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  • Name: Igor Sigov ( Igor Sigov )
  • Date of birth: 30 December 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Polotsk, Vitebsk region, Belarus
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Sigov: biography

    Igor Sigov is one of the most famous Belarusian actors, is proven as on the theatrical stage and in cinema. He was born and raised in the Vitebsk region, in Polatsk. Igor was the youngest of three children in the family of the master boiler and the worker of factory of concrete products.

    In the school years Sigov paid more attention to sports than lessons, though the exact Sciences learned as well. Because of its high growth and toughness the boy showed remarkable results in the school running race, after which he was taken to the athletics section. In addition to running, Igor and more engaged in the jump height and length, and later dabbled in rowing, but as a runner whitefish made up the highest success: won the city championship in the 800m.

    Before the boys opened the prospect of a major sport. But in eighth grade, he accidentally hit the children’s theatre rehearsal Studio, where he studied his friend, and fell in love with theatre. After school the boy submits documents to the Belarusian state theatre and art Institute, but fails the exams. The same fate was waiting for him at the Institute of culture. The most offensive – «cut» whitefish is not on the creative tests, and final humanitarian subjects.

    Due to the fact that Igor Sigov did not have time to go to College, he was drafted into the army. He served in the railway troops on the territory of Mongolia, and then in his native town worked on the repair plant, then became a chauffeur. But in 21 years the guy decides to go and see, as do other students in the Belarusian Academy of arts. For some reason, totally unprepared Igor was called to the examination Committee. Narasaraja young man squeezed out all I can. From the hall of the Academy whitefish came out a student he enlisted after the first round.

    After graduating, the young actor joined the troupe of the Republican theatre of Belarusian drama, where he not only acted on stage, but also was responsible for the staging of stunts in performances. For a lot of professional successes in 2007, Igor Sigov has been awarded the medal of Francysk Skaryna and five years later was appointed Director of the native theatre. In 2014 he joined the most prestigious in the Belarus national academic theatre of Yanka Kupala.


    The first few years of Igor Sigov was filmed mostly in small roles. But in 2001 he was entrusted with a more responsible image in the melodrama «Sketch on the monitor», and together with Igor starred such stars of Russian cinema, as Vladislav Galkin and Darya Mikhailova. Later works are iconic war drama «nameless height» Victoria Tolstoganova, «In June 41-go» with Sergey Bezrukov and «Dneprovskiy Rubezh» with Ksenia Kniazeva.

    You can not go past and short psychological drama «Doors», Irish film shot on an episode from the novel by Svetlana Aleksievich «the Chernobyl prayer». The fact that this picture was nominated for the American Oscars, the film’s Director, Juanita Wilson invited Igor to come to the awards ceremony in Hollywood. Although then won another short film, whitefish was the only one in the history of the Belarusian actor who was among the nominees for this internationally known prize.

    Also from the filmography of an actor stand out melodrama «All that we need…» and «Because you love» and the mystery Thriller «Navigator». All the actors and Directors who had the opportunity to collaborate with Igor Silovym, note that it is very pleasant to work with. In addition, there is the remarkable fact: Igor Sigov, not being a stuntman and all the stunts required in the story, performs independently.

    Personal life

    During his lifetime, Igor Sigov was married twice. His first wife a joint life has not developed, and the actor does not like to recall in the press. We only know that in that marriage he had a son.

    The second time Igor went to the registry office pretty soon after the divorce. His choice was a girl named Diana who works at the local TV stylist. They have a daughter Anastasia who is younger brother of three years.

    The actor considers himself a perfectly happy man, as he realized not only professionally, but also to build a strong, friendly family with beloved woman.


    • 2001 — Sketch on the monitor
    • 2004 — On the nameless height
    • 2008 — Door
    • 2009 — the Dnieper frontier
    • 2010 — the Illusion of hunting
    • 2011 — All we need…
    • 2011 Navigator
    • 2013 — Because of love
    • 2013 — Death to spies. Fox hole
    • 2015 — the Shock of the zodiac


    Igor Sigov

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