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  • Name: Igor Chernevych ( Igor Chernevich )
  • Date of birth: 30 September 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Orsha, Belarus
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Igor chernevych: biography

    Igor chernevych — Russian film and theater actor, honored artist of the Russian Federation, who starred in such films as «Men don’t cry», «Koktebel», «Brezhnev», «Vasilisa», and many others. He was born in the small town of Orsha, which is located in Vitebsk region. Ibid spent his childhood Igor, which he remembers with some degree of nostalgia – skating, soccer, ski trips with his father, in General, a normal, happy childhood normal boys.

    No thoughts about acting in the field of school time the Chernevych was not. His parents were ordinary workers who worked at the local textile factory, so the boyfriend and didn’t come to mind such thoughts. After graduation Igor went to Leningrad, where he enrolled in a prestigious Institute of water transport. He studied the young man for «excellent», but quickly felt I was not doing what he would want.

    After the first year Igor chernevych takes the documents returned to his native Belarus and gets a job. To the evening, not sitting at home, he decided to take up dancing and went to the Palace of culture. But the choreography of the hall never came in the hallway he caught the head of the drama club, and almost forced to sign up to the Studio. This chance meeting turned the life of Chernevych.

    The following year he submits documents to the Theatre school named after Boris Shchukin, but to get there he fails. But Igor takes its course at the Leningrad theatre Institute, a famous pedagogue Lev Dodin. Moreover, subsequently, the artistic Director insisted that the young actor took the Maly drama theatre. In this theater Igor chernevych is still.

    But it should be noted that once the actor tried to leave the profession. In the 90 years the crisis came and he decided to go into business: were taken from the hometown production of the flax, but, in his words, «completely bankrupt». On the stage of the Maly theatre Igor was returning through France: he was invited theatre «Bobbin» to play Woland, in a performance of «Morphine» by Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel.


    In the film Igor chernevych debuted in 1991 in the children’s movie «the Ring», then there was the war drama «the Spirit» and the films of the Hungarian production «Charges» and «More Vita». But in 90-e years, the actor filmed a bit. A much more successful career of Igor has become in the 21st century. First, it is used in the detective series «the Agency «Golden bullet», and then appeared in the melodrama «Koktebel», for which he was awarded a special prize at the Moscow international film festival.

    Of course, successful role entail not only popular with viewers, but the demand from Directors. It is therefore not surprising that Igor chernevych was regularly removed, and in a fairly rating the telefilms «Men don’t cry», «Brezhnev», «On the way to the heart», «We from the future».

    It’s funny that often the actor gets the image of the detective. And if the genre of the picture – a detective, it is not surprising, but the investigator he had to play in the historical drama «1814» and even in the classic film adaptation of «Duck hunt». However, the chernevych happy to get this role. According to him, the investigators have a lot to think and think, respectively, are the characters fun to portray on the screen.

    But Igor is not an actor in one role. In recent years, it can be seen in fantasy «Dark world: Equilibrium», war drama «the White guard», the drama «Vasilisa» and historical film «the Indemnity». Igor Chernov returned to collaborate with European filmmakers and starred in the Italian film Andrea Molaioli «Candy».

    Personal life

    With his first wife Irina Tychinina the actor met at the Leningrad theatre Institute, as they were classmates. This marriage lasted until the mid 90-ies after divorce Igor chernevych sworn never to marry an actress.

    However, his pledge he did not keep his second wife, Ekaterina Reshetnikova also an actress, together with her husband, takes the stage of the Maly drama theatre. TV viewers may have recently seen Catherine in the melodrama «Fragments of happiness».

    The couple has two sons, John and Philip. Igor tries all the free time to devote to the family. They are often selected together fishing, in the woods or just to the country. Also chernevych is a great lover of Billiards.


    • 2002 — the Agency «Golden bullet»
    • 2003 — Koktebel
    • 2004 — Men don’t cry
    • 2005 — Brezhnev
    • 2006 — the Blues of falling leaves
    • 2007 — Love is one
    • 2009 — one
    • 2010 — St. Petersburg vacation
    • 2011 — the deli Case number 1
    • 2014 — Vasilisa
    • 2016 — Contribution


    Igor Chernevych

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