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  • Name: Petrenko Igor ( Igor Petrenko )
  • Date of birth: 23 August 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Potsdam, Germany
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Christina Brodskaya

    Igor Petrenko: a biography

    This wonderful actor especially fond of the audience for his military images: the role of Lieutenant Travkina in the film «Star», the young Sergeant Victor in «driver for Vera» and Lieutenant Dobrov in the popular TV series «Cadets». Winner of the «Nika» and «Triumph», the actor enjoys the love of the public. However, largely repeating the fate of the character played by, biography of Igor Petrenko is also filled with UPS and downs, incredible at first glance.

    Igor Petrenko in the movie
    Role in the film «Star» | full Movie.RU

    Igor Petrenko was born in 1977 in East Germany, where his father did military service. The family moved to Moscow when he was three years old. Mom, by profession a translator, instilled little Igor love for foreign languages. In his childhood he was fond of Sambo and judo school was pretty cool, except there was only one English lessons.

    In 1995, the life of fifteen year old Igor began a very difficult period. Together with his friend Alexander by Kisimova he was put on trial on charges of murder. For about a year, while there was a consequence, Igor spent in the notorious Matrosskaya Tishina jail, first Moscow prison. Despite her young age Petrenko, as well as positive characteristics of the guy, the court sentenced the teenager to probation. It was released before the trial.

    Igor Petrenko
    Photo Of Igor Petrenko | sobesednik.RU

    Then the young man abruptly changed his life, deciding to become an actor. Interestingly, at first he didn’t even think about the artist’s career, passing the exam is literally on the dispute. However, after a contest of several hundred candidates, the boy entered the Schepkin drama school and went head first into the study.


    After graduation, aspiring artist for some time worked in the troupe of the Maly theatre, but booming cinematic biography of Igor Petrenko forced him to leave the stage. To the theatre he was cool, happy to be taking part in some productions.

    Igor Petrenko in the show
    On a scene of theatre in the performance «the Leningrad romance» | full Movie.RU

    Early movies of Igor Petrenko «Black room» and «reflex» brought him great popularity. His first step to success was the role in the youth series about students «Simple truth», which became a springboard for many movie stars: Tatyana Arntgolts, Anatoly Rudenko Anastasia Zadorozhnaya.

    A real breakthrough for the artist was the film by Nikolai Lebedev’s «the Star» in 2002. This new interpretation of the same movie 1949 was highly acclaimed by film critics and received many awards at international film festivals in France, China, Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine.

    Igor Petrenko in the movie
    The first striking role in the film «Star» | Fast-Torrent.RU

    «Star» brought the young actor to fame. To audition, he was elected Nikolay Lebedev among hundreds of applicants, the Director spotted the talent of Igor and opened it fully. This role consolidated the main role of the artist, most of his films or otherwise associated with military Affairs. In 2003, the high professionalism of the acting and charisma of the artist earned him the title of laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation in literature and art.

    Igor Petrenko in the movie
    In the movie «Taras Bulba» | full Movie.RU

    Since then the actor has starred in several feature films («Taras Bulba», «wolfhound of the Grey Dogs» and others), among which he emphasizes the role of Victor in «driver for Vera». It is the role of a young driver brought the actor in a number of the highest paid actors. Igor is in great demand among the creators of the series, he played in such films as «students,» «best city in the world» and «Sherlock Holmes». Movies with Igor Petrenko always find a warm response in public.

    Igor Petrenko in the movie
    Starring role in the film «Driver for Vera» | Filmtest

    In addition, the list of award-winning actor listed youth award «Triumph» in the nomination «Best young actor» and the prize for the seventeenth film festival «Vivat, Russian cinema!» for the film «Taras Bulba», where Igor Petrenko starred in the role of Andrew.

    The actor continues to play. Every year there are several films with his participation. In 2016, the actor has pleased their fans with the filming of the feature film «the Viking», where partners Igor became Danila Kozlovsky, Svetlana Khodchenkova and others, as well as participation in the TV series «Black cat» on the post-war hard times.

    Personal life

    Personal life Igor Petrenko is always under the eye lenses of the paparazzi. First wife Petrenko Irina Leonova was his classmate at the Schepkin school. Their student marriage lasted only a few years, until the filming of the series «the best city of the Earth» Igor was having an office romance with a colleague on the set of Ekaterina Klimova. The relationship developed quickly, and her husband divorced Leonova, and a year later Igor Petrenko, Ekaterina Klimova were married.

    Igor Petrenko and Irina Leonova
    With his first wife Irina Leonova | Allwomens

    Exactly ten years, the couple on the right bore the title of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema. The couple starred together in the films: «Dreams of clay», «We are from the future 2», film series «Cancel all restrictions», as well as in the TV series «sins of the fathers». In the family were born two sons Matthew and Roots, in addition, Klimova had a daughter Elizabeth from his first marriage with llya Horoshilovym.

    Igor Petrenko, Ekaterina Klimova
    With his second wife Ekaterina Klimova | Cosmopolitan

    In 2013, the family boat gave the first flow, and in April 2014 Ekaterina Klimova and Igor Petrenko filed for divorce. According to the media the reason was the Klimova affair with the singer Roman Arkhipov, a former soloist of group «Chelsea». However the star declined to comment, citing a mismatch of working hours and extreme workload.

    Igor Petrenko and Christina Brodskaya
    Christine Brodsky | Single

    In 2015, the press reported a new family Petrenko. It turned out that the actor after her divorce from Klimova had an affair with a young actress Christine Brodsky. Soon the young people began to live together, and after a few months Petrenko and Christina Brody became parents, they had a daughter Sophia Carolina. All his free time Igor spends with his new family.


    • 2002 — Star
    • 2003 — best city in the world
    • 2004 — a Driver for Vera
    • 2006 — Hero of our time
    • 2006 — the Wolfhound
    • 2009 — Taras Bulba
    • 2013 — Sherlock Holmes
    • 2013 — the Road
    • 2014 — the Abolition of all restrictions
    • 2016 — Viking


    Igor Petrenko

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