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  • Name: Igor ( Igor Krutoy )
  • Date of birth: 29 July 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: haivoron, Ukraine
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian composer
  • Marital status: married to Olga Cool

    Igor Krutoy: biography

    Igor Krutoy was born in Ukraine, in the small town of Sochi in July 1954. Family Cool, which in addition to Igor grew up the daughter of Alla, had no relationship to art. Mom was a housewife and father worked at the local factory «Radiodetal» Manager.

    Where did the boy come from a love of music is unknown. But he was suddenly a great pitch, and the mother took son to a music school. At a children’s party Igor Krutoy already well accompanied the school choir on the accordion. Later he mastered and piano. And in sixth grade I organized an ensemble, which he directed. Soon without musicians there was not a dance for high school students.

    After school Igor Krutoy saw only one way to improve your musical skills and continue playing. He became a student of Kirovograd musical College, he entered the theoretical Department. At the end of the school year she taught the accordion at the music school of Haivoron and worked in a neighboring village as a music teacher. But in 1975 Igor Krutoy again became a student. This time Nicholas musical pedagogical Institute, where he was chosen conductor’s faculty.

    In 1979 Steep was invited to Moscow concert orchestra «Panorama». Here the musician worked with Vladimir Mikula and Palada Bulbul oglu, and in 1980 went to work in ensemble «Blue guitar». Soon the talented pianist took in the ensemble of the singer Valentina Tolkunova where in a very short time he became the leader.

    In 1986 I achieved the fulfillment of their cherished dreams, entered Saratov Conservatory named Sobinov the composition faculty. Composite exactly wanted to be Igor, since when learned to play.

    Igor Krutoy: music

    1987 is the year of the beginning composer biography of Igor Krutoy. In this year appeared his first song that became a hit

  • «Madonna». It was written for singer and other Cool – Alexander Serov, with which the composer was familiar even across Nikolaev. To build on the success failed the following songs for Serov – «wedding Music», «How to be» and «do You love me», immediately became hits of Soviet pop music. Downloads Cool as a composer has increased incredibly. Now, not only Serov, and Alexander Buinov, Valery Leontiev, Laima Vaikule and many other popular singers sang the songs of Igor Krutoy. But not only composing, but producing activity now is Igor Krutoy. In 1989 he becomes the first Director of the company «ARS», then the artistic Director. Ten years Steep – President of the firm, which became under his able leadership, the largest concert production organization in the country. «ARS» Cool works with the most popular performers of the country, arranging them for solo concerts on the largest and most prestigious concert venues in Russia and not only. The authority managed a Cool company can be judged by the fact that she was the one organized in Moscow concerts of Jose Careras and Michael Jackson. And «ARS» is the producer of such popular programs as «Morning mail», «song of the year», «soundtrack» and «Good morning, country!» which are broadcast on the Central TV channels of RTR and ORT.

    In addition, ARS since 1994 organizes creative evenings Igor Steep as composer. On these evenings serve as «marred» and new pop stars.

    Now Igor Krutoy has been writing instrumental music. In 2000 he released the first album of the composer under the title «Without words», which was his best instrumental compositions. He also writes music for feature films.

    Igor Krutoy, people’s artist of Russia. On the square of Stars at the state concert hall «Russia» is the nominal star of Igor Yakovlevich.

    Igor Krutoy: scandal First

    In 2003 Igor Krutoy permanently disappeared from public space. The culprit, according to press reports, was the opposition to his company with the First channel. Then just ended the «Star Factory-4», ratings of the project was lower than was dissatisfied with the General Director Konstantin Ernst. As reported by Cool Mr Ernst, the fourth season of «Factory» was a low rating, but after the end of the project performers have gone «under the wing» is Cool, that does not contract with the First.

    During this period, broadcast music sounded Cool and did not appear artists sang his songs. Disappeared from the airwaves and the legendary «song of the year» and «New wave». Today the conflict is settled, and the black strip in the creative biography of the Steep ended. During this difficult period in the composer’s life he managed to overcome severe illness which almost brought him to his grave. Complex operation in new York set Cool on his feet.

    Igor Krutoy: personal life

    Personal life of Igor Krutoy took a long time. The current marriage of composer and producer second. In my first marriage, to Igor Yakovlevich was born the son of Nicholas. Unfortunately, the couple divorced.

    The current wife is Cool

  • Olga lives in new Jersey. In America it is engaged in the business. The composer works in Moscow. The couple often fly between the two countries to meet. For the present wife of Igor Yakovlevich is also a second marriage. From the first she has a daughter Victoria. In the summer of 2014 Vika got married. The wedding was celebrated twice. Married foster daughter was just Cool. Is Igor Krutoy and his wife Olga had a daughter Sasha. Alexander was born in America in 2003. Igor Yakovlevich soul in it not chaet, and often appears with Sasha at public events.

    Igor Krutoy: discography

    • Madonna
    • Starfall
    • Love, like a dream.
    • I clouds will make a helpless gesture…
    • Songs composer Igor Krutoy
    • Island of love
    • Unfinished novel
    • Once in America
    • Rope dancer
    • Latin quarter
    • My finances are singing romances
    • Mademoiselle Jivago (Lara Fabian)

    Igor Krutoy: photo

    Igor Krutoy

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