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  • Name: Igor Ogurtsov ( Igor’ Ogurtsov )
  • Date of birth: 3 November 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Kalininets, Moscow oblast
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Ogurtsov: biography

    Igor A. Cucumber is a young Russian actor, known for his roles in the TV series «Ranetki», «Junior», «Exile», «School».

    Igor Ogurtsov was born 3 November 1992 in the town of Kalininets, Moscow region. The boy’s father Alexey Ogurtsov is a Russian actor, known for the films «Paragraph 78», «Hunting elk», «Officers», «Day watch».

    From early childhood, Igor watched the process work and behind-the-scenes life of actors during a visit with his father movie sets. Studied future star youth series in a typical high school, which was known for quite a playful and mischievous student. Igor used to throw all sorts of jokes of his classmates and teachers.

    Igor Ogurtsov father

    After graduating from secondary school, the guy immediately wanted their own to start making money, so refused to continue education and go to College. But the parents stubbornly insisted on higher education, and the guy lost them.

    He has not been able to determine the future profession, choosing between the military Academy and theatre school. The result of Cucumbers in 2010 entered the VGIK, where he studied on the course Igor Yasulovich. The young actor began to successfully combine studies and professional acting career as starring in films and participating in productions.

    Movies and TV shows

    Creative career of the future stars of today’s youth, like many children of the stars, started back in high school. At the age of 11 years, Igor Ogurtsov, starred in the TV series «Third rock from the Sun» in which he invited the film’s Director Terry Hughes, who came to Russia in search of the actor for your project. Despite the fact that the young actor played a cameo role for Bob in this series, she has become a successful beginning of his acting journey.

    In 2009 Igor received his first really big role. He played «Wolf» in the drama «Yet».

    Igor Ogurtsov in the series
    Igor Ogurtsov in the series «School»

    In 2010 Cucumbers were played in the TV series «School» scandalous film Director Valeria Gai Germanicus. The television series was broadcast on «the First channel» telling about the daily life of pupils of regular schools in Moscow, a class which suddenly translates a beginner. Igor played one of the students, and the role of his main love interest went to actress Natalia Tereshkova. Young actors convincingly played by senses and misled their fans, who have decided that young people really are.

    Igor Ogurtsov and Natalya Tereshkova
    Igor Ogurtsov and Natalya Tereshkova

    After this, the biography of the young actor has been actively updated, it was noticed by the creators of the movie and was invited to an interesting images in their projects. Before graduation he has played in several TV series and feature films, in particular, he got the role in the movie «bride for Barbie», which was popular at the time the TV series «Ranetki» and also in the films «Elena» and «Exile» Andrey Zvyagintsev.

    In 2013 the young actor got the role in the TV series «Junior», in which she played hockey Seeds Bakin. His colleagues on the set was a whole team of famous actors and beginners in Russian cinema: Fyodor Bondarchuk, Mikhail Zhigalov, Sergei Gabrielian, Julia Margulis, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Alexander Sokolov.

    The series «Junior» made the guy a star not only in Russia but also in CIS countries.

    Igor Ogurtsov in the series
    Igor Ogurtsov in the TV series «Junior»

    In March 2015 premiere of a new youth series «urban jungle» on the channel TNT, in which Igor Ogurtsov played Beetle. The actor was a teenage orphan who lives with his grandmother. The script of the movie beetle is an outstanding representative of the complex domestic young people getting into crime for the purpose of obtaining easy money.

    Personal life

    In view of the fact that for many representatives of modern youth, Igor Ogurtsov – Wikipedia the model of the ideal representative of the company, guy has a lot of fans and admirers. Amid the popularity of the young man doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, not wanting to expose your favorite of negativity and harassment from fans.

    According to the press, Igor Ogurtsov and his girlfriend Iya Oganezov new year’s eve 2014 was officially married on 28 February filed an application to the Registrar. Before Igor and Ia dated for five years. The actor has often spoken to the parents of the future wife, and they warmly accepted son-in-law.

    Igor Ogurtsov and Ia Oganezov

    Igor recognizes that his girlfriend is very similar to his mother, and considers it a plus AI, because, in his opinion, every man wants to meet a girl like his mother. This similarity gave rise to the rumor that Pickles and his wife have each other brother and sister, but this is only speculation, devoid of any reason.

    28 August 2015 the actor married. Painting took place in one of the Moscow registry offices, then hosted a ceremony in nature.

    The wedding of Igor Ogurtsov and Ii
    The wedding of Igor Ogurtsov and Ii

    Children in a young family yet, but family and friends believe that Igor with the Oia will be very beautiful heirs.

    The young actor likes to spend all free time with family, which often travels. We also know that the guy spends a lot of time in the gym, which is reflected in his athletic figure – a rise of Igor Ogurtsov 182 cm and weighs 74 kg


    • «Groom for Barbie»
    • «The exile»
    • Ranetki
    • «School»
    • Elena
    • «Maryina Roshcha»
    • «Viy»
    • «Lesnik-3»
    • «At the depth»
    • «The law of the stone jungle»


    Igor Ogurtsov father

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