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  • Name: Igor Kornelyuk ( Igor Korneluk )
  • Date of birth: 16 November 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Brest, Belarus
  • Activities: composer, singer, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Korneluk: biography

    Singer and composer Igor Kornelyuk known as the author and performer of popular songs of 80-90 years. Today he writes music for TV shows and movies, while remaining as popular as in his youth.

    Igor was born 16 November 1962 in Brest (Belarus). His parents were not musicians. Father worked on the railroad, his mother was an engineer. In the music school playing the violin and piano he studied his sister. The love of music to children was passed on from my grandmother Mary who sang songs under a guitar.

    Igor Kornelyuk
    Igor Kornelyuk | Fetmuzclips

    My parents were against a musical education of his son, but on the advice of Professor of the Conservatory in 1968 gave Igor a music school. He had a sonorous voice, he often sang during family holidays in front of the guests, accompanying himself on the accordion. His first song under the name «Russia, dear Russia, the slender trunks of birches…», Igor wrote in 9 years.

    Training at a music school is not happy with success, especially not given ear training, but this did not prevent him to play at the dance. From the age of 12 on weekends Igor performed at the Palace of culture with the ensemble. His musical working experience began in 5th grade. Igor played ionice and received for it about 30 rubles per month. There he first met the love Lyuba. Igor, despite his young age, truly fell in love, but the girl did not answer his feelings.

    Igor Kornelyuk in his youth
    Igor Kornelyuk in his youth

    For delicate baby shower it was a real tragedy that affected the health. When Igor recovered from trauma and disease, he had the need to Express all that filled the soul. So girl Luba made him a composer. Appeared first, still naive songs about love. Words for his works, he took Yesenin, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva and Pasternak even.


    The school of music Igor joined after 8th grade. Study time was given a little bit because he was playing in rock bands, «hanging out» and came home early in the morning. At that time one of the teachers, he received valuable advice, which influenced his future destiny. Igor advised to go to Leningrad, where at that time was a strong school of composition.

    Igor Kornelyuk
    Igor Kornelyuk | Song music

    The decision to move was hasty of his parents, he put before the fact, declaring that he was going to Leningrad. Passed the exams, not hoping for success, so was very surprised when he was approached by the teacher and congratulated him on his admission. This teacher was Vladlen Chistyakov, who would become his mentor and very close friend.

    Igor Kornelyuk
    Igor Kornelyuk | Game-OST

    The training was difficult, but fruitful and interesting. Students studied the work of the orchestra, he studied composition. While studying at the school Kornelyuk was entrusted with writing the soundtrack for the play «Trumpeter on the square» for dramatic theater. Pushkin. The school was successfully completed in 1982.

    Igor Kornelyuk
    Igor Kornelyuk | Mump3.ru

    At the time of admission to the Conservatory at Kornelyuk’s already been the family that had to contain. Scholarships are not enough, so he worked odd jobs where he could. During his studies, he wrote a Symphony, wrote romances, music to films and theatrical productions. During this period he mastered synths and computers. His thesis work, which Kornelyuk defended as «excellent», was a computer Symphony.

    Musical career

    On becoming a composer influenced by different music:

    • in his teenage years it was «QUEEN»;
    • in music school – jazz music;
    • in the Conservatory – the works of the great classics of the «Mighty handful» (N.. Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Borodin).
    Igor Kornelyuk
    Igor Kornelyuk | Pro stars

    Become a hit maker he helped Alexander Morozov, Igor touched a nerve, accusing that he writes music, incomprehensible to ordinary Soviet people. In response Kornelyuk wrote several songs that became hits. Every house was his new song «Honey», «Boy girl friends», «Rain», and many others.

    His poet-collaborator Regina becomes Foxes. Their songs are performed by Soviet pop stars, they occupy prize-winning places at competitions and festivals. Anna strong was a whole program of songs Kornelyuk, including: «I don’t understand what’s wrong with me», «Monkey», «Not with me», «Horoscope», and others. In 1987, he was recognized as the best author and performer of his own songs.

    His solo career began in 1988 after leaving the theater «Buff», where he held the position of artistic Director. Igor is becoming extremely popular, takes part in the «Musical ring», where he was invited by Viktor Reznikov. He wins and becomes famous, and the song «Ticket to the ballet», with which he acted in «Song of the year» gets a prize.

    The singer gives solo performances in Luzhniki «Olympic» concert hall «Oktyabrsky» in the State Central hall «Russia». In 1998, he again participated in the «Musical ring», now with Viktor Chaika. It was his second victory in the popular show. Korneluk during his music career he wrote over a hundred songs and created a music Studio.

    Igor Kornelyuk is a composer who writes music for movies. «City off» from the TV series «Gangster Petersburg» — one of the most popular hits. His music is heard in the films «Master and Margarita», «Idiot», «Taras Bulba» and many others.

    Personal life

    Wife Marina studied at the Department of choral singing. They married after two years of living together when they were 19 years old. In 1983 they had a son Anton. The son did not go in their footsteps, dedicating their lives to computer technology.

    Igor Kornelyuk wife
    Igor and Marina Kornelyuk | Byplaynew

    In the network there are many portraits and photos in full-length Igor and Marina, who live in a happy marriage for more than 30 years. Igor writes music in his country house, and Marina organizes concerts by talented husband.


    • 1989 – ticket to the ballet
    • 1990 – Wait
    • 1993 – I can’t live
    • 1994 – My favorite songs
    • 1999 – Hey! And it Kornelyuk!
    • 2001 – Gangster Petersburg
    • 2001 – Star collection
    • 2003 – the Best songs (New collection)
    • 2003 – in the mood for Love
    • 2005 – platinum collection
    • 2010 – the Master and Margarita
    • 2010 – Taras Bulba
    • 2012 – The Best


    Igor Kornelyuk

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