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  • Name: Igor Sklar ( Igor Sklyar )
  • Date of birth: 18 December 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Kursk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Natalia Akimova

    Igor Sklyar: biography

    A charismatic artist, the sex symbol of the eighties, the singer, whose songs have remained in my memory all Soviet moviegoers, Igor Sklyar has experienced a period of incredible popularity, and the unknown, and through each of his trials in life was equanimity, a true Russian intellectual. The talent of this artist is marked by the audience and colleagues. In March 2015, the actor received the prize for best actor in a supporting role in the television series «Leaving nature».

    Igor Borisovich was born in the West of Russia, in Kursk. The father of the future star was a civil engineer and her mother is an engineer-technologist. From an early age the boy was interested in sports and tried a lot of different directions. Played football, tennis, Boxing, athletics and other disciplines. Also the young man entered the school of music, where he studied singing and learned to play first the violin and then the piano. Since childhood Sklar dreamed of becoming a musician, and then changed preferences in favor of acting. But his parents had on this account their own opinion, and insisted that the youth received specialty engineer. As a result, Igor has managed to achieve, agreeing with the family that will obey their will, if you fail to enter the desired specialty.

    In 1975 an ambitious young man went to do in Moscow, but was not able to pass the entrance exam to one of his interested schools. On the advice of friends Sklar went to the Northern capital, where he enrolled in the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. His supervisor was the famous theatre Director Lev Dodin.

    The first years of training passed without much success, and a student interrupts with «two» to «three». Only through hard work Igor was able to improve his situation and eventually graduated with honors from the training. After graduation Sklar with his wife went to work in one of Tomsk’s theaters. First, the entire course had to remain in Leningrad, however, on the request of one of the deputies of the Tomsk region, the issue was sent to the South. Just a season Igor retired and returned to his home. There is the actor served in the army, and seriously engaged in an acting career after the service.

    Igor Sklyar: theatre

    In 1979 Igor Sklyar on the distribution went to work in the Theatre of the young spectator of the city of Tomsk. But the actor soon moved and settled in Leningrad Maly drama theatre, where he was invited by the former curator of Lev Dodin. The troupe of the actor visited European city, where shone on theatrical stages.

    Huge success the actor had in 1994 in Paris, starring in the play «Roberto Tucci». During his stay in the theater Sklar took part in many productions, not always as the lead actor. The artist says in this regard that the most important is not the size of the role, and how you do it. Igor worked in the theater prior to the zero, and then left due to the fact that no longer feel the old confidence and friendship to each other in the company. Now the actor is taking part in antrepriznyh performances and continues to act in films.

    Igor Sklyar movies

    The first experience of filming in movies the young man was even before he graduated. The story hitting the cinema in many ways similar to a fairy tale. Arriving with friends on the tour, young Igor met with assistant Director of Gorky film studios. The woman suddenly turned to the teenager in the subway and asked him to try his hand on the set. Igor did not immediately believe the stranger, but, realizing that he offered, instantly agreed. So the future actor was in the film industry and starred in one of the leading roles in the movie «young Northern fleet,» tells the story of sea service teenagers during the great Patriotic war. It was after this episode, the actor fell in love with the cinema and began to dream of receipt in theatrical high school. His contribution made that after the premiere of the film teen fully felt the taste of fame. as in his native Kursk became a star of the first magnitude.

    In the second film Sklar acted, already as a student. Igor got a cameo role in the new film of Director Vladimir Horn. The experience of the contractor brought the film in 1980 «Only in the music hall». In this delightful Comedy of a young actor starred along with a star screen Lyubov Polishchuk, colorful game which is very memorable to the audience. After the premiere of the film Glazier began to recognize the streets.

    After military service, the actor starred in a series of artistic-biographic film «Anna Pavlova», which was created in the Soviet Union, GDR, France, great Britain and even Cuba. The actor embodied the image of the dancer and choreographer Serge Lifar, French activist and native of the Russian Empire. In the very next year came the film that made Sklar USSR known. In the film «

  • We are from jazz», he replaced Dmitry Haratyan, at that time already approved for the role of Bones Ivanov. The Director believed that the young Sklar suitable for the embodiment of the image better and were not mistaken. The film «We are from jazz» has rightly been called one of the best films of the year, it looked in cinemas 17 million viewers, and the actor instantly became a sex symbol of the Soviet Union. The guy was chasing fans, it is filled with letters and pestering phone calls. By the end of the decade, a young and attractive Sklar played the role of young, bright, romantic, charming guys, and it is in this way remembered his domestic audience. In the period from 1980 to 1990, the actor took part in more than ten movies. The nineties was less intense in the acting life of Igor. Later in the interview, Sklar told me that he was tired of repetitive roles, and from the many scripts he began to withdraw, realizing that will not get a new experience.

    The year 1994 was significant for the actor thanks to the melodrama «the year of the Dog», in which Sklar got into the character quite unusual for myself: hardened from conflicts in life convict who fell in love with a totally strange woman for him. The film became extremely popular, but the artist has received many positive reviews from critics and viewers, astonished quite uncharacteristic of the Igor role. Also fans noted how remarkable tandem formed at Sklar with Inna Churikova.

    After 1994 and until the end of the decade, the actor almost was not involved in the film industry. The reason was the same: no interesting scenarios, the decline of Russian cinema after USSR collapse. Only since 2001, the artist once again began to actively act in detective stories, drama, cyberpunk, and many other genres. One of the last pictures — the popular TV series «My friend Sherlock Holmes,» which was aired on Russian television in 2013.

    Igor Sklyar: personal life

    Matters of the heart artist walks a lot of rumors. They say that Igor Ivanov does not miss a single skirt. However, there is no evidence that the photos or the alleged «recognition of the privacy of the actor have grounds. It is known that Sklar is married with colleagues, actress Natalya Akimova. The couple has a grown son Vasily.

    Igor Sklyar: filmography

    • Young Northern fleet
    • Take care of women
    • We are from jazz
    • Hourglass
    • Feat Of Odessa
    • The victims have no claims
    • The prisoner of If castle
    • The Romanovs. The Imperial family
    • Summer of wolves
    • Farmers

    Igor Sklyar: photo

    Igor Sklyar

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