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  • Name: Igor Bochkin ( Igor Bochkin )
  • Date of birth: 17 February 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Bochkin : the biography

    Igor Bochkin’s one of the few in the domestic film artists, embody a type of masculinity and strength. Is in itself and in the characters that he plays, some rudeness, sincerity, on the verge, and uncontrollability. Talk about these – experienced man. In the case with Bockenem this characterization is suitable not only for its «cinematic» way – even in real life the same.

    Born Igor Bochkin in Moscow. He didn’t have relatives in the theater or cinema. And he himself never dreamed of the profession of actor. It happened somehow by itself. Once in the foyer to the 15-year-old Igor was approached by an unknown woman, who was the assistant Director of the film «Sparks». The external data Bochkin is quite similar to one of the characters in the film. Thus began a cinematic biography of Igor Bochkina.

    After the first role – naughty boy Kuzka Zhuravleva, Bochkin played the second – Misha Basharina in a child’s painting «Red sun». Both films came to the screen in 1972. The artist himself considers this first work in film frivolous and unconscious. He experienced no euphoria or satisfaction from the process of filming. But the idea that such work may be his profession, is still there.

    Documents to GITIS Bochkin brought after service in the army. Around him bustled pale and anxious applicants, trembling of the thought of the failure of the entrance exams. Steel calm showed only the senior Sergeant Igor Bochkin, behind which was served in tank company high alert.

    He did the first time. After GITIS, in 1981 he was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theatre of a name of Gogol.


    In theatre Igor Bochkin came quite Mature and established artist. He almost immediately began to trust the main role in the performances. He played the leader in the production of «one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest», Nicholas «the landing Area unknown» and Krejca in the «Beach».

    7 years in Gogol theater flew by quickly, and they came to work in the Moscow drama theater named after Pushkin. Here the artist, as in the previous place of service, still plays the leading role. Oedipus in «King Oedipus», by Leonid Zorin «Warsaw melody» Sergei Kupriyanov, in «Travellers in night» is a work of Mature and thoughtful artist, whose acting skills cannot be questioned.

    Soon after moving to a new theater Igor Bochkin not only played another role, but he made his debut as a stage Director. First he put the play «Last summer in Chulimsk» by A. Vampilov work.

    Igor Ivanovich Bochkina often invited to work on other stages of capital theatres. In his Luggage the production of «a Fool is love!» «La’ Theatre», «Hostage of love» at the Production centre «Russart», «day of the halibut» in the Theatrical Agency «Art-partner XXI».

    In recent years, Igor Bochkin, staged several performances, among which we can highlight «the most» and «Not like everyone else». These productions Bochkin appeared in as an actor.


    A cinematic biography of Igor Bochkina continued immediately at the end of high school theater. In the 1980s, the artist appeared in the films «Who’s that knocking on the door for me…», «This rough game» and «obstacle course». But a big role, after which Bochkina noticed, appeared in 1988. A picture of a «local emergency» was a bombshell.

    In those years, when the Soviet Union was approaching collapse, already criticized the state apparatus, the party, the Komsomol, and many phenomena that were in the capacious concept of «sovok». But the Komsomol was still alive and could «give back» to his critics. Therefore, the appearance of Bochkina in the way of the first Secretary of a district Committee of Komsomol Nikolay Petrovich Shumilina, thoroughly sinful, and corrupt, sparked protests and mixed reviews.

    In this picture, Igor Bochkina had two very explicit scenes, which at that time was called «dill». And this at a time when «sex in the Soviet Union was not.» After painting on the big screen the actor faced with the glory which could be called scandalous. Komsomol leaders in the field tore down the Billboard with the announcement of the film, near the cinemas were held spontaneous rallies, which were on duty mounted police. But after this picture of 30-year-old Igor Ivanovich Bocchino began to offer a major role in the movies.

    In 1990, the actor played another role with a minus sign: the terrorist in the famous picture, taken by real events, «Mad bus». Hero Bochkina was taken prisoner by pupils and looked rather cruel and cynical.

    But the real fame, loud and all-Union, came to the artist after the release of the 130-episode series «Goryachev and other». According to Bochkina, it was hard for him to appear on the street or even in the stairwell. Annoying fans are everywhere attacked, broke into the hotel room and threw the bags of letters. In the early ‘ 90s, when the screens were broadcast in full Western series, «Goryachev and other» was one of the first domestic. And pretty high quality, with well-written roles and images.

    After this series of Igor Bochkina inundated with offers to act in films. It was his finest years. On the screens out the picture «Report», «life of Queen», «the priest had a dog», «Dunes and his bodyguard». For the work in the latest tape Igor Bochkin were awarded the prize of «Kinoshock». Notable paintings of those years were other of his works such as «Yucca», «the Directory of death» and «Fine thing».

    In our time, Igor Bochkin continues to please the admirers of her talent with new roles in films. In 2008, the screens went wonderful series about the life of summer camp «Blue nights,» which also starred Lev Durov. In 2012-2013, the audience saw the actor in the film «the Unloved» and «Marked». And in 2015, Igor Bochkin played Nikolay Potapov in the series «my Sister, my Love.»

    Personal life

    The actor admits that he is freedom-loving and loving man. He does not even calculated how many women were in his life. In the yellow journals much has been written about his novels with a partner for the set and the stage. Some of these rumors have a basis. Personal life Igor Bochkina as rapid and successful as an actor.

    The first artist’s wife was Alice Zonagen, granddaughter of the legendary General. As he says Igor, eyes on her has put at the time of receipt in GITIS. But the marriage was a student and broke up shortly after graduation. Your contribution to the collapse of this Alliance was made not only by the proverbial saying of the actor, but the jealousy of a wife for his glory and demand. Alice in the profession did not take place.

    With his second wife Bochkin met on the set of the film «Such a tough game – hockey». But Svetlana (her surname unknown) was not an actress. At the time they met, she worked for designer Slava Zaitsev. To this marriage was born the only daughter of artist Alexander. But the family fell apart shortly after the birth of her daughter. Now Sasha lives with his mother and stepfather in Spain.

    Quite a long time, Igor Bochkin lived with his third wife, Svetlana Zubkova. But again something went wrong, and in 2002, was replaced by Svetlana actress Anna legchilova, with whom the actor lives today. Together they appear on screen and on stage. For example, in the series «Blue night» Anna legchilova has played the closest to the wife of the hero Bochkina Secretary of the Communist Skvortsova. In the film, a man cheating on his wife with older pioneer camp.

    The actor claims that Anna is one of the few wise women who understand men’s nature and tolerant of the shortcomings of their husbands. Besides, she is bright and interesting person with whom always have something to talk about and shut up.


    • «Local emergency»
    • «Goryachev and other»
    • «Barkhans and its bodyguard»
    • «Moscow Saga»
    • «Ostrog. Theodore Case Sechenov»
    • «The saboteur. The end of the war»
    • «Marked»
    • «Unloved»
    • «Blue night»
    • «My sister, my Love»


    Igor Bochkin

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