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  • Name: Igor Dmitriev ( Igor Dmitriev )
  • Date of birth: 29 may 1927
  • Age: 80 years
  • Date of death: January 26, 2008
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widower

    Igor Dmitriev : biography

    The audience called Igor Borisovich Dmitriev «a real aristocrat of the Soviet Union». His manners, appearance and behaviour was impeccable as a person of «blue blood».

    Few people know that this gentility is not simulated, and the most that neither is true. Igor Dmitriev – great-grandson of lady-in-waiting Anna Scherer. The one who served the Empress Maria Feodorovna. This scene in her salon begins «War and peace» by Leo Tolstoy.

    In his memoirs, Dmitriev lifted the veil of his pedigree. It turns out that the great-grandfather of Igor Borisovich was the illegitimate child of a domestic girl Avdotya and son of the same ladies Anne Scherer, Adam. When the boy was born, an Imperial lady-in-waiting «bought» Avdotya his grandson. She gave his serf his freedom, and left the baby’s grandmother-aristocrat. And called grandson of Adolf.

    The grandmother of the artist, Alexander Scherer is the daughter of Adolf. As she grew older, the party she had made Pyotr Dmitriev, an officer of the Royal cavalry.

    The future artist was born in may 1927 in the city on the Neva. His father (it is linked with the Royal maid of honor) Boris Dmitriev was a sailor. But my mother, a ballerina Elena Tauber, it broke up very early. The son did not even remember his father’s face. The boy was raised by mom and grandparents.

    From a young age, Igor Dmitriev grew up in the art world used to the stage. Mom performed in music hall and circus ballet. Already in 7 years boy participated in a school initiative. His success was noticed and Dmitrieva took the song and dance Ensemble at the St. Petersburg Palace of pioneers. This ensemble was known for the fact that it was directed by Isaak Dunayevsky.

    After the war, Dmitriev went to Moscow with a strong desire to go to one of the theater schools. Preference is given to the School-Studio MXAT. After graduating, the young artist returned to his hometown and was accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad drama theatre.


    At this stage Dmitriev debuted in the form of a sailor Gocheva in the play «At sea». I must say that the experience of playing on the stage at the Igor Borisovich already was. He first came on the scene during the war when his family was evacuated to Perm.

    On the stage of the St. Petersburg drama theater Igor Dmitriev has played many wonderful roles. The play «the wise man stumbles», the play «At sea» vaudeville «Lev Gurych Sinichkin» – everywhere a young artist showed great skill.

    In 1967 Igor Borisovich left the theatre. It happened suddenly. He received a tempting offer from his friends who invited him to stay in Italy. And though the actor took care of getting it replaced dubler, the Director got excited and released Dmitrieva. Then he changed his mind and invited the artist to return. But now I’ve excited myself Dmitriev and refused.

    Later Igor Borisovich not once regretted the manifestation of pride. In fact, he liked to go to the stage..

    At the end of 1984, Yuri Aksenov – Director of the St. Petersburg Comedy theatre, invited Dmitriev to play Casanova in the production of «kings can do Everything» based on the play by Sergei Mikhalkov. After the premiere critics erupted rave reviews. Then was not less successful work in productions of «a Night in Venice», «Mad money» and «Day of victory among the war.»


    Losing seats in your favorite theater, Igor Dmitriev did not remain without work. Soon he was invited to «thumbnail» and played numerous roles in cinema, on which the existence of a remarkable artist learned the whole country.

    Although in fairness it should be noted that Dmitry ever appeared on the screen. In 1957, he played Letniskowe in «the Quiet Don» Sergey Gerasimov.

    Then there was Colonel Geraldine in Eugene Tatar TV series «the adventures of Prince Florizel», where the main role went to Oleg dal. Then the inspector «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson».

    To understand how successful was the career of Igor Dmitriev, one can only list the Directors, in whose projects he was working on. Grigori Kozintsev, Jan Frid, Leonid Bykov, Emil Loteanu – just some of the range masters. All Directors noted the extraordinary honesty of the actor and his dedication to the art. For example, if Igor Borisovich played the cello, he thought it his duty to learn to play this instrument.

    «Dog in the manger», «Bat», «captivating Star of happiness» – all of these tapes Igor Dmitriev was wonderful.

    I must say that he is one of the few lucky colleagues who were lucky enough to play with Hollywood stars. His partners on the set were Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner. Dmitriev Igor Borisovich was elected academician, a member of the English club and several theatrical unions.

    2000-the year was very generous for the artist. Igor Dmitriev celebrated its 50th anniversary of service in the theater. And he played some wonderful roles in the movie. The most striking of them was Fredericks in the historical drama «the Romanovs – crowned family» and Obolensky in the popular TV series «Poor Nastya».

    Personal life

    Wife Larissa, with whom Igor Dmitriev has lived for decades in love and harmony, was his first and only love. They studied together in school. Moreover – were classmates. Igor often went to the house of Lara. For a long time they were separated by world war II. But after a few years they met again and never parted ever.

    Personal life Igor Dmitriev and his beloved Larissa joined in South Dagomys. Lovers strolled along the promenade. Looked into the shooting. When the girl hit all the targets, Dmitriev – as a reward – offered her his hand and heart.

    They lived together for 30 years. To this marriage was born a son, Alexei.

    Larisa Dmitrieva died in the late 1990s. The artist is very hard, has experienced the loss of a beloved woman. She supported him for many years and not allowed to break down when he left the theatre. Igor Borisovich admitted that the pain of loss did not weaken with age and became stronger.


    In 2006, misfortune struck. Igor Dmitriev suffered a stroke. But by a great effort he managed to overcome the consequences of the disease and returned to the profession. The artist continued to appear on stage and act in films until the last day.

    Igor Borisovich died 25 January 2008 recurrent stroke. For his life, fought the best physicians of the country. But, unfortunately, the great artist did not become. Buried Igor Borisovich in his native St. Petersburg, Seraphim cemetery.


    • Tikhiy Don
    • «The adventures of Prince Florizel»
    • «The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson»
    • «Dog in the manger»
    • «The bat»
    • «The captivating star of happiness»
    • «The Romanovs – Imperial family.»
    • «Poor Nastya»
    • «Far from sunset Boulevard»
    • «The Golden calf»


    Igor Dmitriev

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