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  • Name: Igor Kirillov’s ( Igor Kirillov )
  • Date of birth: 14 September 1932
  • Age: 84 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV presenter, speaker, actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Kirillov: biography

    Kirillov, Igor Leonidovich was born on 14 September 1932 in Moscow. His father Leonid was a soldier, soldier, and mother Irina Veniaminovna – the librarian in the Palace of culture of the plant named after Stalin, which since then bears the name of Palace of culture of the Likhachev plant.

    Igor Kirillov
    Igor Kirillov | Bi-port

    Today Igor Kirillov is rightly considered one of the most famous Soviet TV presenters, a real symbol of the Soviet era on Russian TV. But he never dreamed about this profession since childhood, unlike many other public figures. After finishing school, Igor Leonidovich has successfully entered the Higher theater school Shchepkin, which soon as successfully finished.

    Igor Kirillov in childhood
    Igor Kirillov in childhood

    However, the goal to become a famous actor in Kirillov was not – he decided to try himself in the role of Director. Everything changed event: starting to work on television, Igor accidentally learned about the conduct of the announcer of the contest and decided to participate in it. To his own surprise, he won the contest. Further events, according to the broadcaster, he remembers with difficulty: the very next day he was approached by Director Sergei Zakharov and said that in two hours he will have to go live.

    Igor Kirillov in his youth
    Igor Kirillov young | Live journal

    This happened the 27th of September 1957, the year. This date Igor Leonidovich still considers it his second birthday. Sergey Zakharov really taught the rookie the basics of the profession in just two hours, and soon a young Kirillov was first aired. The habit his legs gave way, and all the events happened in the fog – but the baptism of fire took place, the Director has withstood brilliantly.

    Work in the program «Time»

    More than thirty years Igor Kirillov was the speaker of «Time», broadcasting to all residents of the Soviet Union the latest news is a huge country and the world. The last time the broadcaster aired in this role, the 30th of December, 1989. It is noteworthy that at the time of Igor Leonidovich had the relocation of the telecentre in Shabolovka, Moscow, in the Ostankino television center in the early 1970s.

    Igor Kirillov in the air
    Igor Kirillov in the air | the hero of the day

    Later in the interview, the speaker admitted that the move has been so difficult for him. Cozy and native Shabolovka seemed to him then a second home, but cold and inhospitable pavilion did not go to any comparison with the lilac garden at the foot of the Shukhov tower. The first program Time, released in Ostankino, ended in tears Kirillov. But the news before it was necessary to inform, and to get used to the change in the young is not so difficult. So over time, the new television station became for Igor Leonidovich favorite place of work.

    Other aspects of professional career

    In the period from 1968 to 1989-th years Kirillov acted as Chairman announcing the division of the «First channel». He led such TV shows as «Satellite viewer», «Ekslibris», «Telescope», «Look», «viDpredstavlyaet». His voice sounded news program «Latest news» and «news».

    Igor Kirillov in his youth
    Igor Kirillov in youth | Star magazine

    Igor Leonidovich often acted as a leading «Blue fire» (the company he was Anna Shilova), read prose and poetic works at concert events, led the broadcast of the parade held in red square. Also Kirillov (together with Leonid Elinym) led the television broadcasts of the funerals of heads of the USSR and the Communist party in the days of mourning and the parade of Victory Day. Moreover, because in the Soviet time was not an established tradition on which to address the nation on the eve of the New year should be the head of state, often with a festive speech played Igor Kirillov.

    Igor Kirillov and Anna Shilova
    Igor Kirillov and Anna Shilova | Home cinema

    Besides the main speaker, has been teaching in the Institute of improvement of professional skill of workers of radio and television. He played in several films: «the Envy of the gods», «7 days with a Russian beauty», «Maiden spring» and others. His voice used in the song «To have and To hold» by Depeche Mode, «Russians» by sting, «Stalin’s Falcon» domestic «accidents».

    Igor Kirillov and angelina Vovk
    Igor Kirillov and angelina Vovk | Movie-Theater

    At the end of the twentieth century, the presenter acted as the artistic Director of the channel «Business Russia». In addition, since 2000 years, despite his advanced age, Kirillov, speaks on «the First channel» in the role of speaker of the television production Division of the Directorate of broadcast design. In 2004, the year leading with a distinctive tone of voice he entered the Russian Academy of television.

    Igor Kirillov and Anna Shatilova
    Igor Kirillov and Anna Shatilova | Concert

    Even in our days, this imposing man, whose height is only 165 cm, and in the photo you can see the gray hair, continues to work. He has appeared on such programs as «In our time», «Who wants to be a millionaire», «Long time no see», «guess the melody», «Tonight» and many others. In 2012-m to year Igor Leonidovich held on «the First channel» one issue of «Abracadabra». In addition, he regularly conducts for the radio station «Humor FM» transfer «Not», a company in which he is Anna Shatilova.


    Over the years of its professional activities speaker was award-winning. So, he was Honored and people’s artist of RSFSR, people’s artist of the USSR, was awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland», was awarded the prize «TEFI» for the personal contribution to development of television was marked by a number of other honorary signs.

    Personal life

    For many decades a faithful companion and Muse Igor Kirillov was his wife, Irina Vsevolodovna. The speaker was only eleven years old when he met his future wife and her sister. Igor took care of Irina, do not allow yard bullies to insult her and as an adult – married. The Kirillov family experienced such joy as their own children: they had a son Vsevolod and a daughter Anna.

    Igor Kirillov with his wife
    Igor Kirillov with his first wife Irina | Live journal

    Unfortunately, Vsevolod died in 2011-m to year. He specialized on organizing safaris in Africa and died because of an attack of pancreatitis that occurred in Cameroon. Before his death, the son had to give parents three granddaughters and one grandson.

    Igor Kirillov children
    Igor Kirillov with his daughter Anna and son Vsevolod | Live journal

    Daughter of Igor Leonidovich moved to Germany, because what the speaker sees her as often as he would like. Irina Vsevolodovna, where Igor lived in perfect harmony for more than fifty years, died in 2004-m to year.

    Igor Kirillov with his wife
    Igor Kirillov with his second wife Tatiana | Showbiz

    After a few years in the life of Kirillov had a new wife – Tatiana. The age difference between the newlyweds is 34 years, however, this woman has filled that gaping void in the life of the speaker, which was formed there after the death of his wife.


    Igor Kirillov in his youth

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