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  • Name: Igor Chekhov ( Egor Kozlikin )
  • Date of birth: 12 September 1987,
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: comedian, entertainer
  • Marital status: not married

    Igor Chekhov : a biography

    Egor Kozlikin, more familiar to us as Igor Chekhov, was born in September 1987 in the Belarusian town of Smorgon, near Grodno. Sparkling sense of humour and cheerful disposition relatives and friends of Yegor always celebrated. At school the boy was an active participant in KVN. He not only successfully joked on the stage and amused his audience, but he tried to write scripts and come up with humorous skits. For it in 9th grade, was elected captain of the team.

    After receiving a high school diploma, Igor Chekhov entered the agrarian University of Stavropol, where going to a specialty engineer. But here, desire to joke beat all the others and the guy started to speak in the University team of KVN, where he was elected captain of the team. Acquaintance and friendship with another humorist University – Mikhail Kukota – determined the future of Yegor.

    First, the guys joked on the stage of KVN. Seeing that they do it much better than to study mechanics and electricity, they joined in humorous duet Kukota&Chekhov began his career in the world of show business.

    TV show

    After graduating from the University of Stavropol Igor Chekhov understood that a mechanical engineer he was not to be. He, along with a partner went to Saint Petersburg, where he entered the Academy of theatre arts. The first performance of entertainers in the format of «stand up», which was held in 2008, opened the door to show business. Kukota&Chekhov came in «Comedy Petersburg».

    Igor Chekhov, it is a stage name invented himself Egor, together with his invariable partner very soon was recognized as one of the most successful comic duos of our time. The guys invented a unique genre, which they themselves define as «plastic idiocy». But the audience and the many fans of Igor Chekhov and his longtime colleagues call their rooms «cartoons».

    It is noteworthy that Kukota&the Czechs know how to make people laugh without saying a word. Clown faces, incredible flexibility, acrobatic stunts and power moves, complemented with mad charisma guys, brought the audience to be full of enthusiasm. It seems that this is still the only national Duo of entertainers who for the transmission of their humorous messages do not need words and long conversations.

    Igor Chekhov together with a friend and a partner have already visited on many TV shows. Guys lit up» in such television projects as «don’t sleep», «Comedy battle», «Laughter without rules», «Bunker news», «Slaughter League», «Point u» and the festival «the Big difference». And they scored on «full House.»

    Now Igor Chekhov with his cheery counterpart is a member of the «Comedy club».

    Personal life

    Not only career but also personal life of Igor Chekhov are going well. From different sources it is known that the entertainer is Dating a girl who is also a great sense of humor. This young actress and star of the clip of group «Leningrad» entitled «Exhibit» Julius Topol’nitskiy.

    Now a girl doesn’t need to look for a friend who would drive her to the exhibition of van Gogh»: it is already there in the person of Igor Chekhov. The actors met at one of St. Petersburg’s parties and since then have been together for 2 years. They often meet in different bars, night clubs and just walking around the city.

    Igor Chekhov likes to give Julia favorite flowers – pink peonies. The lovers have presented to their mothers with the second half, although the marriage is not planned. But their friends said that recently Julia at her friend’s wedding caught the bouquet.


    Igor Chekhov and Mikhail Kukota

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