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  • Name: Igor Mamenko ( Igor Mamenko )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: entertainer, parodist, humorist
  • Marital status: widower

    Igor Mamenko: biography

    Igor Mamenko was born 10 September 1960 years in Moscow. His mother is the daughter of Opera singers, has built a successful career in the Novosibirsk theater of Opera and ballet. Father – a famous acrobat, circus performer and stuntman. Vladimir Mamenko acted as stuntman in the filming of many popular Soviet films, including participated in the creation of the film «the amphibian Man».

    Igor Mamenko
    Igor Mamenko | NGS

    Also the father of the future humorist could boast of personal acquaintance with the famous Yuri Nikulin and joint work with him was a circus room.

    Igor in early childhood, dreamed not of the artist’s career: as a boy, he dreamed of becoming a world famous hockey player. Although his mind was occupied by the nimble pirouettes with stick and a good contact with the puck, already from a young age Mamenko been the ability to raise the spirits of all.

    Going to summer camp, Igor even made a special notebook with sketches any anecdotes that entertained their peers whenever they had a free moment.

    Igor Mamenko in his youth
    Igor Mamenko in youth | Express newspaper online

    To 15 years of age dream of becoming a hockey player gradually disappeared from the head perky boys. Instead, he decided to follow in the footsteps Mamenko Sr., whom from childhood I believed to be the role model and object of his pride. Igor successfully acted in Moscow’s circus school and began to study such specific disciplines as juggling, tightrope walking and clowning.

    Although now, looking at the colorful Igor Mamenko, to represent him in the role of an acrobat is quite difficult, in fact, in his youth he was a very promising circus. Of course, any shocking flying under the dome he preferred clowning, not only on stage but in real life (young actor adored in every possible way to «pin» their classmates). His idol in this field was the same John Travolta — an actor, who could amuse the audience, even in the absence of skillful makeup.

    Igor Mamenko at the circus
    Igor Mamenko at the circus | ConcertCity

    Mamenko graduated from College and became a full-fledged circus performer. Soon after, he was drafted into the Soviet army. Served Igor Kantemir division (where ever repaid a debt to the homeland of his father), in the infantry troops. During his service in the army Mamenko participated in concerts circus group, continuing to cause the audience a standing ovation. Returning to civilian life, the actor once again began to improve their circus skills.


    Igor Mamenko was quite pleased with the acrobat career and in his own way loved his profession, despite the fact that it is associated with a constant risk of injury. According to the artist, to succeed, circus just don’t have to think about the possible consequences – he should strive to do his trick effectively.

    And yet the artist was attracted by the humorous genre and pop music, as he once told Nicholas Lukinsky, his close friend. Lukinskaya took the revelation of man as a call to action: immediately offered Mamenko to prepare a joint comic.

    Igor Mamenko and Nikolay Lukinsky
    Igor Mamenko and Nikolay Lukinsky | YouTube

    Nicholas and Igor has performed in front of an audience small comic scene «the Soldier and the ensign», in addition, circus acrobat told a few jokes. The charismatic artist came to taste the audience, and in 2003-m to year he was invited to the program «Sold out.»

    In the part of the artists «Sold out» Mamenko has performed many successful rooms: «Mother-in-law», «foresight», «a Trip to Ethiopia,» «I am on Mars,» «the Jew Hunter», «the Stripper-mechanic», «Trip to Thailand» and many others. For his ability to not only effectively make a fairly long numbers, but it’s funny to tell small jokes, I. V. very soon got the nickname «man-joke».

    A few months Mamenko has become one of the most popular artists «Sold out». Already in 2005, the year he received the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation, and three years later he was awarded the prestigious prize «Golden Ostap».

    As an outgoing and sociable person, Igor quickly became friends with other domestic humorists. The result of this friendship were such numbers with such famous comedians as Gennady Vetrov, Sergei Drobotenko, Elena Sparrow, Svetlana Rozhkova, Lyon Izmailov, Efim Shifrin. The company of the artist on stage not once was even a «Buranovskie grandmother», which we all so sick at Eurovision 2013.

    The comedian often performs monologues Viola Seeds and other comedians, as well as gladly writes the lyrics for their scenes alone. Igor Vladimirovich is very grieved at the death of his friend Alexander Suvorov, in memory of who performed works «a day at the circus» and «the Spirit of the earth.»

    It is noteworthy that in Mamenko pretty good hearing, and he sings well enough. But singing career the artist had never even thought, making an exception only for comic songs. So, he is happy to amuse the audience with musical performances with Anna Semenovich, Natasha Koroleva and all the same «buranovskie grandmothers». With the circus acrobat he turned into a good-natured fat man who always has to his audience and, in addition, very warmly communicates with fans.

    Note that in the Internet space, Igor Mamenko is sometimes criticized for his monologues: especially the public became alarmed after a series of jokes about mother-in-law. The artist was accused that he insulted women age.

    According to the comedian, his performance is not broadcast his thoughts about anyone or anything. He tries on a certain image and sent to entertain the audience. By the way, with his own mother-in-law Igor has always been a very warm relationship.

    Personal life

    His first love and true life partner for many years – Maria – Igor Mamenko met back in the days when he performed in the circus. Being the master of sports on sports gymnastics, the girl got up incredible pirouettes floor dome. Once, by fate of Igor and Maria took together to perform a single acrobatic stunt – there is something between them had clicked on an incredible love.

    Proposed to his future wife Igor did quite modestly, without a scattering of red roses and an invitation to an expensive restaurant. However, to persuade Mary to go with him down the aisle and was not required, since the girl loved with all his heart her fiance and agreed to marry him without hesitation.

    Igor Mamenko with his wife Maria
    Igor Mamenko with his wife Maria | Express newspaper online

    During all joint photo with this sturdy pair of Igor and Maria look at each other as if they were still young acrobats, suddenly and madly in love with each other. Mamenko spouses lived in perfect harmony for 34 years, until 2014, the year Mary suddenly died of a heart attack.

    Wife has always been for Igor Vladimirovich chief critic and the first listener of all of his humorous monologues, and critic she was pretty strict and impartial. The artist was very upset by the death of a faithful wife, but this trouble of his very supportive friends.

    Igor Mamenko family
    Igor Mamenko with family | Express newspaper online

    Family the couple Mamenko has left more than full: Igor and Maria had two sons, Dmitry and Alexander. Dmitry became an entrepreneur, and Alexander, as the age still small, goes to school and plays soccer.


    Igor Mamenko

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