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  • Name: Igor Vernik ( Igor Apply )
  • Date of birth: 11 October 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, producer, and television host, musician, honoured artist of Russia
  • Marital status:

    Igor Vernik: biography

    Russian actor and popular host with the most radiant «brand» smile Igor Vernik was born in October 1963 in Moscow. He grew up in a creative family of two talented people – famous Director of all-Union national radio, people’s artist of Russia Emil Vernik and teacher of the music school of Anna wernick. Almost the whole family Vernikov – artists: twin brother Vadim is a popular television host, the elder brother of Rostislav graduated from the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and became an actor.

    Igor Vernik was a gifted boy. He inherited musicality from his mother and artistic father. Successfully graduated from the seven classes of the famous music school №1 name S. Prokofiev, the guy was a real pianist and sang well.

    Igor Vernik in childhood
    Igor Vernik in childhood | WomanHit

    After graduating from secondary school, the ambitious young man was applied simultaneously in three educational institutions – the Schepkin drama school GITIS and the School-Studio of MKHAT. And successfully passed the exams in all three universities. Wernick chose on the Mat.

    The actor appeared on stage in student age. He quickly rose to the level of artists the basic structure of the Moscow art theatre. His thesis was so pleased with the eminent teachers of the talented actor was invited to work at the capital theatre named after A. Chekhov right after final exams in 1986. This honor has been given to him.

    Movies, theatre and TV

    Biography of Igor Vernik multifaceted. He’s a known actor, a talented producer and musician, a popular presenter on many shows, singer and showman. Today the actor plays at the Moscow art theatre and are constantly involved in no less than 6-8 performances. The brightest of them – a classic production of «King Lear», «the Pickwick club», «Process», «the Pit» and «Tartuffe». At the same time Igor emilyevich along with twin brother Vadim is the transfer called «Theatrical environment brothers Vernikov,» on the wave «Radio Russia», writes songs and works as a member of the jury KVN.

    Igor Vernik in the play
    Igor Vernik in the play «Master and Margarita» | KudaGo.com

    But the present popularity of Serebryakov have acquired through participation in the popular television projects. The debut was the transfer «Easier» on the channel TVC. Followed by program «For you», «Night life cities in the world», «the Seventh sense», «Good morning», «Saturday night star», «REC time» and others.

    Igor Vernik in 1999 was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation.

    Today filmography of Igor Vernik is more than seven dozen feature films and TV series. Actor at the peak of popularity. He removed a lot and willingly. Sometimes it’s a cameo role («12», «Daddy’s girls», «Love in the city 2,» «Master and Margarita» by Yuri Kara, «the White guard»), and sometimes headaches and key («Bomb», «Cardiogram of love», «Anyone else Carlson»).

    «Brand» smile Igor Vernik | Gossip

    On-screen characters Igor Vernik, the always charismatic, even if they are negative. One of the components of such success is still the same «brand» the smile of the artist who from time to time his face lights up and instantly «lights» everyone who sees it.

    The most impressive projects Wernicke recent years, this popular series «the Champions», «Kitchen» and «the Teacher». In 2016, the actor has pleased its fans with a wonderful appearance in the films «All about men», «PA» and «hurry up, babe.»

    Favorite «cooking» show «Kitchen» Igor wernick played new chef «Claude Monet» Herman Landa. And easy and brilliant Comedy «All about men», he turned to the head of a travel company Edik.

    Igor Vernik in the series
    Igor Vernik in the TV series «Kitchen» | Kitchen wiki

    One of the latest full-length works of Igor emilyevich on the screen – a Comedy drama of Ary said «hurry up, baby,» which wernick, as before, attractive, charming and smiling.

    As for television projects in recent years, happy to look the audience in the country and abroad, Igor Vernik has appeared in the popular TV show «Want in VIA GRU», «one to One», «I Want to Meladze» and «Saturday night live». And if in the first draft he was a member of the jury, the other three – leading. All of these transmissions were broadcast on main TV channels of Russia.

    Igor Vernik on the show
    Igor Vernik on the show «Want to Meladze» | Ivona

    In addition to the many creative talents of Igor Vernik has appeared, and the tendency for socio-political activities. He is the founder of the Charity Fund of the support of artists «ARTIST», founded in 2008. And in February 2012 wernick was officially registered as a Trustee of the candidate in Presidents of Russia of Michael Prokhorov.

    Personal life

    Personal life Igor Vernik as eventful as his career. Wernick has always been and remains a favorite of women, he was constantly surrounded by famous beauties.

    The first marriage of the actor happened when he was only 22 years old. Beloved Igor was a graduate of the Institute of foreign languages Margaret. The novel developed so rapidly that for friends and family actor this marriage was a complete surprise. This Union was short-lived – a year later the couple divorced.

    Igor and Maria
    Igor and Maria | Serialstv.org

    14 years wernick have not tied the knot, while in 2000, it seemed to him to be the one which decided the novel to the crown. Casual acquaintance in the store with the girl Maria proved to be crucial: Masha and Igor Vernik lived together for almost ten years. In 1999 they had a son Gregory. But this marriage ended in divorce. Mary long cherished family home and tried not to listen to rumors about the adventures of her husband. But once her patience ran out.

    Maria is now married, lives in Miami and brings in a new marriage of a daughter Veronica. Former spouses maintain a friendly relationship. Son Gregory was left to live with his father.

    Igor Vernik's son Grisha
    Igor Vernik’s son Grisha | HELLO!

    Star artist didn’t suffer from loneliness. He attributed romantic relationship with such famous women as Tatyana Drubich, Katie Topuria, Dasha Astafieva, Lera Kudryavtseva and Albina Nazimova. But all these relations did not last long.

    At a time when Igor Vernik was a member of the jury of the TV show «Want in VIA GRU», attentive viewers noticed that the star is partial to one of the participants of the project. This charming Ukrainian girl Maria Goncharuk. Not surprisingly, all are talking about the secret affair between ladies ‘ man and Mary. But after the completion of the project, the rumors subsided.

    Igor Vernik and Mariya Goncharuk
    Igor Vernik and Mariya Goncharuk | news of the world of show business

    In 2011, Igor Vernik started Dating a young model from Sevastopol Daria Starovas. Wernick introduced to Dasha with his son, they were together at Cannes. Igor spoke about marriage, and even called it a date. But it never happened.

    As everyone expected, the star entertainer and playboy were not long alone. Soon it was seen young beauty. As it turned out, this aspiring actress Eugene Hrapovicky. The pair met for a long time, but in December of 2015, rumors that Igor Vernik and Dasha are no longer together. The reason for the termination of the relationship the artist has described his busy work schedule.

    Igor Vernik and Eugene Hrapovicky
    Igor Vernik and Eugene Hrapovicky | StarHit

    But in March 2016 52-year-old Wernicke saw along with 28-year-old Zhenya. They appeared at the ceremony Director Valeria Gai-Germanika, which celebrated two birthdays – and their daughter Octavia. Igor and Eugene Hrapovicky exchanged meaningful glances and gentle, readily posing for the cameras of photographers.


    • 1990 — «Crazy bus»
    • 1994 — «Master and Margarita»
    • 1995 — «On the corner, at the Patriarchal…»
    • 2005 — «Balzac age, or All men are bast…»
    • 2006 — «Elevator»
    • 2008 — «Cardiogram of love»
    • 2010 — «the Man in my head»
    • 2012 — «That still Carlson!»
    • 2014 — «Champions»
    • 2014 — «Kitchen»
    • 2016 — «PA»


    Igor Vernik

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