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  • Name: Igor Dodon ( Igor Dodon )
  • Date of birth: 18 February 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: village of Sadovo, Moldova
  • Activities: statesman, President of Moldova
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Dodon: biography

    Igor Dodon, the statesman, the President of the Republic of Moldova. He was the first after a long break, the head of Moldova, which was popularly elected, not appointed by Parliament like several of his predecessors. Biography of Igor Dodon has always been associated with the home country. He was born in a small Moldavian village garden, which is located in Călăraşi district. It was one of the few villages of Moldova, which was not included in any of the communes, that is, it was a completely independent and separate.

    Igor Dodon in childhood
    Igor in school | Online TV Moldova

    Perhaps the mentality of the locals has affected the perception of the life of the future President Igor Dodon, at least, the young man always had a steady own opinion and did not seek anyone to «play along». After school, Igor chooses the economic activity. In this direction, he has finished one University, but three. First he studied at the State agrarian University, where he obtained knowledge on the General economy.

    Igor Dodon
    The new President of Moldova — a man of the people | Political review

    Then in the biography of Igor Dodon, the Moldovan Academy of economic studies and international Institute of management. In the above-mentioned universities, this enterprising man received diplomas in the field of management and economic law. By the way, between the second and third higher education he managed to defend his dissertation and became a doctor of economic Sciences.

    Igor Dodon
    The President of Moldova has three higher education | Arguments and Facts in Moldova

    Labor activity of Igor started on the Stock exchange, and for five years he literally flew up the career ladder from an ordinary specialist of clearing Department to the member of the Board of Directors of «National Depositary of securities». Simultaneously, he was President of the Exchange Committee of a Commodity exchange and a member of the Arbitration Commission at the Stock exchange.


    When the country came to power, the Communist party, the selection of a new President fell on a young and promising economist Igor Dodon. He was appointed Deputy Minister of economy and trade, and in September to head this Department. Incidentally, at that time was only 31 years old. And two years later he reached the post of first Deputy Prime Minister.

    Igor Dodon
    From the Minister of economy and trade to the President | Accent TV

    The party of Communists of Moldova Igor Dodon was nominated for the post of General mayor of Chisinau, that is, he could become the highest official in the capital, but, with nearly half the votes in the elections, still a bit behind its competitor. Soon after, the leaves Dodon, the Communist party and joined the Party of socialists, at the end of the year, becoming its Chairman. In Parliament the party of Igor Dodon has formed the most numerous faction, and represented the opposition to the current government, especially in matters of European Integration.


    It is interesting that in the twenty-first century presidential elections in Moldova was not until the end of 2016: the President was elected by Parliament. Thus, the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon was the first popularly elected President in the last 20 years. He in his election campaign declared that by maintaining friendly relations with European countries, intends to cancel the Association Agreement with the European Union. The fact that the President this will be quite difficult due to limits of its powers by the Constitution, Igor Nikolaevich is absolutely not scary. He knows that the majority of members of Parliament whose consent is necessary for adoption of any decision, standing up for the entry of Moldova into the European Union.

    Igor Dodon
    New President of Moldova | tvnz

    But he said he wants to organize the federalization of the country, to impose a ban on organizations that support the unification of Moldova and Romania, and to establish contact with the Russian Federation. According to the newly elected President of Igor Dodon, he adheres to the neutrality between Russia and the West, although the first visit plans to do in Brussels, as required by tradition, and in Moscow. Thus, Igor Dodon, whose inauguration takes place at the end of December, makes it clear about his attitude to Russia and its President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, as well as on the vector of Moldova’s development.

    Personal life

    Personal life Igor Dodon for many years connected with his only wife Galina. The wife of Igor Dodon studied, as he himself, at the State agrarian University of Moldova, and they met at one student’s wedding over 20 years ago. Their own weddings took place in 1999, and then in a close-knit family had three children — sons Bogdan, Vlad and Nikolai. The family of Igor Dodon living in three-storey private house.

    Igor Dodon with the family
    With his wife and three sons | SimilarWeb

    If to speak about Hobbies of the President of Moldova, the rest of your holiday he prefers to spend the fishing or hunting. Also Igor is partial to sports. With his wife and children, they often rest on the European ski resorts, and summer trips to the beaches of Cyprus. By the way, Dodon since autumn 2011 he is President of the chess Federation of Moldova.


    Igor Dodon

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