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  • Name: Igor Lifanov ( Igor Lifanov )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1965.
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Mykolayiv, Ukraine
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Lifanov: biography

    Igor Mikhailovich Lifanov — the Russian actor of theatre and cinema, the greatest popularity came to her role in the TV series «Gangster Petersburg. Baron», «SWAT», «special Forces in Russian», «Hunting Elk», «Wild». The actor and dreamed of a creative career, he got into the profession by chance, fell in love with a young actress. Igor is a namesake Boris Lifanov – the actor of the Tver drama theatre, who died in the fall of 2016.

    Childhood and adolescence

    Igor Lifanov was born on 25 Dec 1965 in Nikolayev, where he spent the first years of his life. In his hometown in the South of Ukraine, he went to a regular school, where a 13-year-old has already secured the glory of the main macho. It is love of the female sex brought Igor in theatrical Institute. In high school Lifanova have had an affair with the same age as Natasha Malyshev. Girlfriend dreamed of becoming an actress, and always encouraged his interest in the stage. After high school, Lifanova was drafted into the army, he spent three years went to the far East.

    Igor Lifanov young
    Igor Lifanov young

    The relationship of young people failed the test, but Igor was still interest in the profession of the actor. Giving back to the Motherland, Lifanov some time preparing for the exams and worked as a machinist to save money for a trip to Moscow. The family of the future actor was not very wealthy. The first attempt to enter drama UNIVERSITY was unsuccessful. In a year Igor made another attempt, but in Leningrad.

    Igor Lifanov
    Igor Lifanov | tvnz

    He was enrolled in the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. When he graduated from school, he was already 27 years old. Over the years spent in high school theater, Lifanov managed not only to master the profession of actor, but twice to marry.


    After graduating from drama school, Igor Lifanov debuted on stage abdt them. Tovstonogov in the play «Sunny night». Ten years, the actor worked in the theatre until 2003, when decided to radically change his life.

    Igor Lifanov and Dmitry Nagiev
    Igor Lifanov and Dmitry Nagiev on stage | StarHit

    In this period, he left the family, and the theater was a reminder of the life that person wanted to leave in the past. However, Lifanov dumped stage. More than 15 years he successfully played in antrepriznyh performances together with his best friend, Dmitry Nagiyev.

    Igor Lifanov and Dmitry Nagiev

    Lifanov Nagiyev and friends from his youth. In an interview Dmitry admitted that he had no other. The actors are United not only by memories of the turbulent College years and set of shared photos, but also collaborative work in the theatre repertory. Friends since 2001, play together in the play «Kysya». Scandalous popularity of their joint work in the entreprise «Territory». The children in such a performance is not allowed, because Nagiyev and Lifanov on a course of action is fully exposed.

    Igor Lifanov and Dmitry Nagiev
    Igor Lifanov and Dmitry Nagiev on the comic wedding | the country of the Soviets

    Strong friendship the two men had different points. According to Lifanova, Nagiyev once knocked her tooth out, but the conflict was resolved. Dmitry attended all three weddings of his friend, but the witness each time to be refused. The actors were collaborative comic wedding, the reason for which was the work on the performance «Kysya». Wedding dress was not enough Nagiyev, so he was the bridegroom, and Lifanov bride.

    Movies and TV shows

    Lifanov quickly settled into the movie. First his films immediately showed the audience the brutal charm of an actor. The role of murderers, gangsters, military men and employees of power structures have resorted Igor easily. Bluefish from the series «national security Agent» and Vladimir Kolbasov from the criminal detective series «Gangster Petersburg. Baron» made Lifanova famous actor, then, was the role in the Patriotic project «special Forces» that brought the popularity.

    Igor Lifanov in the film
    Igor Lifanov in the movie «Wild-2» | Kto Theatre

    With the role of the gangster, the actor emigrated to the ranks of the good guys. Age does not harm the career Lifanova. He manages to keep an attractive appearance, appropriate to his height and physique in his youth. Nice to be able to actor roles in the comedies. One of the most notable works in this genre was the film «let me kiss you», where Lifanov starred with Maria Kulikova. The movie was so successful that he had continued in four parts.

    Igor Lifanov in the film
    Igor Lifanov in the movie «let me kiss you» | Movie-Theater

    Their main role, which brought popularity, Igor played in the movie: «Riot», «Violent», «MOORE», «the taming of the shrew», «Order», «trap for the killer» and others. Lifanov equally successfully acted in TV series and feature films, he is interested in different roles and dramatic experiments.


    Igor has a memorable tone of voice. Some skills to work on scoring films, the actor received while studying at the Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. This was enough to mention a couple of episodes of the Saga «Star wars» at the beginning of the two thousandth. Voice Lifanova say neimodians the Nute Gunray and areanet Ki-ADI-Mundi in the Russian version of the first three episodes of star epic.

    Personal life

    Personal life Igor Lifanova is constantly under the scrutiny of his many admirers. The role of hero-lover on the silver screen meets the temperament of the actor in life. Igor married three times. The first two times in the Institute. From one of these unions have Lifanova has a daughter.

    The Wedding Of Igor Lifanov
    The first wedding of Igor Lifanov | Century info

    The first wife of actor became classmate Elena pavlikova. The wedding was gorgeous and solemn, but after three months, the lovers parted. The second time Igor took away his darling little less rapidly. The actor’s wife was Tatiana Abdikeeva. She bore him a daughter, Anastasia. Igor Lifanov and Tatiana Aptikeeva lived together for 13 years, until the filming of the Sevastopol actor not found a new love.

    Igor Lifanov wife
    Igor Lifanov and Tatiana Aptikeeva | Website mom

    The family of Igor and Tatiana started to crumble, the couple tried to mend relations after the return of the actor from the Crimea, but failed. The second wife did not made Lifanov to make the divorce, she refused interviews and reviews on this topic. Igor participated in the education of her daughter, but living alone with Elena Kosenko, the same southern Belle from Sevastopol. After nine years of civil marriage Lifanov took care of all the formalities, and the couple legalized their relationship. Elena was by that time pregnant, and in February 2012 gave birth to daughter Alice.


    • 1998 — Streets of broken lights (episode «the instinct of the Moth»)
    • 1999 — national security Agent 1-2
    • 2002 — Ice age
    • 2003 — special Forces
    • 2004 — special Forces in Russian 2
    • 2005 — Hunting elk
    • 2008 — Squad
    • 2008 — let me kiss you
    • 2009 — the taming of the shrew
    • 2009 — Wild
    • 2009 — a Trap for the killer
    • 2012 — MOORE
    • 2013 — let me kiss you… at the wedding
    • 2014 — Dangerous love
    • 2016 — Something for nothing


    Igor Lifanov

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