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  • Name: Igor Nikolaev ( Igor Nikolaev )
  • Date of birth: 17 January 1960
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Kholmsk, Sakhalin
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian singer, songwriter
  • Family: married Julia Proskuryakova

    Igor Nikolaev: biography

    The outstanding Russian singer and composer Igor Nikolayev was born on Sakhalin island, in the provincial town of Kholmsk, 17 January 1960. Yuriy’s father was a poet of seascapes and consisted of the Union of Soviet writers, at the same time performing the duties of captain of a vessel carrying cargo over long distances. Young Nikolaev most of the time spent with the mother, who worked as an accountant. Wages barely enough for food, but Igor was not afraid of the limit of poverty, he read a lot, played sports and gravitated to music.

    Young Igor was found to be creativity. My mother gave it to Sakhalin music school, where he first learned to play the violin. After graduation Igor Nikolaev received in southern-the Sakhalin musical College, but after a year of study, left his native town to conquer Moscow.

    Igor Nikolaev in childhood | Pipe

    In gold-domed capital, he entered the second year of music College of the Moscow Conservatory named after Peter Tchaikovsky. In 1980, after graduating from the Moscow Institute of culture, Sakhalin, the musician defended his thesis, becoming a graduate of the pop Department.


    After her studies at the Moscow Institute of culture, talented musician was noticed by Alla Pugacheva, who invited him to work as a keyboardist in the vocal-instrumental ensemble «Recital», where he quickly turned into the arranger. The first songs written by Igor Nikolaev for divas of Russian pop, hits, and, as we would say today, blew up the ratings charts.

    Hits of 1980-ies became the musical composition «iceberg» and «Tell, birds», which brought him all-Russian fame young, but already well-known and respected composer. They sang the whole country. From these songs came the great career of composer Igor Nikolaev.

    Igor Nikolaev in his youth
    Igor Nikolaev young | Flute

    A turning point in creative activity Igor Nikolaev became a part in a music competition «song of the year 1985», where they performed new songs of the young composer: «the Ferryman», performed by Alla Pugacheva and Komarovo in the performance of Igor Sklyar. The debut turned to Igor a resounding success, firmly attaching it to the Olympus national stage.

    But Igor Nikolaev, and he sings beautifully. Solo singing career started in 1986, own of the song «Mel» included in the homonymous album, which received huge popularity. Soon Igor Nikolaev together with Alla Pugacheva on tour in Japan. In 1988, Igor Nikolayev appears for the first time at the annual music festival «song of the year» with his own composition «the Kingdom of crooked mirrors», which unconditionally becomes a national hit and is the lead single of the eponymous album.

    Alla Pugacheva and Igor Nikolaev
    Alla Pugacheva and Igor Nikolaev | Igornikolaev.ru

    Two years later, Igor Nikolaev meets a young singer Natasha Queen, which begins to cooperate fruitfully. Creative Union quickly develops into a duet. Popular song «Dolphin and mermaid» sings the whole country. A joint project of Nikolaev and the Queen received a high rating not only Russian, but also Western students. The same program the Duo announced in the walls of the legendary concert hall «Madison Square garden» in the American city of new York.

    Creative biography of the musician develops exponentially. Each new song of Igor Nikolaev and the new album is a hit to the mark. Since 1998, the composer begins to organize their own recitals in the concert hall «Russia». Invariably they are held with great success and is broadcast on the Central channels of the country.

    At the beginning of the Millenium Igor Nikolaev is releasing a new CD called «Broken Cup of love». A year later, in 2001, he received the title of Honored worker of culture and arts of the Russian Federation. In the same year, Igor was awarded the prize «Golden gramophone» for the new album «Five reasons».

    Igor Nikolaev | YouTube

    Almost every year gives Nikolaev a new wave of success in the form of yet another award to his considerable size achievements. In 2006, the popular singer and composer gets 2 orders of Peter the Great of the first degree and the Golden order «Service to art». In the same year Igor Nikolaev starts broadcasting «First channel» creative project «Two stars», which is of great interest and the sympathy of the audience, eagerly awaiting the new release.

    In the summer of 2008 in the framework of all-Russian contest «New wave», which takes place in Jurmala Igor Nikolaev satisfied with a recital-concert. Own benefit in Jurmala the singer performs new hit single «something there» in a duet with a young singer Julia Proskuryakova, later became his third wife.

    Creative unions

    Songwriter, singer, composer and arranger Igor Yurievich Nikolaev actively collaborates with prominent figures in the field of Russian and foreign music. His songs are performed by outstanding artists Alla Pugacheva, Valery Leontiev, Larisa Dolina, Irina Allegrova, Alexander Buinov. The leader of the popular jazz group «Accident» Alexey Kortnev actively collaborates with the composer.

    Igor Nikolaev and Irina Allegrova
    Igor Nikolaev I Irina Allegrova | Igornikolaev.ru

    On the stage of the national stage, especially artists of the Soviet era, almost no musicians who have not collaborated with Nikolayev. On the territory of foreign music sparkles with so many stars of pop music, sing songs, or ordered or purchased from the Russian composer. Songs his music is successfully performed by sisters rose and Cindy Lauper (USA), is a Swedish singer Liz Nilsson, a Japanese musician, Tokiko Kato and others.

    Igor Nikolaev
    Igor Nikolaev | Glamurchik — Tochka.net

    Igor also has contracts with prominent Russian poets, songwriters. He wrote music to the poems of Zinoviev, Derbeneva, Tanic, Matetskiy, Makarevich, Kochanowski and even Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Along with this, Igor Nikolaev more than once was in the jury of music festivals and competitions, which were originally Ludmila Sokolova and singer Diana Gurtskaya.

    Personal life

    For the first time the composer Igor Nikolaev got married while studying in the student of the musical College of the city of Sakhalin. In 1978, Igor Nikolaev for the first time became a father. His first wife Elena kudryasheva gave birth to his daughter Julia. At the time of the birth of a daughter young companions was eighteen years old.

    Igor Nikolaev with his daughter from his first marriage Julia
    Igor Nikolaev with his daughter from his first marriage Julia | 7days.ru

    Fast fading of a relationship, fights in his youth, was quite a natural progression. The first family of Igor collapsed. Later, the composer married a second time, choosing as a life partner Natasha Queen.

    It happened in the early 1990-ies, when the media wrote about the open novel of genius Russian composer and a young but promising Ukrainian singer Natalia Poryvai, later received from his patron a pseudonym Queen.

    Bright and rich in those days the wedding took place in 1994. The marriage is officially registered employees of the Moscow registry office of the house of Igor. However, this Union was not destined to last forever. In 2001, the couple broke up.

    Natasha Koroleva and Igor Nikolaev
    Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva | Starslife.ru

    The reason for the divorce, according to the unofficial version became Nikolaev interest in other women with whom he several times changed the Queen. Exactly Natasha had initiated divorce proceedings, which took place in front of the whole country. After a few years, the artist has a third wife Julia Proskuryakova, whose resemblance to Natasha Koroleva noted by many journalists, reporters, artists.

    Natasha Koroleva and Julia Proskuryakova
    Natasha Koroleva and Julia Proskuryakova | HELLO!

    Met Igor and Julia a few months before the festival in Jurmala, where she performed the duet song. According to informal data, Igor made a proposal to his young lady after a concert. The girl agreed, not doubting his decision. In 2010, the couple legalized their relationship. Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova became husband and wife. After five years of marriage came to light long-awaited girl called Veronica.

    In an interview with Russian publisher Julia Proskuryakova expressed dissatisfaction about the constant rumors surrounding her husband. The most offensive for Julia event was the appearance in the tabloids of information on what Igor Nikolaev chose her as a wife because she was very similar to the Queen.

    Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova | Lady Mail.Ru

    Daughter Julia from his first marriage Igor graduated with honours from the secondary music institution, class of piano and the College of arts and music in Miami. At a young age the girl appeared in children’s television project, «good night, kids», performing a specially written song «Winnie the Pooh», later taking part in the filming of the clip Alla Pugacheva «wedding Crashers» and a few clips of the Pope.

    Today the children of a prominent Russian composer Julia and Veronica get along with each other.


    During his creative career in the current 2016 Igor Nikolaev received the following awards:

    • all-Russian national award in the field of art and music «ovation» for the album «Dolphin and mermaid», received the prize in 1992;
    • the winner of the musical award in the name of Isaac Dunaevsky for professional contribution to the development of pop songs 1999;
    • twice composer of the year in 1995 and 1997, poet 1999;
    • participant in national music competition «Star» award for achievements in the field of composition 1995.
    Igor Nikolaev
    Igor Nikolaev | Kasjauns.lv
    • the status of the honored worker of culture and arts of the Russian Federation assigned by the President of Russia on 11 October 2001 for outstanding achievements;
    • permanent member, nominee and winner of the national music festival on TV «song of the year»;
    • winner of the Golden order «for distinguished service to art» order of Peter the Great in 2006.
    • he has a star on Moscow walk of fame in Park of the 850 anniversary of the capital of Russia;
    • the winner of the annual all-Russian competition on the TV channel «Muz TV».


    • Mill
    • The Kingdom of crooked mirrors
    • Fiction
    • Dolphin and mermaid
    • Raspberry wine
    • Broken Cup of love
    • Cheers to love
    • Forgive and let go
    • Fifteen years

    Igor Nikolaev today

    Since 2003 Igor Nikolaev — permanent member of the party «United Russia», but it’s not debut him as a political figure. For several years before joining the party in 1996, singer and composer took part in the election campaign of Boris Yeltsin «vote or will lose».

    In 2015, the eminent Russian composer became the honorary guest of the benefit of the beloved poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, and one of the organizers of the concert «a Poet in Russia is more than a poet». In addition, Igor has participated in the event, which was timed to the year of poetry in Russia.

    Igor Nikolaev
    Igor Nikolaev | TASS

    Today Igor Yurievich Nikolaev actively collaborates with young performers of the Russian stage, occupies the post of member of jury of all-Russian music festival of popular music «New wave» in Jurmala, brings up little Veronica.


    Igor Nikolaev

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