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  • Name: Igor Kvasha ( Igor Kvasha )
  • Date of birth: 4 February 1933
  • Age: 79 years
  • Date of death: August 30, 2012
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor, television presenter, film Director, theatre Director, radio host
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Kvasha: biography

    He was the permanent host of the program «Wait for me», sincerely empathizing with participants of the program. Performances with his participation were thousands of spectators. Loved him, believed him.

    Igor Kvasha was born on 4 February 1933 at the family doctor and the chemist. The father died in Leningrad, when Igor was 9 years old. His childhood coincided with hard time of war.

    The school that went Kvasha was on the Arbat. Then girls and boys studied separately. Growing up, Igor is often thought of as they misbehaved with the guys, fighting, blew up the ammunition. Up to class 7, the future actor was a good student, but then gave up lessons. His only passion was the theatre Studio, in which he was engaged.

    In 1941 they were evacuated to Siberia. Igor first got a taste of the stage when he played the lead role in a fairy tale «Morozko». The show was sold out, it was given to wounded soldiers in the hospital. In the evacuation Igor buddies wanted to help the soldiers, one day they skipped school to go to the front fortunately, the fugitives stopped. In the school years of diligence, he did not differ, was the ringleader and constantly disrupted lessons.

    The mother of Igor Kvasha worked a lot of time to watch your son, she has no choice. Therefore, the future actor grew up on the streets. After the war they returned to Moscow, the Arbat side streets became his second home. Today’s Arbat – a quiet, upscale district, and in the postwar years the area was a bandit. To somehow distract the child from the street, his mother had taken him on performances. She knew about the passion of Igor. Hooligan habits left themselves when Kvasha was recorded in the Studio at the House of pioneers.

    He no longer doubted the choice of future profession. In 1950 he became a student of the School-Studio MXAT. The study took 12 hours a day, but the students were able to find time to rest. Five years later, Igor Kvasha became a certified actor.


    In the same 1955, he came to work at the Moscow art theatre and worked there for two years. The life of Igor Kvasha changed dramatically after meeting with Oleg Efremov. Efremov then came up with the idea of creating a «Contemporary» and Kvasha and associates enthusiastically supported it. 1957-Igor played in the «contemporary», this theater he was faithful all his life.

    Performances of «Contemporary» and became a breakthrough and a challenge, censorship is often wrapped performance. In the theatre, Igor Kvasha played more than 50 different roles. He played Alexei in «Days of Turbin,» Moliere, «the Cabal of hypocrites,» the father Karamazov in the play «the Karamazovs and hell», Verkhovensky in Demons and many other heroes.


    Igor made his debut as a movie actor in 1961 in the film «Sergeant Fetisov». In the same year, he starred in the film «In the hour». In the 60-70-ies with Kvasha had a lot of roles, but on the big screen movies did not appear. This was due to an unofficial ban that existed at that time. In the «black list» actor got acquainted with the disgraced Vasily Aksyonov, Viktor Nekrasov, and for what signed against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

    «Warming» came to him in 1970. He actively acted in films, in the period 1970-2012 has played more than 60 roles. Among his works there are films that have become classics of cinema — is, first of all, «That Munchhausen» and «the Man from Boulevard des Capucines».

    Personal life

    The first time Igor Kvasha married to actress Svetlana misery. This Union was not destined to be happy — soon the couple broke up.

    In 1956 Igor married a second time. His wife was a radiologist Tatiana Putievsky. They met on vacation in Crimea, I struck up a holiday romance. On the way to Moscow, Igor admitted Tatiana in love and proposed to her at the metro station. When celebrating a wedding, Putievsky was already in position. Walked loudly, in a big way. In the same year they had a son Vladimir. He became a doctor, and during the time of troubles due to financial difficulties went into business.

    Putievsky Tatiana and Igor Kvasha was happily married for 52 years, until the death of the actor.


    In the last years of his life Igor was seriously ill, he had problems with the bronchi. In August 2012 he was hospitalized in a Moscow clinic, operated. But the disease has not receded. 30 Aug 2012 Igor Kvasha did not.

    Farewell to the actor held in hometown «contemporary». Buried Igor Kvasha at the cemetery Troekurov.


    • «Detective»
    • «Year like life»
    • «Your daughter, Alexandra»
    • «The third option»
    • «Women’s club»
    • «Getting there»
    • «One life is not enough»
    • «The master and Margarita»
    • «Privy Councilor»
    • «The escape of Mr. McKinley»


    Igor Kvasha

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