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  • Name: Igor Matvienko ( Igor Matvienko )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Russian producer, composer, Honored art worker of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Anastasia Alexeeva

    Igor Matvienko: biography

    Igor Igorevich Matvienko was born on 6 February 1960, in Zamoskvorechye, in the family of a serviceman. That his life he connects with the music, I realized even at a young age. After school Matvienko entered the music school named Ippolitov-Ivanov, from which he graduated in 1980 with a degree in «choir».

    Since 1981 began his artistic career of Igor Matvienko. As artistic Director, composer and performer Matvienko has worked in various musical ensembles, such as VIA «First step», VIA «Hello song!», «Class.»

    Since 1987 to 1990 Igor has been working in the Studio of Popular Music «Record», and in 1987 became its music editor.

    Igor Matvienko: producer and composer

    In partnership with songwriter Alexander by Suhanovym Igor Matvienko has written many beautiful songs. Their joint work started with VIA «Hello song», which Igor has performed as a keyboardist. The song «the house on the other street» — the first collaboration Matvienko and shaganova.

    In 1987 Igor Matvienko together with Chagaevym and singer Nikolay Rastorguev base of a group of «lube«in the near future has become very popular. For this group he writes music, makes arrangements. The song «atas», «combat», «There, behind fogs» for which he wrote the music of Igor Matvienko sings the whole country.

    Later work began with the group «Ivanushki», the songs «Clouds», «Doll», «Ring», «Golden clouds» became hits, which have long stayed in the top charts of the popular radio of the country. The same brilliant success story of the song «give me a winter evening», «Night is dark», which performed Vladimir Asimov, and «factory Girl», sung by group «Factory».

    Fruitful was the collaboration of Igor Matvienko with the poet-songwriter Mikhail Andreev. With him Matvienko began to work more as a musician-keyboardist of the group «Class». For «lube» written by them jointly written «the Moon», «the Tram Pjaterochka», «Birch», «Horse». As for «Simons» — «poplar fluff», «Cry», «Boat». By joint effort the song was written for the group «White eagle» «Because it is impossible», which became a hit.

    And many, many songs Igor Matvienko became hits of the 90s, and groups with whom he worked – super popular.

    In 1991 Matvienko becomes the head of his own production center.

    In 2002, on «the First channel» shows the new project of Igor Matvienko called «star Factory«. And even if the project did not last long, but he managed to give a start in life group «the Roots» and such vocalists as Sati Kazanova, Alexandra Savelieva, Irina Toneva, Victoria Daineko.

    6 Feb 2012 Igor Igorevich Matvienko was officially registered as a confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    And in February 2014, Igor Igorevich Matvienko was a music producer for the opening and closing of the XXII Olympic Winter games in Sochi. The whole country and guests of the Olympics were able to appreciate the music of the games, which was, in the opinion of many, flawless.

    Currently Igor Matvienko is the producer of such popular groups as «Mobile blondes», «City 312» and «Venus». He was awarded the honorary title «Honored artist of Russia» and continues his successful career.

    The last date of the project Igor Matvienko was a contest of performers «Main stage«, which is held under the rules of rating British show The X Factor. The project started on channel 30 January 2015 and already claims to become a very popular television vocal competition.

    Igor Matvienko: personal life

    Personal life Igor Matvienko is so rich, and biography. Sometimes he can’t call the number of his marriages, as some of them were civilians.

    The first marriage of Igor Matvienko, not formalized, taking place at the time of his performing career and constant touring. It was a short-lived marriage, from which Igor Matvienko was born the son Stanislav. Currently, he and his mother lives abroad.

    One of the official marriage of the composer it was extremely short and lasted only 24 hours.

    Marriage with Eugenia Davitashvili, better known as June, was stretched longer: less than two weeks. But communication with Joon has changed a lot in the life of Igor Matvienko: he became a believer.

    The third wife of Igor Matvienko Larissa gave him a daughter, Anastasia, who became a fashion designer after studying in England.

    The last wife of Igor Matvienko Anastasia Alekseeva had three children: son Dennis and daughters Taisia and Pauline.

    Children Igor Matvienko calls the main achievement of his life and says that his main goal is to provide children with everything they need.

    Igor Matvienko: group

    • «Lube»
    • «Ivanushki International»
    • «Girls»
    • «Roots»
    • «Cuba»
    • «Mobile Blondes»
    • «Factory»
    • «The city 312»
    • «Venera»

    Igor Matvienko: actors

    • Zhenya Belousov
    • Natalia Lapina
    • Michael Grebenshchikov
    • Victoria Dayneko
    • Irson Kudikova
    • Sati Kazanova
    • Ludmila Sokolova

    Igor Matvienko: photo

    Igor Matvienko

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