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(biography, photo, video) Igor Ryberg

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  • Name: Igor Sorin ( Igor Ryberg )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1969
  • Age: 28 years
  • Date of death: 4 Sep 1998
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 158
  • Activity: the Russian poet, musician, artist
  • Marital status: not married

    Igor Sorin: biography

    Igor Ribera his fans knew as Igor Sorin, one of the three soloists, the once mega-popular group «Ivanushki International».

    Igor was born in November 1969 in an intellectual Moscow family Svetlana Sorinas (that’s mom’s last name the son took as a stage name) and Vladimir Ribera. Dad Igor Sorin was a man of creative. By profession a design engineer, he was accepted as a member of the Union of writers of Russia, was an excellent painter.

    In an interview, Svetlana admitted that in childhood the son was difficult and unpredictable child. Extraordinary boy’s inquisitiveness and desire to try himself sometimes crossed a dangerous line. Son fearlessly wandered through the haunts of Vice, descended on a makeshift raft in the river, clung on to move the train. And he wrote poetry – not the children, which in adults hair stood on end.

    In addition to the poetic gift of Igor Sorin very early manifested musical talent. The guy sang beautifully and improvised. If you combine all the talents of Sorin, before the eyes appeared a born entertainer. Perhaps the boy has long been drawn to this side because one day he read the announcement of the audition for heroes children’s movie «the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn» and immediately went to audition.

    Igor Sorin has overcome a lot of competition and was approved for Tom Sawyer. But at the insistence of Nikita Mikhalkov, the film Director Stanislav Govorukhin replaced it with another boy.

    Resentment of this injustice was so great, that held the artist jumped from the 2nd floor. Fortunately, without consequences. Govorukhin decided to use Sorin in the film, giving him the role of Joe Harper.

    After graduating from 8th grade, Igor Sorin decided to get some specialty to military service. He enrolled at capital radio-mechanical College. During his training he created the band, which successfully acted on stage in College and even started to win prizes at the Metropolitan competitions.

    After finishing it, Sorin enrolled at the Gnesin music school, by choosing the Department of musical Comedy.

    «Ivanushki International»

    At the 3rd year Igor Sorin interrupted his studies to participate in the musical «Metro», which successfully got through the audition conducted by the Warsaw drama «Minskoff». After a short rehearsal, the theatre went on tour abroad. But much success in Europe and America, artists were not. After performances on Broadway troupe advised to brush up. The only one of the artists, «Metro», which was offered to stay for training in America, was the soloist of the musical Igor Sorin. But he refused. In this country he had no relatives, no friends. And tools for life was not there.

    A notable highlight of this touring period Igor Sorin was his acquaintance with Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova. He was admitted to the «Metro» as a dancer.

    After returning from America Sorin recovered in the Gnesin music school and continued learning. At this time he first appeared on the screen. In the popular program «to Itself the Director» the musician tried his hand as a co-writer actor heading «got Game».

    Some time after graduating from College, Igor Sorin worked in the theatre «the Scientific monkey».

    A deafening fame and popularity fell on Igor Sorin just after his performances in the group «Ivanushki International». Offer to join in its collaboration with Kirill Andreev of the project Igor did Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov in 1994. Sorin agreed. After the first months of rehearsals, it became clear that the group will be successful.

    Really, from 1995 to 1998 «Ivanushki» has traveled all the former Soviet republics. The success was tremendous. Their concerts gathered full stadiums of fans. After the release of the 2nd video for the song «Clouds» guys woke up the stars.

    Thousands crowded the halls, storm the hotels where the team stayed, hysterical female fans with armfuls of flowers and plush toys – all pretty tired «Simons». But most of all suffer from it Igor Sorin. Scrabble, not once encouraged his fans to read classical literature, he was clearly not at ease. Time writing poetry and philosophical contemplation of the world he is not there.

    In the spring of 1998, after finishing work on the last album «Your letters», Sorin decided to leave the band and start a solo career.

    To take a break from the hustle and bustle, Igor Sorin went on a little cruise. After return started a solo project. It was created together with the musicians of the group «the Formation of DSM». The first recorded song was called «mermaid». It was supposed to start a solo album Sorin.

    Personal life

    In the first year gnesinka Igor Sorin met with Valentina Smirnova. The girl was a singer and actress. But when the musician went on a long tour with the musical «Metro», the Valentine remained in Moscow. After returning to Russia, the couple broke up.

    In 1994 the private life of Igor Sorin has changed: he met Sasha Chernikova. Alexander studied at the 1st course of the same gnesinka, but on the conducting faculty. Together, the couple lived until 1998, before that fateful September day. They rented an apartment in Kuntsevo and, it seemed, were quite happy together.


    The morning of 1 September 1998 was the last for the musician. In a rented apartment, where was the album recorded Sorin, he came as always, early in the morning. And in 7.10 Igor brought in 71-th city hospital of Moscow. As it turned out, he fell from the 6th floor balcony of the same apartment.

    After many hours of operation Igor Sorin came to, but nothing to explain and could not. Said jumped himself. But why is still a mystery which the musician took with him forever in 3 days, the 4th of September.

    In the blood of the musician was not found traces of alcohol or drugs. The apartment was left his suicide note in which was written: «My Family. Mom. Dad. Sasha. ALL. But as the crown of poetry born with the chick. FLY.»

    After the death of Igor Sorin, there are many assumptions and rumors. Many, including his former colleague Grigoriev-Apollonov, agreed version of the murder. Some people accused in the death of the poet and musician religious movement «Reiki Caduceus». Recently Igor allegedly was in it.

    But the official version is the only one left is suicide.


    Igor Sorin

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