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  • Name: Igor Botvin ( Botvin Igor )
  • Date of birth: 9 December 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Sarajevo, Vologda oblast
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Igor Botvin: biography

    Actor Igor Botwin was born in a small village in Sarajevo, which lost in the vastness of the Vologda region. As a child, he about the creative profession is not thought, as all his thoughts were occupied sports and socializing with friends. In adolescence, he came across an article by Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger on how to develop your body, and Igor began to train hard in the gym. He later developed his own program of exercise and proper nutrition.

    Almost immediately after prom Botvina was drafted into the army. He served in Moscow in the special forces, where he continued intensive training until the day of demobilization weighed about 110 kg at growth of 180 cm for a while after returning home to see family, Igor to take up permanent residence in St. Petersburg. There is a young man rents an apartment and works as a security guard in one of private structures.

    In the Northern capital for the first time it visits the idea to try himself in the acting profession. Igor even written to the acting classes, but his studies did not inspire: he just wanted to be in a movie. So then Botwin lesson left and only after four years returned to the idea. And then by chance: he came across the announcement in the St.-Petersburg humanitarian University of trade unions. To join the young man was a success, and he briefly studied at the venerable Professor Zinoviy Korogodsky.

    A few months Igor Botwin delivers a statement of translation at Saint Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts and finished it in 2001. Even during his studies, he managed to participate in several major performances, in particular in the piece «Surveillance», where aspiring actor one portrayed just five characters.

    The first professional theatre Botvina was a Theatre on the Foundry, where he played his best role of king Oedipus in the same statement, and since 2008 Igor is included in the Bolshoi drama theater named towstonogow.


    In the movies Igor Botwin began in 1999. His first work was the famous television series «Streets of broken lights», where he appeared in the second season. First popularity came along with criminal sports series «deadly force» in which the actor recreated the image of the fierce fans of Petersburg «Zenith» named Tyson, who heads the group of football fans.

    Even more popular gave Igor a Comedy-detective film serial «Agency NLS». In this picture he is very bright, though somewhat negative role. Also in 2001, he participated in the creation of the Russian-American historic project Gladiatrix. His partners on the film were the two stars of the American Playboy magazine Karen Mcdougal and Lisa Dergan.

    No less ambitious was shooting national criminal biographical melodrama «Sonka — the gold Handle» and the historic action movie «Alexander. The Neva battle», where he starred with Anton Pampushny. Decent success and two parts detective series «Chef», the melodrama «the reluctant Father» and crime drama «Shaman». Now the actor is working on a military film «the Fate named «Farman» about the love of a pilot and a ballerina, which wedged the October revolution and the First world war.

    Personal life

    Private life of Igor Botvin widely discussed and his supporters, and himself in numerous interviews. The actor is rather candid in their romantic adventures and not shy to shock journalists spicy details. So, he says that his first love was his high school math teacher, and the young man was very jealous when her tried to care for adult challengers. He also describes in detail how adolescent friends and I would ride bikes to the nearby villages on a date different girls.

    In General, the personal life of Igor Botvin has always been turbulent. He very often there are fleeting romances with a partner for movies, although the actor claims that if falls in love, it is caring very romantic and beautiful. However, up to 42 years Botwin never was married, children had neither. Although sometimes Harry says that he would like to start a family, but apparently he has not yet met the right girl will be willing to part with bachelorhood.


    • 2001 — killing power
    • 2001-2004 — Agency NLS
    • 2001 Gladiatrix
    • 2005 — Favorit
    • 2006 — Sonka The Golden Hand
    • 2008 — Alexander. The battle of the Neva
    • 2011 — Counter-flow
    • 2012-2013 — Cook
    • 2015 can’t be any Better
    • 2016 — the Fate named «Farman»


    Igor Botvin

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