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  • Name: Igor Rasteryaev ( Igor Rasteryaev )
  • Date of birth: 10 August 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor, singer, composer, poet
  • Marital status: not married

    Igor Rasteryaev: biography

    Igor Rasteryaev – Russian actor, the author and performer of songs with real life stories of people.

    Igor Rasteryaev was born in Leningrad in a family of artists. His mother, a native Petersburger, who received a technical education, and father met Igor when he came to Leningrad to enter the UNIVERSITY. The father of the singer a native of the village rakivka Volgograd region, a hereditary don Cossack.

    Igor Rasteryaev
    Igor Rasteryaev | Official website

    Every year, like all his peers, from September to may, Igor went to a regular school in Leningrad, but in summer began a completely different life. Summer vacation, the boy spent on his father’s home in Rakivka, talked with the locals, made friends with village boys swam, fished, sunbathed and absorbed not in Leningrad the hot rays of the sun the love of rural life and vast expanses.

    Igor Rasteryaev
    Igor Rasteryaev | Official website

    It was there, in the village, the guy met up with Alex, which is the same as Igor, came for the summer to relatives in the village, not from Leningrad, and Moscow. This friendship was destined to last many years. Igor grew up and became by Igor Rasteryaev composing soulful songs with a guitar and an accordion, and Alex turned to Alexei Lyakhov, and it is with his light hand Resterai first clip, filmed on a mobile phone brought him popularity.

    So, in a strange way, in the character of Igor mixed features educated boy from cultured St. Petersburg family, the hereditary love of art with the same hereditary love of the Russian countryside, the common people inhabiting it, their problems and joys.

    Career in theater and film

    Further biography of Igor was quite predictable. The parents wanted the son to become a journalist, and he thought about journalism, but eventually chose theater, joining in 1997 in Spbgati. According to the Rasteryaeva, journalistic faculty would have to work hard to learn English, and at the theatre Academy «it was enough just to pretend to be talented.»

    Igor Rasteryaev in the film
    Igor Rasteryaev in the movie «Secrets of the investigation-6» | Movie-Theater

    However, talent and charisma the actor does not hold, although the main roles in the movie he has not played in the theater «Buff», where he worked since graduation from the Academy, he is considered one of the best young artists. They say that to sing the songs the boy began at the age of six, performing in front of their grandmothers from the village of Rakovka, and over time many talents of Igor only developed and multiplied. From his childhood penchant for painting, singing, with no musical education, the singer received.

    Igor Rasteryaev in the film
    Igor Rasteryaev in the movie «Version» | Movie-Theater

    Surprisingly, professional actor Confused seriously admitted that at first he was afraid of the scene. Over time it passed, but he had not dreaming of the title role, and simply enjoys the creative process.

    Igor Rasteryaev in the film
    Igor Rasteryaev in the movie «my dear man» | full Movie

    On account of Igor Rasteryaeva only a few cameo roles in movies. In the St. Petersburg theatre «Buff» Igor’s busy in the following productions:

    • «Adventuress»;
    • «Wedding Krechinsky»;
    • «Squaring the circle»;
    • «The circus has left, clowns were»;
    • «The magnificent cuckold»;
    • «The passion at the fountain»;
    • «Casanova in Russia»;
    • «Zhenya, Zhenya and «Katyusha»»;
    • «Diva»;
    • «The same Forest».

    Songs: how it all began

    To play the harmonica and guitar, the singer has learned all in the same Rakovka, there began to compose original songs. The song «Combiners», which made Igor’s famous, and today listened to only the residents of Rakovka and the surrounding hamlets, if not a childhood friend of Alexei Lyakhov. That he came up with the bright idea to make a movie with a song performed by Igor on the phone and put it on Youtube.

    Igor Rasteryaev
    Igor Rasteryaev | Official website

    At first the audience reacted sluggishly for a few months «clip» only got three hundred hits. But then he came to the site of Dmitry Puchkov (Goblin). The popularity of the song skyrocketed, and she entered the top ten best commercials you’ll ever need. From this moment on, Igor began to record new songs on video and upload clips to the network.

    Igor Rasteryaev
    Igor Rasteryaev | Official website

    Most loved by millions of songs («Russian road», «Chamomile», «Cossack song», «St. George ribbon») is written by Igor, other friend of his father, Basil Moss («Rakovka», «About farm Glinishchevo», «Blizzard in Rakivka», «bear», «walking in the city,» «outside, a winter and night»). Strange, but first songs and clips Resterai whole country knew and listened to online, and then he began to give full-fledged concerts.

    Igor Rasteryaev
    Igor Rasteryaev | Official website

    The first concert was held in September 2010 in Moscow, the second — in St. Petersburg a couple of months. Here, on the stage of the «Griboyedov», Igor and presented to its customers a co-author and senior fellow Vasily Mokhov, performing with him a duet song of his compositions.

    Songs, CDs, concerts, joint performances

    Discography and performance of the singer is impressive, given the period of creativity, which is familiar to a wide audience. Over the past six years, Igor Rasteryaev released five music albums:

    • «Russian road» (2011);
    • «Ringer» (2012);
    • «Song uncle Pete moss» (2013);
    • «Horn» (2014);
    • «Rain over the Bear» (2016).

    The musician does not stop there, constantly trying new versions and improvising. Considerable popularity in the environment of rock-n-rolikov brought him a performance at the festival «Invasion» in 2011. It was followed by other festivals and concerts, including a landmark speech in Nizhny Novgorod under the Church bells.

    Igor is actively collaborating with other artists, regardless of their rank and style of its execution, it is possible to find recordings of his performances together with Alexander F. Sklyar, Anna Kudryashova, other singers and musicians. He gives concerts in Russia and Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, performs covers of songs of group «DDT», «the king and the Clown,» «Disco Crash», «Leningrad», Cossack singing, folk and my own songs. Igor showed a desire to sing a duet even Vika Tsyganova, however, no joint projects have not yet been.

    Position in life and dreams

    Bewildered beyond the politics and fame, he just loves to sing about real people and for the people of the country, its vast expanses and mysterious Russian soul. His texts are very difficult to separate the irony from the seriousness of satire from the simple statement of facts, they are truthful and poignant as the simple, but such native melodies.

    Igor Rasteryaev
    Igor Rasteryaev | VK

    In the childhood Igor dreamed of becoming a bell ringer, the boy from the tale that never grows up, but a singer and a musician – ever. The song is part of his nature, character, and he is a modest and charming person, simple and pleasant, and very talented.

    Personal life

    Details of the personal life of the musician kept secret, although sincerely says that his wife and children as yet. In the Internet you can find a photo of Igor with the girls-groupies, but they have the lady of his heart, it is impossible to guess.


    Igor Rasteryaev

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