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  • Name: Igor Starygin ( Igor Starygin )
  • Date of birth: 13 June 1946.
  • Age: 63 years
  • Date of death: November 8, 2009
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Starygin: biography

    This wonderful artist today loved and remembered in all corners of the former Soviet Union. They played a high school student Kostya Batishchev from the cult tape «Live till Monday», romantic from Aramis «d’artagnan and three Musketeers» and the noble tsarist officer Vladimir Danovich of «national borders» are forever loved by the audience. These paintings today are pleased to revise. And very few people believe that Igor Vladimirovich Starygin is no longer among the living.

    Igor Starygin mom
    Igor Starygin mom | Liveinternet.ru

    Igor Starygin was born in June 1946 in the capital. Lived in a communal apartment on the famous Plyushchikha. In his family people did not have art. Grandfather was in the NKVD, the father worked in civil aviation, and my mother sold tickets at the box office. Father Igor didn’t remember – he left his family when son was a year old. Most respect he was the only man in the house – grandpa, although many were scared of him. The boy knew where the weapons of his grandfather and often it pulled out of the stash to admire.

    Igor Starygin, like many boys his age, wanted to be brave and mysterious hero. Therefore, the sample was taken her beloved grandfather and their future profession Starygin, Jr., chose the profession of a scout. The guy read dozens of detectives and enthusiastically reviewed all the films, where he was in the presence of heroes without fear and reproach.

    Igor Starygin
    Igor Starygin | shtoby-pomnili.com

    In 5th grade, Igor went to drama school, which was attended by many classmates. Rather, he went there «for the company.» But then he liked the festive atmosphere that prevailed before each premiere. The guy took pleasure in making the scenery and watched as girls were created from pieces of cloth theater costumes. But on stage, he did not wanted, because it was planned to enroll in the law faculty of Moscow state University.

    After graduation, former classmates, Igor Starygin, with whom he became friends in the theater, went to arrive in GITIS. The profession of an actor at that time was particularly «fashionable». The exams at this University were started in may. But the exams at MSU – in the middle of summer. And again triggered a «herd instinct»: Starygin went to enter «company» in the field. As it turned out, a great competition was it one of the entire company. Worth the effort and hundreds of unfortunate students left behind, convinced Igor Starygin not to get off the road. He had found his destiny.

    Igor Starygin
    Igor Starygin | shtoby-pomnili.com

    GITIS Muscovite were on course to a talented mentor Vasily Alexandrovich Orlov. In 1968, the student is awarded the diploma of higher theatrical education.


    A cinematic biography of Igor Starygin began a little-known picture of «Retribution» directed by Alexander Stolper. In this film, the sophomore Starygin acted in «illegal». Because the students of the University were forbidden to act in films until graduation. But this disobedience went unnoticed: for political reasons the film was put «on the shelf».

    But the next work in the cinema it was impossible to hide. After all, it was a cult Soviet film «Live till Monday». Stanislav Rostotsky initially refused the guys from the University who came to audition. But soon Igor Starygin called and asked to come for approval. So the audience first saw a young artist that appeared in the film in the form of a high school student Bones batishcheva. This role brought Starygin awareness. The film on interrogation of magazine «Soviet screen» was declared best in 1968.

    Igor Starygin in film
    Igor Starygin in the film «Live till Monday» | Liveinternet.ru

    In the same year, Igor Starygin, after graduating from GITIS, got a job in the theatre. In this period – 1970s – he has starred. In 1969 came just two prominent films with his participation: a dramatic detective Boris Volchek «Accused of murder» and the famous adventure film «the Adjutant of his Excellency».

    The role of Norbert De La Mole in the dramatic film «the Red and the black», although it was negative, Starygin brought huge popularity. Army of fans the artist has increased several times. It filled up the letters, and crowds of fans were forced to hide in through the «back door» of the theater.

    But it is difficult to imagine, how many times has increased the popularity of the actor after his appearance on the screen in the film George Yungvald-Khilkevich «d’artagnan and three Musketeers». A handsome aristocrat Aramis is the star role Starygin. To her, and especially after, the actor played many wonderful roles, but to repeat this popularity was impossible.

    Igor Starygin in the film
    Igor Starygin in the film «d’artagnan and three Musketeers» | Liveinternet.ru

    Few people know that the Director had planned for the role of Aramis take Alexander Abdulov. But Mikhail Boyarsky has already been approved in the role of d’artagnan, offered Yungvald-Khilkevich to see the movie «the Adjutant of his Excellency», which was broadcast. When the Director saw starygina with his innate aristocratic appearance, thin fingers and blue eyes, without hesitation took in the project.

    As later shared Veniamin Smekhov, the fragility and vulnerability of Aramis, with whom long time was identified by Igor Starygin, was sometimes deceptive. In self-defense he could let go such caustic remarks that even earned the nickname «Gyurza».

    In the 1980s, went 1 and 2 movies «the State border», where Igor Starygin appeared in the form of white officer Vladimir Danovich. The picture is very like the audience, although he could stay «on the shelf» for many years, and perhaps decades. For some reason the officials who have viewed the film before approving it, banned it. And only the acquaintance of the Director Galina Brezhneva saved the situation. Leonid Brezhnev gave «good» on the show.

    Igor Starygin in the film
    Igor Starygin in the movie «State boundary» | Show.afisha.ru

    In addition to these paintings, can throw you another one, which was released in 1980. It is an adventure film «to Listen in the compartments».

    «Fruitful» this decade was for theatrical works of Igor Vladimirovich. In Theatre he worked until 1983. Then moved to the Studio theatre «At Nikitsky gate» mark Rozovsky to. Later appeared on the stage of the Mossovet theatre, where Starygin called himself Yuri Zavadsky. The actor forever remembered by those incredible emotions that they had experienced, going on the same stage with such legends as Faina Ranevskaya and Rostislav Plyatt.

    The main films of the 1990s there were paintings of George Yungvald-Khilkevich «the three Musketeers twenty years later» and «Secret of Queen Anna, or Musketeers thirty years later». More of Igor Starygin did not call to withdraw. And he was not allowed at that time he suffered several serious operations.

    Igor Starygin - Aramis 30 years later
    Igor Starygin — Aramis 30 years later | Liveinternet.ru

    In the last years of his life, in the 2000s, after a long break Igor Vladimirovich Starygin again returned to the screens. It called the episode «Code of honor», where he appeared in the role of the banker Mamaev. Then there was the TV series «Goat milk» and «Lost the sun».

    The actor has never been «disruptive». He never asked for the role and didn’t demand anything. This modesty, coupled with «unclaimed» aristocratic appearance caused the rare appearance of Igor Starygin on the screen.

    Personal life

    Among the ancestors Igor Starygin aristocrats were not. However, his appearance, the unusual beauty, noble facial features and growth seemed to have been «written off» with portraits of the last century. Therefore, it is adored by women. He really was a noble and sensitive, never rude, was capable of despicable things. Probably, for this reason, his favorite women and they have starygina were many, never had it against him. After breaking up with their wives, they have Igor Vladimirovich was 5, he has maintained a good relationship. Even families were friends.

    The first time he got married in College. His wife was a classmate Lyudmila Isakova. The girl’s parents – very wealthy people – gave them a lavish wedding. But the marriage lasted only a year.

    Igor Starygin family Rodovich
    Igor Starygin family Rodovich | Liveinternet.ru

    The second wife of Igor Starygin was his colleague Mika Ardov, who he met in youth Theatre. When they married, she already had two children, the daughter from his first marriage. And in 1978 they had a daughter Anastasia. The couple have lived together for 12 years. But it was precisely the period when the popularity of the artist was at the Zenith. «Aramis» was unable to avoid the temptation, but Mika wouldn’t forgive him. They broke up. Later friends of the actor said that the family Igor thought was real. Because there is his only daughter.

    Igor Starygin with his wife Kate
    Igor Starygin with his wife Kate | Liveinternet.ru

    Personal life Igor Starygin has not just made «zigzags». Later he again married. The third wife of the actor was the dancer. Fourth – producer. Fifth and last, which Igor spent the last days of his life, Catherine was Tabachnikov – the photojournalist of the newspaper «Interlocutor». She was the guardian angel of the actor. He even called her a Saint. Catherine nursed him to health after an illness, and – who knows?- maybe if not for her concern, Starygin would have died much earlier.


    Igor Starygin was not 8 Nov 2009. He never regained consciousness after a severe stroke. After lying in a coma for many days, he quietly left. He was 67 years old.

    The artist was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery.


    • «We’ll live till Monday»
    • «Red and black»
    • «D’artagnan and three Musketeers»
    • «State border»
    • «Listen in the compartments»
    • «Musketeers twenty years later»
    • «The secret of Queen Anne or Musketeers thirty years later»
    • «Code of honor»
    • «The kid in milk»
    • «Lost the sun»


    Igor Starygin

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