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  • Name: Ian Myers ( Yan Maers )
  • Date of birth: 11 November 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Slutsk, Belarus
  • Height: 189
  • Activity: musician, singer, broadcaster, member of the TV show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: married

    Ian Myers: biography

    Yan maers – Belarusian singer, who is on the path to fame was not only through the difficulties of the formation of the vocals and explore the intricacies of violin key and music going, but through very serious health problems.

    Ian was born in the Belarusian town of Slutsk, in the family of Anatoly Viktorovich Tsybulko and Antonina Yanovna Myers. Sing the boy began three years, when I watched the film «the Bodyguard» with Kevin costner and Whitney Houston. Ian walked around the house and loudly singing «And I Will Always Love You!» in age-appropriate manner.

    Yun Yan maers with his teacher
    Yun Yan maers with your teacher | tvnz

    School music teachers have noticed the ability of young talent and began to teach him the intricacies of vocal art. But it should be noted that Myers childhood was very painful. Except that he is all the time something broke the finger, the nose, the hand in adolescence he had Cushing’s syndrome associated with hormonal imbalance during development. Up to the ninth grade, the young man weighed almost 100 kg.

    Ian took them. Began to follow the prescribed diet, went to the gym, however, after surgery on the glands have been dramatic jump in weight – with growth 189 cm young man weighed about 60 kg. However, all this time, Ian Myers continued to make music. He graduated from the Minsk musical school named after Mikhail Glinka and became a soloist of the famous group «Veras». By the time the aspiring singer has already worked in duets with such stars as Nikolay Baskov and Svetlana Bezrodnaya.

    Later, Yang has created his own group of «Misters». Guys regularly give concerts that are live only. In addition, the «Masters» took part in the casting of the international music contest «Eurovision-2015», managed to get through to the final selection, and even became the winner of «Name the year».

    In addition to music in the life of Ian Myers has many other interests. He decided to get in addition to singing and even Economics. Also a talented young man performs on stage in the Youth pop theatre, which tours throughout the country. The Belarusian TV fans know Ian as the leading talk show «Let’s go». In this podcast, Myers discusses with Studio guests the actual social issues of Minsk and Belarus in General.

    TV show

    First Ian Myers decided to try his hand at talent show «Want to Meladze», but eventually refused to participate because it was offered to the execution of such songs, which are not consistent with the interests and tastes of the singer.

    But in the blind auditions in «the Voice» of Belarusian performer of the furor. He flawlessly performed the song «Starlight» from the repertoire of the British rock group «Muse» and won three jury members: only Leonid Agutin turned to Ian.

    Of three judges — Grigory Leps, Polina Gagarina and Dima Bilan – Myers chose Bilan, who became his mentor on this project.

    Personal life

    While training at the music school Yan maers met a girl, Marina, who had the same vocal coach. Then started their love story that brought lovers in 2009 for the wedding. Ian in all the interviews stressed that in this world for him other women do not exist, only the wife.

    Yan Maers
    Yan maers | VK

    By the way, Marina is trying to come to a concert of her husband, as during his performances, she worried too much. For example, during the blind auditions in «the Voice» the administration is even going to call the girl doctor, as the wife of Myers turned pale and almost fainted.

    Ian Myers believes the main human quality is sincerity, but the hypocrisy in human relations calls unacceptable trait. Singer also believes that for the purpose you need to go over the heads or betray their own principles.


    • There is no way back
    • And I’ll go
    • Boom-boom
    • New year
    • Cruel game
    • Hot
    • We will become closer
    • I want you to dance
    • Do not torment me!
    • I’ll be there for you


    Yan Maers

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