svetlana Druzhinina «midshipmen, forward!», speculator from «flying» with the phrase «is She from the Urals?» in the Comedy «the most charming and attractive». These and many other roles that do not call key, however, is well remembered by the movie fans of the country.

    Igor Yasulovich
    Talented artist | «I am about the movie»

    The actor is not opposed to experimentation in the films in which he participated. He starred in different genres: dramas, detectives and comedies. The actor had a very unusual role: correct, modest, young intellectual with a twinkle, a wormhole.

    But the biggest success was waiting for Igor Yasulovich in a children’s movie. He played eno in the tale «Mio, my Mio», » Koshchey the Immortal «Purple ball» and employee of the cosmodrome Electron Ivanovich in the movie «guest from the future».

    The actor has a unique voice that many famous Directors have used the voices of his paintings. — In this case its rich in hues tenorly tone said behind the scenes of the famous film «Theatre», where his stellar role played by Vija Artmane. His voice talking to Aramis in «D Artagnan and the three Musketeers», the characters of the drama «Schindler’s List», movies «Bluff», «Professional» and «the Fifth element».

    Igor Yasulovich in a fairy tale
    In the story «the Purple balloon» | full Movie.RU

    In 2000-ies Igor Yasulovich began to appear in serial films. But the actor has not ceased to act in unusual and experimental films. He took part in the film-parable «the Man-wind», which script was written based on the works of Marquez. There Games are played the tragic and poignant role of the angel who is aging.

    In 2000, Igor Yasulovich was awarded the State prize of Russia, and in 2001 received the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

    From the latest works of Igor Yasulovich in the movie, it should be noted films «Salome», «Box» and «Always say always», the TV series «Kamenskaya», «Brezhnev», «ermolovy», «Councilor» and «drop dead diva».

    Igor Yasulovich in the film
    In the movie «the Box» | LiveInternet

    Igor Yasulovich began to share acting experiences with new generations of artists. He leads his workshop at VGIK and joint with Alexander Titel – GITIS. The actor believes in dynasty, he believes that the children of famous actors are also in this profession, there is nothing wrong. This is not kinship, and sweetnest, and the result of upbringing. According to the Case, the actors who grew up in an artistic environment since his childhood and saw the world on stage and film, more suitable for this profession. It influenced the teaching approach of the actor, if a group in my workshop from two candidates with similar data it will choose the one whose name will be familiar. When the case announced this principle in one of his interviews, it caused outrage among his fans.

    In 2013, the actor received national recognition and award of Honor «For great contribution in development of domestic culture and art, many years of fruitful activity».

    Igor Yasulovich in the theater
    On the stage | Theatre-goer

    The actor began to pay more attention to theater than cinema. He not only plays on the stage, but also puts play. And although he is fruitful theatrical activity, Igor is aware your age. He realizes that he was too old for Romeo or hamlet, for other major and coveted role, so ready to be satisfied with that asks you to play.

    Personal life

    The artist’s wife was Natalia Egorova, the daughter of a famous Soviet film Director and people’s artist of the RSFSR Yuri Yegorov. Igor Yasulovich says that the relationship was built only on love, despite a stellar father to his bride, Igor wasn’t going to capitalize on family ties. Natalia’s not an actress, but has a direct relationship to the art world. She graduated from MSU with a degree in art, teaches in the Department of art of the School-Studio MXAT. The pair met through common friends. when Natalia was still a student. Natalia and Igor quickly gathered and began to live in the house my grandparents Egorova.

    Igor Yasulovich wife
    With his wife Natalya | Things-Dryukov

    The relationship between the lovers was simple, there was no unnecessary pathos and pretentiousness. Even the wedding they played and suddenly, just one morning and took a trip to the registry office. And after a small home party, which came only close friends with their snacks.

    Personal life Igor Yasulovich has developed happily. He is the son of Aleksei Yasulovich, who followed in his father’s footsteps and also became an actor and Director. Alexei has starred in childhood, and his father actively supported.

    From his first marriage, Alexei had a daughter Vera, who continued the dynasty of his father and grandfather and graduated from the production faculty of RATI. In 2008, in the home recharge occurred: Alexei with his new wife was born the daughter Glafira. Happy grandpa cannot get enough of, says in an interview that the girl is very clever and creative.

    Igor Yasulovich's son
    The son of actor

    A large family of Igor Yasulovich live together in a townhouse in the suburbs, near the metro station «Altufievo». Actor like that around the same time and country fresh air and all the amenities of a developed infrastructure in the capital. Earlier, the case lived in the heart of Moscow, but the house began to require a major overhaul. For a long time it was not possible to find investors for restoration, then had problems with privatization. After all the experiences about a house in the center of the family decided to find a more peaceful accommodation.

    The actor leads an active social and political life and does not hide it. Igor Yasulovich is actively involved in charity events. Also it can often be seen at various public human rights and anti-war actions of oppositional character. The actor became part of the public Commission, which investigated the events on Bolotnaya square. The Commission came to the conclusion that all the riots were the fault of law enforcement. The demonstration was initially peaceful, but the protesters were forced to start self-defence after the officials began to beat them.

    - In This Case Igor
    Photo artista | True North

    The actor openly advocated the release of political prisoners: Vasily Alexanyan, Platon Lebedev, of the musical group «Pussy Riot» and others.

    In 2012, he supported Mikhail Prokhorov in the presidential election. It also became the initiator of the collection, «the Congress of intelligentsia against war, self-isolation of Russia and restoration of totalitarianism.»


    • «Nine days of one year»
    • «Aibolit-66»
    • «The diamond arm»
    • «Midshipmen, forward!»
    • «The most charming and attractive»
    • «Mio, my Mio»
    • «Guest from the future»
    • «Theatre»
    • «Straw»
    • «Always say always»
    • «Brezhnev»
    • «Drop dead diva»


    Igor Yasulovich

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