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  • Name: Igor Kostolevsky ( Igor Kostolevsky )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Consuelo de Haviland

    Igor Kostolevsky: biography

    There are many actors who prefer the game in auteur cinema instead of popularity. Among them is a talented actor Igor Kostolevsky, who devoted more than 40 years of his life to cinema and theatre.

    Igor Matveyevich was born in the autumn of 1948 in Moscow. The boy grew up in a fairly wealthy family. His father Matvey Matveyevich was very honorable and lucrative post of chief of the «Eksportles». In childhood Kostolevsky was a very naughty child and often misbehaved. The actor likes to tell journalists just don’t believe that a guy with such a cultured and wealthy family could bring so many problems to his parents. One day, a boy of five to finish the number «5» in the drawing his brother Valeri, who spent days on a project and wanted to get the highest score. A joke brother, not appreciated and came in a wild rage. With the school of Igor too, it was not too smooth, the boy was often kicked out for bad behavior and antics, drove teachers to distraction.

    When it came time to choose a profession, my parents insisted on getting serious specialty, which could in the future open the door their child into the world. So, boy, first worked 2 years as a test, I entered the Moscow engineering-construction Institute. However, here things went not much better than at school. A couple of years, the future artist left the Institute and went on to conquer theatre school. Such a solution came to mind Kostolevsky after girlfriend compared it with Yesenin and convinced that with such appearance he should become an actor. In an effort to impress his chosen one, Kostolevsky filed documents at the School-Studio of MKHAT.

    On examination he is extremely worried, theatrical experience, and had learned only one essay. To cope with the flood of panic, Kostolevsky began to remove her clothes and woke up only when one of the examiners asked, not confused whether the applicant institution with a bath. The future actor took himself in hand and literally in one breath read the prepared product. Unfortunately, the guy suggested to try their luck next year, but Igor did not despair, and applied in not less respected institution GITIS, where he became a student in 1969. My introduction Kostolevsky concealed from parents, and when they learned that their son is the actor, came to real horror, but there was nothing I could do with a willful kid.

    Igor Kostolevsky: theatre

    One of the best graduates of GITIS with open arms expecting many theaters of the capital, but Kostolevsky decided to connect his life with Academic Mayakovsky theater, where the artistic Director was his teacher Andrei Goncharov. With the Director, the artist has developed a very complex and contradictory relationship. The potters were known for their tendency to shout at the actors, thus spurring them to activity. A rebel and a bully Kostolevsky not used to such treatment and, conversely, instantly hugged and played pretty limited. Over time, the actor was able to overcome his fears and was even grateful to Andrei Aleksandrovich for such a hard school.

    First time in the theater, the young actor has had to work very hard, he played small roles in the crowd and on stage looked depressed and tired. Over time, the artist accustomed to the local rules and traditions, and even began to complain of his colleague actor Boris Tenino on a small number of roles. He jokingly replied that since Kostolevsky plays a few young characters, it will be too late to play a lot of elderly people.

    If kinodely seen in the image of Igor lyric, romantic hero-handsome, potters persistently gave him comedic, distinguishing roles. The actor remembered with sadness about his game in the senior play, «Savage», where he got serious, age role that brought the actor a lot of fun. When Kostolevsky starred in the film «the captivating Star of happiness», the potters often refused to let the actor on the set, like being jealous of him to the potential hit to Russian cinema.

    Problems with the native theatre, as well as hard times of perestroika forced the artist to sign a contract with a theatre in Norway, where Kostolevsky got his dream role — Bulletin «Orestea». Finally, Igor Matveyevich could play a dramatic role, full of emotions and experiences that he so longed for in the native theatre. A game artist has been quite highly acclaimed by theater critics and, back in Russia, Kostolevsky was to get suggestions on a serious dramatic role. The actor re-appeared in the play «oresteya» cult Director Peter Stein, but appeared before the audience in the beautiful image of Apollo, which he managed no less than the Herald.

    Many Metropolitan theaters wanted it for the main roles in their productions, among which was the «Theatre on Pokrovka» the Russian army Theatre, Moscow theatre of satire. When artistic Director and founder of Theatre on Pokrovka» Sergey Artsibashev took the lead over the Mayakovsky theater, the works of the actor in his native school was established. Kostolevsky has become one of the leading theatre actors, busy in 12 productions a year, which is a good indicator for the artist. Performances with participation of Igor Matveevich are very popular among spectators, who were able to fully contemplate his talented acting.

    Igor Kostolevsky movies

    The debut role of Igor Matveyevich in movies became a nameless student of MAI from the movie «the family as family», released in 1970. The young actor was a frequent guest of the Studio «Lenfilm» and once in the corridor he saw the door marked «the captivating Star of happiness». The guy asked the assistant content of the film and heard about the Decembrists, said prophetically to his phrase: «I’m going to be there.» Picture made by Igor Matveyevich a Russian movie star and gave him the role of a romantic hero, his charm and good looks have won over millions of women across the country.

    Following a successful role Kostolevsky was Marin Mira from the movie «Nameless star». Most actor remember the atmosphere created by Director Michael Kozakov in the film, but also the emotions that the ribbon was meant to arouse the audience.

    In 1989, he released the detective film «Tehran-43», which expanded the boundaries of the role of Igor Matveyevich. From the romantic hero he has become a heroic scout, bravely goes through all the hardships of war. For a more reliable game the actor had the opportunity to meet with the real prototype of his character Gevorg Vardanyan. It is noteworthy that the picture was shot in conjunction with a foreign Studio and legends of French cinema: Alain Delon, Curd Jurgens and Claude Jadot.

    Further artsit went on to star in the films the detective genre that attracted him in his childhood. To the role of a hero-romance and added a negative role, which is very positive impact on the number of roles in the movie.

    Igor Kostolevsky: personal life

    In the movie «unpaid Leave» Igor Matveyevich met the actress Elena Romanova, his colleague on the set, which later became his first wife. The actor was older than the actress for 10 years and was amazed at its diversity on-screen characters, in life he was reliable, serious and caring. In 1981, they got married and after 2 years the couple had a son Alex.

    Unfortunately, the boy was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis, which the young family had to spend a lot of money for treatment. But most relations have harmed the popularity and many fans of the actor, day after day keeping ringing in the apartment of a popular artist. Elena Vadimovna would always hear rumors and stories of desperate groupies, but his jealousy kept. By the end of the nineties the relationship between the spouses was given a crack, Igor Matveevich fell in love with French actress Consuelo de Haviland, and to be together with his lover, filed for divorce. Parting with Romanova was accompanied by a scandal, the actor since then has no relations with his ex-wife.

    A wedding with a Frenchwoman played in 2001. De Haviland whole life waiting for his «Decembrist» finally found him in Russia and for the sake of it even left his native France.

    Igor Kostolevsky: filmography

    • The captivating star of happiness
    • Asya
    • Nameless star
    • Tehran-43
    • The unpaid leave
    • Code of dishonor
    • The waiting room
    • Spy game
    • War and peace
    • The devils

    Igor Kostolevsky: photo

    Igor Kostolevsky Consuelo de Haviland

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