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  • Name: Igor Akinfeev ( Igor Akinfeev )
  • Date of birth: 8 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Vidnoye, Moscow oblast, Russia
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: soccer, the goalkeeper of CSKA and Russian national team, Honored master of sports of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Igor Akinfeev: biography

    Russian star football Igor Akinfeev was born on 8 April 1986 in the suburban town of Vidnoye. His father Vladimir worked as a driver-truck driver, and his mother Irina – educator in kindergarten.

    The family did not have much wealth, but in education Igor and his brother Eugene’s parents gave your heart and soul. In 4 years his father brought Igor to the first training session in the youth school of CSKA. The boy was younger than the other students for two years, but immediately asked to be put instead of the goalkeeper. He was so good at catching balls on the fly, but when they arrived at the gate, Igor was very upset. His first coach Desiderius Kovacs after the second training said that the boy is sure to be a great goalkeeper.

    Igor Akinfeev in childhood
    Baby photo of football | championship

    In 7 years Igor Akinfeev took in the sports school of CSKA. He had to combine training with studies in school, in backyard games and other boyish Hobbies no time left. Although the player himself believes his happy childhood, albeit with some limitations.

    8 Games with the team went to the first camp. Their camp was located in Chernogolovka, the conditions were hard on the field in the rain from day to day. The guy steadfastly endured the difficulties every day the rights socks and a tracksuit, much to the surprise of the parents and the coach.

    In 10 years, held its first tournament in Yugoslavia. After the match, Akinfeev was invited to the Lodge of the head of the football Association of Milanich. Experienced coach and player then said that he sees in this boy a second Lev Yashin.

    Igor Akinfeev
    Father Vladimir Vasilyevich | championship

    After obtaining a matriculation certificate in 2003 Igor Akinfeev went to go to the Metropolitan Academy of physical culture. He graduated in 2009, after successfully defending a thesis. The theme for the sportsman chooses what he is closer and more understandable: «the Technical and tactical actions of the goalkeeper during a football match.»

    The young goalkeeper of CSKA became a certified specialist.


    Goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev has undeniable advantages: he clearly kicks the ball and hands and feet. While the player lightning-fast reaction to the game. He always exudes confidence in his abilities, so his athletic career was brilliant.

    In 2002 Akinfeev in the team for the first time received the title of champion of Russia. In the same year he began playing in the national Junior team. Camp of the main team took place in Israel. Russian player drew the attention already in the first match. The authoritative edition of «Sport-Express» expressed the good opinion of a new player. A columnist wrote that he showed a Mature and skillful play. This looked like a stronger than Veniamin Mandrykin.

    Igor Akinfeev during the match
    Goalkeeper | Soccer Express

    At the end of March 2003, the athlete had his debut match at «adult» level, taking part in 1/8 finals against the team of «Zenit». Igor Akinfeev came on the pitch in the 2nd half, replacing Viktor Kramarenko. As expected, he demonstrated his «signature» lightning reaction. As a result, CSKA played a draw.

    And at the end of may of the same year, the young goalkeeper made his debut in the Barclays Premier League game. CSKA in the game with the «Wings of the Soviets» won with the score 2:0, and Igor Akinfeev excelled because he was able to repel a penalty in the last minute. It is deservedly recognized as the best player of this match.


    The year 2003 proved to be a promising player is truly outstanding. Igor Akinfeev made his debut in the Championship of Russia. This season he played 13 games. Number of goals conceded in this case was minimal – 11. With this result, the goalkeeper became the champion of the country. It was his first notable achievement in football.

    CSKA Igor Akinfeev
    Goalkeeper CSK | Eurosport

    A few spoiled the triumph of a debut in the UEFA Cup against Macedonian club «Vardar». This game, which took place on 30 July, was won by the Macedonians. But the star of the 1980s- famous Rinat Dasaev was of the opinion that Igor Akinfeev was not guilty in the misfortunes. He did everything he could.

    This successful sports biography of Igor Akinfeev year was also marked by two bright games. In early September, the goalkeeper made his debut in the Russian Olympic team. He made the match against Ireland. The game ended with the score 2:0 in favor of the Irish team. Unfortunately, the match with Switzerland domestic national team lost with the score 2:1. However, the player, that is, «the buck stops here».

    In April 2004, Igor Akinfeev made his first appearance in the main team of Russia, becoming the youngest goalkeeper in the entire history of the national team.

    Igor Akinfeev in the Russian team
    With players of the Russian team | Sports Express

    On 7 March there was a game of the super bowl. Athlete played the full 90 minutes, having on the 14th minute skip only one goal. CSKA won «Spartacus» with the score 3:1. Since this season Igor Akinfeev becomes a permanent player of the main squad. And in the first 3 games he was a permanent goalkeeper.

    During the game against Samara team Igor Akinfeev handed a red card. For a fight and he was out almost at the last minute. As it turned out, belligerent midfielder fire Koroman. He scored after Dennis the Cowboy goals hit the ball, which bounced off the mesh, and hit the face of the goalie. For violation Akinfeev was suspended for 5 matches. Just this season he was able to take part in 26 matches, while conceding 15 goals in their own net.

    At the end of these games, the team managed to win silver, while Igor Akinfeev was named best goalkeeper of the country. According to TV channel «Fox Sports», the athlete was considered as the most talented young goalkeeper. At number 3, he entered the list of «33 best».

    Igor Akinfeev - the best goalkeeper
    With the prize «Best football player» | championship

    The struggle for the Cup of Russia Igor Akinfeev started with the 1/8 finals. «CSKA» managed to beat «Khimki» with the score 1:0. After this successful game, they got a second Cup. In seven games the goalkeeper conceded only 3 goals.

    The summer of 2004 was hot for CSKA Igor Akinfeev. At practice on July 27, the goalkeeper made his debut in the Champions League. The enemy team was the Azerbaijani club «Neftchi». The game ended in a draw. But in the match CSKA managed to win, beating the Azeris with 2:0. CSKA managed to beat the Scots and qualified for the group stage. All 6 of the games Akinfeev played, conceding only 5 goals. In the result, the Russian team took 3rd place and had the opportunity to continue playing in the UEFA Cup.

    The 2005 season brought to a successful player a pleasant surprise: Igor Akinfeev won the UEFA Cup.

    Igor Akinfeev with the UEFA Cup
    With the UEFA Cup | About the business

    Not less happy in his professional career football player was the following two years. In 2006, the goalkeeper managed to hold the gate for 362 minutes. Many fans and football critics in this watch, compared it with the famous Lev Yashin. The authority of net has increased so much that it was named the most promising Russian goalkeeper.

    In the spring of 2007 in the football environment there were rumors about the interest to Igor Akinfeev showed Arsenal. Supposedly the British were plans for the best Russian goalkeeper. But in an interview with the athlete, these rumors were dispelled. He said that in the next 4 years will remain in the team CSKA.

    Igor Akinfeev
    A photo of the goalkeeper of the national team CSK | Xsport

    6 may 2007 Igor Akinfeev in the match against Rostov was injured. It happened in the 8th round. Reflecting the penalty area the ball, the player fell awkwardly and tore cruciate ligaments in her knee. After inspecting the injured knee, the doctors predicted that he will not be able to return before the end of the season. But they were wrong: the player managed to recover quickly enough, and after intensive treatment back in the team before the season end.

    In November, in the framework of the 29th round of the championship of CSKA against a team of «Kuban» Igor Akinfeev has played its first match after injury. The army team won with the score 1:0. And in January extended his contract with the team CSKA until 2011.

    16-th round of the Russian Premier League, held between CSKA and a national team «wings of the Soviets», was «dry» for Muscovites ended in a draw. Akinfeev was the young goalkeeper, who managed to achieve such a brilliant result. In 30 games of the season he conceded just 24 goals. In the championship, the country received a bronze.

    Igor Akinfeev
    The Shot | Great Sport

    In the 2009 season in the championship of Russia on April 12 Igor Akinfeev missed his 100th goal. In the same year his name appeared in the top five goalkeepers in the world. This decision was made by the international Federation of history and statistics of football.

    The 2010 season was held, with varying success. But next season – 2011 – CSKA managed to win 5th consecutive Cup. Unfortunately, in August of this year Igor Akinfeev suffered a second injury. In September, he had surgery. But in February was able to move on to individual training.

    Team Russia

    In April in the match with «Zenit» Igor Akinfeev appeared first on the field after injury. The match ended with the score 0:2. But in August, on the 50th match of the national team of CSKA won the team of Serbia with the score 1:0. For a goalkeeper it was a good match, because after that he was included in the symbolic «club Igor Netto».

    Igor Akinfeev
    Professional football player | Lenta.ru

    And in the middle of may 2014 Igor Akinfeev triumphant broke the record Yashin, being able to play «dry» his 204-th match. Thus, he was recognized as a five-time champion of Russia. In addition, 2014 marked for the player that he was able to break the record for playing time without conceding goals. For 761 minutes Akinfeev did not miss a single ball. This is the longest «dry» series in the history of the Russian team.

    Unfortunately, the success was an unfortunate failure. It happened at the match with the Belgian team. But Fabio Capello then stood up for the net, telling that the player within 10 minutes someone blinded laser pointer. However, Belgium won.

    The game against Algeria is not pleased domestic fans. According to its results, Russia lost, and Igor Akinfeev according to Italian sports tabloid «La Gazzetta dello sport» even got in the symbolic team «of players who failed this world Cup». After this high-profile failure Akinfeev apologized for a bad game in front of the fans.

    Igor Akinfeev - the photo where he threw the fire
    Thrown during a match the fire in the player | YouTube

    In 2015 the goalkeeper was a new trouble. Despite the fact that Igor Akinfeev managed to smash the record of Sergei Ovchinnikov in the number of dry matches in the League matches of CSKA, with the Montenegro national team fan from rivals threw in the Russian goalkeeper fire. He received serious burns and a concussion. It happened at the 40th second of the game. The match was interrupted. Judges of Montenegro counted technical defeat with the account 0:3.

    As it later turned out, a fan of Aleksandar Lazarevic accidentally threw the fire in the guest book. As shown by the video, he threw a petard, which he threw under the feet of the unknown. However, Lazarevic sent to prison for 3.5 months. Igor Akinfeev has refused to claim the fan.

    In 2016, Igor Akinfeev concentrated forces in preparation for the European Championship. Euro 2016 goalkeeper played 3 games in which conceded 6 goals. But in the new season, the goalkeeper was able to set a new record for the number of dry matches: friendly match with the Romanian team was his 45th, in which he played «zero».

    Personal life Igor Akinfeev

    Fans from looking pretty and financially independent of the shot is always enough. One enamoured fan slashed his wrists. As it turned out, in one of the fake blogs someone on behalf of the athlete hurt in love with a girl. Igor Akinfeev, learning about the incident, very worried. Since then, he says little about his personal life and is afraid to hurt his fans especially female fans.

    For a long time, a tall, handsome man (height of Igor Akinfeev 1.86 meters) was having an affair with the young Valeria yakunchikovoy, 15-year-old daughter of the foster CSKA. The girl didn’t miss a single match, was in their backroom football get-together.

    Igor Akinfeev and Valeria Yakunchikova
    With Valeria yakunchikovoy | The-most-beautiful

    Akinfeev and Yakunchikova – professional athletes, their common interests closer together. Valeria was not only beautiful, but also a great conversationalist, interesting and bright personality.

    She literally charmed player. She not only loved football, but was a professional dancer. A young face appeared in commercials and starred in the video Timati. And Valerie received higher education in PFUR.

    Fans do not doubt that this relationship will end luxurious wedding, but suddenly the couple broke up. In the press there was an information that Igor changed the girl, and she was unable to forgive him. Cheating went a painful breakup.

    Igor Akinfeev and Catherine herun summarizes
    With his wife Catherine herun summarizes | FB.ru

    But soon the personal life of Igor Akinfeev was adjusted. His fans found out the name of the new lady – Catherine herun summarizes, from Kiev.

    Beautiful Kate herun summarizes lived in Kiev, became a model, starred in a few clips. It seems that the girl managed to captivate the player.

    On their wedding, fans of the football star learned only on may 17, 2014, when the couple had a son Daniel. A year later, September 4, Catherine gave a happy husband and a daughter whom they named Evangeline. The star of the national football claims that he and his wife adhere to the Orthodox faith, but will not impose on the children their beliefs and their religion. They should grow themselves to choose what will fit.

    Children Of Igor Akinfeev
    With his wife and son in | Around TV

    Igor Akinfeev and Catherine Haroun happy together. The athlete is sure that happy can be anyone. The main thing – to wait for my half.

    It is known that one of the best friends goalkeeper for many years is a well-known singer and leader of group «Hands up!» Sergei Zhukov. They are friends since 2004. Igor Akinfeev baptized the daughter of Sergei Nina.

    Photo Of Igor Akinfeev

    Igor Akinfeev

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