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  • Name: Igor Sechin ( Igor’ Sechin )
  • Date of birth: 7 September 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: statesman, President of the state company «Rosneft»
  • Marital status: Married

    Igor Sechin: biography

    Igor Sechin is one of the most influential people in Russia, the President of «Rosneft», Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government, which is one of the most close and faithful people of the Russian head Vladimir Putin.

    Was born Igor Ivanovich Sechin 7 September 1960 in Leningrad in a family of factory workers. One day with the future head of «Rosneft» came to light, his twin sister Irina. All childhood and adolescence Sechin spent in his native city, where he graduated from school # 133 in-depth study of the French language. Sechin parents divorced in the period of school years of their children, but still maintained warm relationships, children did not lack parental love and care.

    In 1977 after finishing school, Igor Sechin, entered the Leningrad University. A. Zhdanov, the faculty. Higher education, the future head of «Rosneft» was held in the Portuguese group of 10 students, which was one of the leaders in academic achievement. In the fifth year of the University Igor Sechin sent as interpreter into the African city of Mozambique, where civil war took place. He helped the Soviet military specialists in the training and provision of material-technical base. Two years after returning from Africa Igor graduated from University and received the diploma of the philologist-novelist, teacher of French and Portuguese languages.

    Immediately after graduation, he had been drafted into the Armed forces of the USSR. A few months of service he was held in Turkmenistan, and then was transferred to Angola, where he held the position of senior translator in the group of advisors of the naval fleet and air defense troops. In total, the «hot» African points the future President of «Rosneft» spent about four years.

    After returning from Africa in 1986, Igor Ivanovich was appointed to the foreign trade Association «technoexport», specializing in the supply of weapons and strategic equipment to the friendly countries of the Union.

    Igor Sechin: career

    In 1988, Igor Sechin, has joined the Executive Committee of the Leningrad city Council, where he was engaged in Contracting and contracts with foreign sister-cities of Leningrad, in particular, with Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro. In one of the business trips he had met with the adviser to the Chairman of the Leningrad city hall Vladimir Putin. Thanks to a crucial meeting biography of Igor Sechin changed his direction, and from that time his work is closely connected with the future President of the Russian Federation.

    From 1991 to 1996, Sechin worked as Putin’s team of St. Petersburg city hall and walked a few steps on the career ladder, starting as a chief specialist and ending with the head of staff of the first Deputy of the Leningrad city hall Vladimir Putin. In 1996 Igor Sechin followed Putin resigned after his defeat in the gubernatorial elections of Anatoly Sobchak.

    In Moscow in 1996, the future head of «Rosneft» has received a position in the management of foreign economic relations of Administration of the President of the Russian Federation and continued to work under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, who became Deputy head of this Department. In 1997, Sechin together with his head went on increasing and was appointed Chairman of the civil code. In 1998, he headed the administrative apparatus of the future President of Russia, who was by that time the first Deputy head of administration of the Russian President. Just a year later Igor was appointed head of the Secretariat of Putin, who then became the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

    In 2000, after the victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election Sechin moved with him to the Kremlin and was appointed assistant to the President of the Russian Federation.

    Igor Sechin: «Rosneft»

    In 2004 Igor Sechin headed the Board of Directors of the oil company «Rosneft» and chaired about six years. During his activity in office a relatively small state oil company became the largest in Russia due to the Yukos assets. Igor also continued to work in the presidential administration of the Russian Federation. In 2008, he served as one of three Vice-premiers of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, along with Sergei Sobyanin and Igor Shuvalov, with whom he worked in the same team in Leningrad city hall. In the framework of the activities of the Deputy Prime Minister, he was responsible for the development of industry and energy of the Russian Federation.

    In 2011, Igor Sechin quit Rosneft in connection with the decree ex-the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev about the exclusion of Federal Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers from the Board of Directors of state enterprises. However, in 2012, after the return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency, Sechin got the chance to go back to the oil company Rosneft, where he was appointed President and became the new Board of Directors.

    Thanks to the successful activities of Igor Sechin in 2012, the oil company signed a major deal in the acquisition of a wholly-owned stake in the British TNK-BP» in the amount of $ 60 billion, has become the best in the history of the Russian oil sector.

    In 2013, according to the magazine «Time» Sechin became one of the most influential people in the world in the category «Titans», and according to the magazine «Forbes» has headed a rating of the most expensive top-managers of Russia.

    Igor Sechin: income and status

    For all the activities in the oil company «Rosneft» Igor Sechin income, as well as many top managers from Russia were unknown to the society. Some media have repeatedly tried to reveal the state of Sechin and his income, what the head of «Rosneft» has applied them to court and won, as a judicial verdict posted information about the income of Sechin in the press were inaccurate. Igor Ivanovich has commented on your categorical refusal to disclose their income the fact that Rosneft is a state company, whose leaders are required to officially disclose their income declarations, according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

    In 2015, after persistent orders of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to show their income, the heads of state companies «Rosneft» reported about the return of their President in the document «Standard of OAO NK «Rosneft».

    The document indicated only the approximate income Sechin, but it is clear that the wages of the head of «Rosneft» is about 20 million rubles per month. However, only wages in the form of salary income of Igor Ivanovich is not limited. He, like other top managers to rely more compensation and payments for service on the Board in the amount of 5% of the salary of the CEO. The next item of General revenue Sechin has allowance for work with state secret, reimbursement of travel expenses and rental housing, and reimbursed expenses for the education of children until they reach 23 years of age.

    In addition, the income Sechin also included annual bonuses for achieving performance indicators of the company, the standard size which is 150% of his annual salary without allowances and bonuses. Thus, the income of the head of «Rosneft» as a whole is about 10 million dollars, which allows him to get to the top of the world rankings for the most highly paid top managers.

    Igor Sechin: personal life

    Personal life Igor Sechin has always been the most hidden from the public. It is known that his first wife

  • Marina Vladimirovna he met in his youth in his native St. Petersburg, where there and signed a formal marriage. At the time of transition to work in the Kremlin, Sechin already had two children: daughter Inga, born in 1982, and a son Ivan, born in 1989. Children Sechin received education in higher educational institutions of Moscow: Inga graduated from the Petersburg mountain state Institute, and Ivan — graduate school of business at the Moscow state University. University. Currently Sechin’s son works for the company «Rosneft» as the first Deputy Director of the Department of joint projects on the shelf. It is also known that in 2005, Igor Ivanovich came a grandson, given to him by daughter Inga.

    Due to permanent stay and work the marriage of Marina and Igor Sechin, fell apart. However, the divorce Sechin did not affect cordial relations with the ex-wife, who after the dissolution of marriage took possession of 51% of the shares of the company «Aksent partners group», which engaged in the personnel consulting, development and training, and 49% of «On-HSBC El Rus private limited».

    It is known that in 2012, the 51-year-old head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin again has tied the knot with a young worker system, the name of which remains a mystery to society. In the second marriage of Igor Ivanovich to significantly younger and changed in appearance that was marked by his colleagues and friends.

    Igor Sechin: photo

    Igor Sechin

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