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  • Name: Igor Khristenko ( Igor Hristenko )
  • Date of birth: 4 July 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Activities: actor, impersonator and broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Khristenko: biography

    Parodist Igor Khristenko was born on 4 Jul 1959 in Rostov-on-don. He grew up in a family of a ballerina and an Opera singer. Parents worked at the Rostov theatre of musical Comedy, often toured. Igor went with them. Soon the parents went to work in the theatre in Volgograd, then one city was replaced by another. Igor Khristenko had to get used to the nomadic life: he was replaced by 24 schools.

    Oddly enough, complex acting fate was not disturbed Igor – he just knew he wanted to be an artist. The parents wanted the son of another destiny. He had a penchant for foreign languages, so mom dreamed that Igor will become a diplomat. Khristenko was a good student in school, but every time he had to gain credibility in teenagers. The guy engaged in a classic struggle, played volleyball, swam well under water, skiing – these Hobbies helped him.

    When the family Khristenko lived in Tomsk, Igor joined the school band – he played well on the guitar. The team was popular with students, and Igor for the first time, felt what love and recognition. Probably, in that time he established himself in his desire. After school Khristenko has filed documents in four theatre of the University, and everywhere he was accepted — he chose the Schepkin drama school.


    Immediately after graduating from theatre school Igor Khristenko came to work in the Satire Theatre troupe which at that time was a meter of Andrei Mironov, Anatoly Papanov and other stars. In this theater Khristenko worked for four seasons and quit, because they saw no prospects. During the work he was entrusted with a major role only once in the play «the Eighteenth camel».

    After retiring he decided to devote himself to humor and parodies, especially the experience he had – worked for a year with the famous parodist Alexander Surowym. In the 90s he often began to appear in Comedy programs with parodies of Gorbachev, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and other politicians. Vladimir Zhirinovsky had to laugh when I saw the parody of himself. Room Khristenko so impressed him that he often invited him to parties.

    Personal life

    Igor is a happy husband, father and grandfather. For more than 30 years he lives with his wife Elena Egalizing. They met in the Schepkin school, Elena studied the course over Igor. Teachers considered her the most talented student on the stream, Agafya Tikhonovna in the «Marriage» came to see the whole institution. Igor Khristenko fell in love. They soon married, and in the fourth year they had a son Egor. Now Greg already has his own family and children.

    The comedian is fond of flowers, every morning begins with their bypass. Another hobby of Igor Khristenko – fishing. Among his trophies — 84-pound catfish and a 300-pound Marlin.


    • «Three heroes»
    • «Silver Revue»
    • «Red Riding Hood»
    • The «yoke of love»
    • Annushka
    • «Sunday in a female bath»
    • «And in the morning they woke up»


    Igor Khristenko

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