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  • Name: Igor Mirkurbanov ( Igor Mirkurbanov )
  • Date of birth: 2 October 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Shymkent, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: Soviet, Russian and Israeli actor, Director
  • Marital status: Married

    Igor mirkurbanov: biography

    Igor mirkurbanov was born in Shymkent in October 1964. Here, in the Kazakh SSR during the Stalin era was exiled to his grandparents. Soon after his birth the family moved to Kemerovo, where were the youthful years of the future actor.

    After receiving a high school diploma Mirkurbanov has long searched for their place under the sun. He was a student of Institute of oil and gas industries, Tomsk Polytechnic University and MEPhI. But none of these institutions the young man finished. After each year or two, he went on. Stayed until the end of the studies at the Novosibirsk Conservatory, where he chose the conducting faculty.

    As a student, Igor Mirkurbanov, actively participated in the initiative, met with Andrey Panin. Along with him went to the Metropolitan GITIS. Mirkurbanov lucky: he fell in the course of Andrey Goncharov and Mark Zakharov.


    Having graduated from GITIS, Igor mirkurbanov was accepted into the troupe of the Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. Once arrived, the Israeli Director Yevgeny Arye, who decided to put in the «mayakovka» his play «Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead». The young actor was offered a role with which he coped brilliantly. Yevgeny Arye Igor invited Mirkurbanov to continue cooperation in the Gesher theater in Israel.

    In «Gesher» Igor V. became the leading actor and played in many productions. With the show «Adam – the son of a dog» the theater has hosted many prestigious festivals: in Vienna, Avignon, Edinburgh, Paris, Basel, Rome, Melbourne, Tokyo, new York. Shortly after the premiere, the actor was almost hit in Hollywood. He was invited to star in «Schindler’s List» by Steven Spielberg. But the artist refused through a huge time in the theater. Working in «Gesher», Igor mirkurbanov has released a solo performance «Moscow-Petushki», which was directed by himself.

    In 2002, Igor mirkurbanov left the theater. He not only starred in films but also tried his hand at television. He led the transfer of «tormozov.net» and «Double impact», worked as a Director.

    Since 2013 Igor mirkurbanov is in the troupe of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov, which plays the main role in the performances by Konstantin Bogomolov. Mirkurbanov also cooperating with the Moscow theatre and the Lenkom Theatre p/R Oleg Tabakova.

    In addition to working in theater and film, Igor mirkurbanov performs solo concerts. In December 2015, took place the premiere of Vakhtangov theatre, and in March held a concert in the Theater «Russian song».


    A cinematic biography of Igor Mirkurbanov almost as rich as theatrical.

    The most successful work — the film «three Points» and «Inhale-exhale».

    In season 2016-2017 fans of the talented actor will be able to see their idol in the films «the Queen of Spades», «Ikaria», «Mara» and «rainbow Reflection».

    And yet Mirkurbanov more theatrical than the actor. Work on the stage earned him many prestigious awards. For the role of Fyodor Karamazov at the Moscow art theatre, he received the «Golden mask», Venichka Erofeev — «Crystal Turandot» and the prize «Moskovsky Komsomolets». Igor mirkurbanov is a laureate of Oleg Tabakov and the winner of the prize «Creative discovery» of Oleg Yankovsky.

    Personal life

    Igor mirkurbanov married to actress of the Moscow art theatre them. Maria Chekhova Antip. The couple has a son Andrew.


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    • The Queen Of Spades
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    • Bros 4
    • Armed love
    • The power of the heart
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    • The groom
    • Someone is here: the Atonement
    • Split
    • Lecturer
    • Witch doctor 2: Hunting without rules
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    • There’s someone there
    • Hunters for caravans
    • Industrial zone
    • Montana
    • A sign of destiny
    • The antidrug
    • Young and evil
    • Dot
    • Inhale-exhale
    • Kedma
    • The kids from Napoleon hill
    • Made in Israel
    • Sacred ground
    • Walk on by
    • Poltergeist-90
    • Blood for blood
    • Over the last line


    Igor Mirkurbanov

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