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  • Name: Igor Talc ( Igor Talkov )
  • Date of birth: 4 November 1956.
  • Age: 34 years
  • Date of death: 6 Oct 1991.
  • Place of birth: village Glazovka, Tula oblast,
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: singer, actor, songwriter, poet
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Talkov: biography

    A talented poet and musician Igor Talkov was descended from a noble family. Igor’s parents were repressed even before he was born and lived in Kemerovo region, where was born their eldest son Vladimir. After the rehabilitation of Vladimir talc, Sr. and his wife Olga Shvagerus could not live in Moscow, so he settled near the town of Schekino, in the village of Granovka, where he was born Igor.

    Igor talc with his parents and elder brother Vladimir
    Igor talc with his parents and elder brother Vladimir | VK

    In parallel with secondary education talc studied in musical school on a Bayan, but his main passion as a child was hockey. Boy seriously trained, a teenager even went to Moscow and was trying to qualify to the clubs, «CSKA» and «Dynamo», but to no avail. In high school Igor independently mastered the guitar, drums, piano, organized a school band «Guitarists». I wonder what your favorite musical instrument, the saxophone, talc did not know how to play, but loved to listen to his sounds.

    Student Igor Talc
    Student Igor talc | VK

    It is also worth noting that the magic hoarse voice, who will subsequently fall in love with the whole country, was due to the fact that a boy lost his voice and gained chronic laryngitis. Thanks to the special breathing exercises Igor has weakened the impact of the disease, the newly developed cords, but the hoarseness remained.

    Another passion talc. In the drama club, he was not, but loved to watch the performances. Having matriculation, Igor the second time goes to the conquest of the capital and submits documents to the theatrical Institute. But this time Moscow is not revealed to the boy his arms: he couldn’t take the exam, although with a creative contest was successful. A young man returns home and is received by the physical-technical faculty of the Tula pedagogical Institute.

    Igor Talc
    Igor talc | VK

    A year later, the guy takes the documents, as they are not interested in the exact Sciences, and became a student of the Leningrad Institute of culture. However, here one year, Igor Talkov was enough to understand that the Soviet education system doesn’t suit him. In the same period, he first criticizes the Communist regime. Before the court case came only a miracle, but people came from the military: talc is sent to serve the Fatherland in the suburban Nakhabino.

    Igor talc in the army
    Igor talc in the army | VK

    In the army private engineering troops talc has formed the ensemble of «Star», and after demobilization, he decided to make music for a living. He goes to Sochi and gets the group of Alexander Barykin. But in 1982 Igor stops catering gigs, as it believes that it is humiliating, although commercially very profitable, and he appears on the scene.


    The first song Igor Talkov began to write in his youth. His first composition was «I feel sorry», and he considered his creative debut ballad «Particle» about the fate of the people living in this difficult world. The singer called this thing by its first professional creation.

    In the mid 80-ies of talc toured with a group Lyudmila senchinoj and works as an arranger in the Studio Stas Namin. In that period, he writes songs like «Vicious circle», «Aeroflot», «Looking for the nature beauty», «Holiday», «Right everyone», «Hour before dawn», «the Devoted friend» and many others.

    In 1986 Igor talc paired with Irina Allegrova becomes lead singer of the pop rock group «electroclub», which was created by David Tukhmanov. Fairly quickly the team took the leading position in Soviet music. In 1987, the song «Chistye Prudy» in the performance of Igor Talkova gets in the mega-popular «Song of the year», which was led angelina Vovk. At the moment Igor is turning into very well-known personality.

    But this lyrical hit were very different from those of hits, which is usually talc wrote and wanted to convey to the audience. It pulls strongly in the social and civil subjects, so the musician out of «Electroclub» and creates his own band «lifeline». In 1989, the television show «Before and after midnight» for the first time show a video for the song «Russia», and the singer from the category of known turns into the legendary singer, who listen to tens of millions of citizens.

    The peak of popularity Talkov-musician came in the years 1990-91. His songs «War», «I’ll be back», «party», «Lord Democrats», «Stop! I think to myself!», «Globe» are at each entrance. During the August coup, Igor with a group of «lifeline» appears on the Palace square in Leningrad and immediately afterwards wrote the song «Mr. President» which expresses disappointment with the policy of the first President of Russia.


    First experience in film Igor Talkov got in 1983 when she starred in the short film «the Lyrical song». Also in the group a «lifeline», he appeared in the crime drama «the Hunt for the pimp».

    Igor talc in the film
    Igor talc in the film «Tsar Ivan the terrible» | Movie-Theater

    After the release of the video «Russia», the Director invited him to play the main character in the historical film «the Silver Prince». But during the shoot management has changed the Director, the historical genre has been turned into a Comedy-farce, and the new title became «Tsar Ivan the terrible.» Talc refused to continue to act and did not articulate his role as Duke silver, and then even apologized to the audience because they see him in this film.

    Igor talc in the film
    Igor talc in the film «Behind last line» | Movie-Theater

    At the same time Igor played a racketeer in the action-Thriller «For the last line». Interestingly, the singer offered major positive role, but for this he needed to cut hair and to shave his beard. Talc refused and appeared as a negative character.

    Personal life

    In the musician’s life was just one big love. In July 1979, the cafe «Metelitsa» Igor Talkov met a girl named Tatiana. At that time the man played the guitar in the ensemble of transfer «come on, girls» and invited a new friend to take part in the crowd.

    Igor talc with his wife Tatiana and son Igor
    Igor talc with his wife Tatiana and son Igor | VK

    Then the young people began to meet, and in 1980 officially got married. After a year the family had a son, Igor Talkov Jr., who became the father literally the meaning of life. Interestingly, the son talc in childhood strongly I wanted to do music, but gradually genetics have their say. At age 14, the guy found an old synth and he mastered it. And in 2005 released a solo album «start living».

    Igor Talkov one year old son Igor
    Igor Talkov one year old son Igor | VK

    The wife of Igor Talkova after his death on the psychologist studied, but left the Institute. Now she works as an assistant Director at the Studio «Mosfilm» and cooperated with famous domestic filmmakers, including Stanislav Govorukhin. She helped the Directors to remove such films as «Clutches», «hipsters», «the Inhabited island: Fight».


    There is a legend about Igor Talkov predicted his own death. One day he was flying the plane, which had suffered an emergency. The passengers began violently to worry, and then he said, «do Not be afraid if I’m here, the plane doesn’t crash. Kill me with a large concourse of people, and the murderer will never find». By the way, after this event, talc wrote the famous hit «I’ll be back».

    Igor Talc
    Igor talc | VK

    5 Oct 1991 Igor played on acoustic guitar at the recital, and suddenly broke a string. So iconic was the last performance of talc in public. According to his wife, on the eve of the singer called and threatened to seriously, but he did not tell his wife who it was.

    And since 6 October 1991 at the St. Petersburg Palace of sports «Jubilee» Igor Talkov was to participate in a joint concert with many other performers. But out of the blue there was a conflict between him and Igor Malakhov, the Director of the singer Aziza. Men had a falling out, intervened in the case the administrator of the «lifeline» Valery Shlyafman, quit the fight, which turned into a gunfight.

    Igor Talc
    Igor talc | VK

    Multiple rounds were fired, and one of the bullets hit Talc in the heart. Arrived by Ambulance, the doctors stated the death of the artist. Singer was buried 9 Oct 1991 in Moscow at the cemetery Vagankovsky. The police tried to investigate the murder, but the investigation found that Igor Malakhov could not make that fatal shot. And Valery Shlyafman until the moment when he had questions, had already left Russia, settled in Israel and then disappeared from there. The investigation of the murder turned out to be frozen, and versions of events exists is not enough.


    • 1982 — When the city sleeps
    • 1983 — Let’s worship the goodness
    • 1984 — Love and separation
    • 1985 — All the time
    • 1986 — Igor Talc
    • 1987 — Chistye Prudy
    • 1991 — Russia
    • 1992 — My love…
    • 1992 — Nostalgia
    • 1993 — This world


    • 1983 — Lyric song
    • 1990 — the Hunt for the pimp
    • 1991 — For the last line
    • 1991 Tsar Ivan The Terrible


    Igor Talc

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