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  • Name: Igor Denisov ( Igor Sergeevich )
  • Date of birth: 17 may 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Denisov: the biography

    Igor Vladimirovich Denisov is widely known to football fans the national team of Russia and Moscow «Dynamo». From 2001 to 2013 he played for the football club «Zenit». Many believed Igor Denisov is one of the most striking personalities of the celebrated St. Petersburg team: he brought his club for many glorious victories. Troublemaker with a difficult character and at the same time, a fighter, a born leader – he is a real star of the national sport.

    A native of St. Petersburg Igor Denisov was born in may 1984. His zodiac sign — Taurus. It seems that he generously gave the player a stubbornness and persistence in achieving goals.

    Igor Denisov
    Photo of football | championship

    Football became a part of his life since 8 years old when the boy began to learn the game in a special school «Turbostroitel» Leningrad metal plant, where he trained with Mikhail Sharova. A couple of years, Igor moved to the sports school «Change» coach to Kostrovsky. In this team he conquered the Junior championship of 2000 years. This championship proved to be crucial: a promising footballer was noticed and invited to the prestigious St. Petersburg club «Zenit».

    Football career

    After graduating from the sports school, Igor showed a great game for two football seasons in the national youth team famous team. His individual style and level of play did not go unnoticed by the coaches and the leadership of the Russian youth team.

    A little over a year he stayed in the reserve squad, and now, in 2002, he was transferred to the basis of the team where the able leadership of dick Advocaat honed the talent of the player and raised the level of his skill.

    Igor Denisov in the squad
    In the national team of Russia on football | the national Team of Russia on football

    Victory followed victory, and since 2009 his game Igor Denisov strengthens position in the list of 33 best players under the version of the RSK, and since 2010 he occupies the top spot on this list.

    Experts have repeatedly noted the universal quality of the player. Igor Denisov is strong in attack and tenacious in defense. His persistence and determination allowed the player to link attack the opponent’s forwards.

    In 2008 Igor Denisov managed to score the decisive goal «Glasgow Rangers». And in 2009, speaking at the Championship of Russia with «Zenith» football team won the bronze medal. For the season, the athlete played together with the St. Petersburg team of over 30 matches, scoring one goal.

    Igor Denisov
    At the match | Football

    Denisov debut in the national team of Russia took place on 11 October 2008, in a qualifying match against Germany at the 2010 world Cup. The game, despite the defeat, allowed the offensive player to gain a foothold in the national team. In just a short time before the start of the 2009 Igor Denisov has played 11 matches for the national team.

    The European championship-2012 was his first international tournament in the national team. Having played three matches in the group, Denisov and the whole team, success is not achieved.

    In August 2012 in a friendly match against the team of côte d’ivoire Igor Denisov appeared before the audience with the captain’s armband. But soon the bandage has migrated to Roman Shirokov.

    Igor Denisov in
    The double «Zenith» | BaltInfo

    In the team of St. Petersburg «Zenit» Igor came to fame, has extracted the titles of champion of Russia, holder of the Cup Premier League, Russian super Cup, UEFA super Cup, the Russian football Union the best footballer of the year for several consecutive years.

    Technical clear the game the young midfielder has contributed significantly to the victory of «Zenith» in the Premier League two seasons in a row. It was «Golden» in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.

    Quarrels and scandals

    The complex nature of football often led to various confrontations and scandals. As example is his refusal to take the field in a decisive match with «Wings of the Soviets» in September 2012. As a result of disagreements with the leadership of Igor Denisov left his native club.

    Repeatedly Igor Denisov arguing with the opposing team. For example, in 2010, the athlete was disqualified by the Committee of the Russian football Union for ethics for the whole 4 games. Motivation – «for aggressive and abusive behaviour». At the open training session with Spartak football player nearly started a fight with led the team Vladislav Radimov. He made a remark to him, when he saw violations of the rules. Denisov before many present obscenely cursed Radimov.

    Igor Denisov
    Involved in several scandals | valtInfo

    For the first time Igor Denisov came into the chronicle of events after 21 days of birth. As it turned out, he was so rapidly celebrated it in one of the cafes of Saint-Petersburg, nearby residents called the police. The birthday boy was not going to retreat. He almost got into a fight with police officers, who arrived to stop it.

    And in 2010, Igor Denisov suddenly was out of action because of a mysterious injury. Its nature meticulous journalists have found out very soon. As it turned out, the player on his SUV in the morning went to the team, but was «clipped» training machine. Behind its wheel was a girl. And although the accident was avoided, the instructor girl got the worst from the angry driver of the SUV. Denisov broke his nose. But at the same time suffered himself: came for training with a limp.

    Igor Denisov on the field
    On the game | championship

    In 2012 the athlete during a match with «Spartakom» became so angry that with all his strength kicked the ball towards the benches where sat the representatives of the opposing team. Head coach of «Spartacus» Valery Karpin made the remark brawler. He said nothing. Karpin broke out with abuse, to which the player responded in kind. Hot men almost collided in the melee.

    In the fall of 2012, the athlete had gone to the coach Luciano Spalletti, will take the field for the reason of «lack of motivation». As it turned out, he was referring to his salary. Dissatisfaction with earnings was when the team came to the foreign players , Hulk and Witsel who were paid much more. Igor Denisov has decided that we should get no less. In the end, – transfer, and another «link» to another team.

    Stories of such scandals, in which got Igor Denisov.

    Igor Denisov in
    In the team, «Anji» | Newspaper.Gee

    Rebellious, obstinate, and at the same time brilliant player bought the Dagestani «Anji», paying him 15 million euros. By signing a four-year contract in July 2013, Igor did not know that in August of the same year, he will have to look for a new team.

    In August 2013, the media reported that the player had a conflict with the captain, «Anji» Samuel Eto’o. Talking about the termination of the contract with Denisov. But the Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Anzhi» has denied this information. How did you find out the correspondent of the newspaper «Sports day after day», the former Zenit from the start is not on good terms with Samuel eto’o and midfielder Diarra Lassanai. Igor Denisov felt that eto’o provokes him on purpose to see the place your friend Diarra.

    Igor Denisov in
    In the ranks of Dynamo | R-Sport

    Since mid-August, Igor Denisov, Yuri Zhirkov and Alexander Kokorin goes to Moscow «Dynamo». Igor confidently controls the midfield as a defensive midfielder. His unpredictable transmission that lead to dangerous thrilling highlights.

    The talented young footballer was repeatedly summoned to the national team of Russia in 2005-2006, but participation in the games was not accepted. To trouble Igor Denisov managed and in the national team. So, in may 2008 it was not included in the preliminary list of players on Euro 2008. In this regard, he sent a complaint against the coaching staff of the national team.

    Igor Denisov
    Has a temper | R-Sport

    The long-awaited invitation to the national team Denisov received after the victory «Zenith» in UEFA Cup, but answered him with a refusal. Finally, the head coach of Russian national team Guus Hiddink has declared that Igor Denisov — a full-fledged candidate for the national team of Russia, but only after the end of the European championship.

    In 2014, it was formally decided that the midfielder «Dynamo» Igor Denisov will go to Brazil with the Russian national team at the 2014 world Cup.

    Igor Denisov was supposed to be in the Russian team at the European Championships in 2016. But on 5 June during a friendly match with the Serbian team in the 49th minute of the game he was seriously injured. The doctors, after examining the athlete, has decided that he will not be able to play at full strength. So Igor Denisov gave way midfielder, «Zenit» Arthur Yusupov.

    In August 2016 on the rights of the free rent goes to the Moscow club «Lokomotiv», where they will stay until season 2016-2017.


    Many fans Denisov interested in his salary. The income of the football player during his stay in Makhachkala club reached 5 million euros per season. Igor Denisov played for the team «Anji» of 3 sessions. And when the player moved from Anzhi to Dinamo Moscow, it became known that the contract of midfielder earn € 4 million per year. This information appeared on one of the sports sites.

    Personal life

    And career, personal life Igor Denisov situation. The player has a large and strong family. Together with his wife Elena Igor Denisov has four children: daughter Victoria and three sons: Igor, Ivan and Daniel.

    Igor Denisov family
    With his wife and daughter

    It is known that Igor Denisov is strong in chess. According to the famous grandmaster Peter Svidler, he would be a great player. This conclusion the master did after the three parties with the player.

    It is known that Igor Denisov loves dogs. In his home two live pet dogs Bruna and Athos rare breeds «Boerboel». Some fans of the athlete jokingly nicknamed your pet «Barbules».


    Igor Denisov

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