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  • Name: Igor Nefedov ( Nefedov Igor )
  • Date of birth: 28 March 1960
  • Age: 33 years
  • Date of death: 2 Dec 1993
  • Place of birth: Saratov, Russia
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Nefedov: biography

    Igor Nefedov — Soviet film and theatre actor, whose peak of popularity came in the eighties years of the XX century. The actor starred in the film Nikita Mikhalkov, Vadim Abdrashitov, Victor Tregubovich, Rodion nahapetova and other famous Directors of his time.

    Childhood and adolescence

    Born Nefedov the Russian Federation in Saratov on 23 March 1960 in a creative family. Since childhood, the boy decided to become an actor like his father. According to mother of Igor, Vyacheslav Nefedov and his friend Oleg Tabakov while studying at the theatre Institute was considered the most promising students of his class. Familiarity of parents with the famous artist helped the boy to get to the first audition at the age of 13.

    Igor Nefedov
    Igor Nefedov | PeopleFilm

    It is known that the position of the Tabakov about actors, whom he takes to his disciples, is very hard. Only the presence of a certain proportion of talent can open the door to the Studio, where Oleg Pavlovich. Igor he was. The boy was taken to children’s theater Studio of Oleg Tabakov, and later on his mentor in the field. Oleg Pavlovich has had a great impact on the personality of the artist.


    Nefedov is known as one of the legendary actors «Snuffboxes». But the first place of work was the Central children’s theatre in Moscow. Igor came on stage for five years. In 1986, the mentor Nefedova finally got the opportunity to form a troupe of his best students. So Igor became an actor of the Moscow theater Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov. Nefedov has worked in this institution for 8 years.

    Igor Nefedov
    Igor Nefedov in the theatre | Phoenix

    In 1993, the actor had a conflict with the theater’s artistic Director. As a result of quarrels with Tabakov Nefedov lost the role in the play «Ordinary story», which «Snuff» was supposed to go on tour in Japan. Igor was replaced is unknown at the time a graduate of the Moscow art Theater Yevgeny Mironov.

    Problems with the artistic Director became the cause of depression in the beach, relatives are sure that shortly before his death, the actor decided to leave the theater.


    At the age of 25 years Igor was listed in the Soviet encyclopedia of cinema due to the fact that played a significant role in several well-known paintings that emerged in the eighties. Viewers remember his roles Slavik in tragicomedy «Prohindiada, or Running on the spot», he also turned into a gosh in the film, Rodion nahapetova «Bridal Umbrella», convincingly played police captain Vadim Metelnikov in the picture of Sergei Ashkenazi «Criminal talent».

    Igor Nefedov in the film
    Igor Nefedov in the movie «Criminal talent» | full Movie

    His photo graced the cover of best Soviet movie magazine, he was recognized on the street and missed the queue at any place. Get a taste of good roles, Igor could not agree to the experiments of young Directors. Later sentences became less, and the beginning of the nineties of the actor began to forget. Last role was the beach episode in a political detective «Murder on Zhdanovsky».

    Personal life

    The actor was married twice. His first choice was a ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre. The couple lived together for about a year. The first wife left the beach for another man. Artist hard time tolerating the gap from boredom and tried to hang himself. Time healed wounds, and in 1987 Nefedov married for the second time. His wife at this time was the actress Elena Kazarinova. She had a daughter from his first marriage, which Igor was raised like a native.

    Elena Kazarinova
    Elena Kazarinova, the wife of actor | Film-Theatre

    The couple never had more children despite the young age of both spouses. Having lived 7 years together, the couple decided to break up. The cause of the disorder was the nature of the beach, his depressive mood in connection with the trouble in the theatre greatly affected the health of both spouses. In November 1993, Igor moved to his mother, but continued to hold his wife and daughter, every day, called and visited often. After a month of this life, the actor has killed himself.

    The Death Of Igor Nefedov

    Igor Nefedov, died December 1993. He was only 33 years old. The cause of death of actor – suicide. Igor hanged himself in his own driveway on the scarf. The story I remember along with the events of 1997, when actress Helen Mayorov, classmate Nefedova at GITIS, set himself on fire in the stairwell. A few years killed their mutual friend Eugene Dvorzhetsky, reporters once again began to look for a mystical connection between the death of the young actors of one troupe.

    Igor Nefedov
    Igor Nefedov | Muzivid

    The causes of death of Igor Nefedov considers a number of factors: a difficult time in the country’s complex relationship with his wife, problems in theatre, alcohol, lack of movie roles, lack of money. Elena Kazarinova told that the actor tried to commit suicide by hanging, after retiring from his first wife Alina. Out of the loop he pulled Andrey Smolyakov, time went to your friend’s house.

    Igor Nefedov in the film
    Igor Nefedov in the movie «Fox Hunting» | Movie-Theater

    After the case of Igor, the words of his wife, there was an obsession, he threatened to hang himself after almost every fight. There is a version that on the day of death Nefedov learned that Elena Kazarinova, which they have not lived together, there is a new lover that pushed him to suicide. The funeral took place at the kotlyakovskoe cemetery in Moscow, next later died and the wife of Igor, who died in 2013 from acute leukemia.


    • 1978 Five evenings — Thank
    • 1980 — Fox Hunting — Vladimir Belikov
    • 1982 — the Heiress in a straight — Volodya
    • 1983 — Home!
    • 1983 — Seraphim polubes and other inhabitants of the Earth — Nicholas
    • 1984 — Prohindiada, or running on the spot
    • 1985 — the Wedding of the older brother
    • 1985 — When they become adults
    • 1986 — Bridal Umbrella — gosh
    • 1986 — the right people — Builder
    • 1988 — Criminal talent — inspector Vadim Metelnikov
    • 1989 — the Accident — the daughter of ment — the white guy from «five»
    • 1989 — Svetik — Babrika
    • 1990 — Wandering star
    • 1992 Murder at zhdanovskiy


    Igor Nefedov

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