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  • Name: Ian McKellen ( Ian McKellen )
  • Date of birth: 25 may 1939.
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Burnley, Lancashire, UK
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Ian McKellen: a biography

    Sir Ian Murray McKellen is a British actor, known to fans of cinema all over the world thanks to the role of wizard Gandalf in kinotrilogii «the Lord of the rings» and «Hobbit», as well as magneto with the superhero Saga «X-Men». But for their compatriots from the UK Machelen associated, primarily, with a perfect execution of dramatic and comedic images of the famous plays of a genius of English literature, William Shakespeare.

    Yang was born in the town of Burnley, Lancashire. His father Denis Murray McKellen was on the specialty engineer-Builder, but like all his ancestors, also performed the duties of a lay preacher. Mom Margaery Lois Sutcliffe was a housewife and upbringing of his son and his older sister Jean. By the way, sister devoted her life to the stage as an actress and manages a small Amateur theater.

    Ian McKellen in the play
    Ian McKellen in the play «Henry V» | Official website of actor

    Two years later the family moved to Wigan where they were when the Second world war. Little Ian is already up to four years used to fall asleep to the sounds of bombing and all his life he maintained outward calm and composure. When the boy was 12, his mom died. My father brought home a new wife, Gladys McKellen, who was the stepson of one of the closest friends.

    Was attended by the future actor in the school for boys city of Bolton, where his father was transferred. It was there that McKellen for the first time began to participate in productions, performances, and already at Cambridge had learned to play professionally. Ian made his debut as an adult actor in the tragedy of «Henry IV» and in a relatively short period of time to take part in all the plays of William Shakespeare, playing on the stage of the Royal National theatre and Royal Shakespeare company.


    Yen McKellen was invited to the set in the late 60-ies. He took part in many Shakespeare film adaptations, as well as in the military historical paintings sample of the heroic fighter «Alfred the Great». Later, the actor began to play in films of other genres: adventure-an adventure tape «the Red Pimpernel», the melodrama «Restless heart», the Thriller «the Mills of the gods.»

    The great popularity outside of the UK came to the Yen in 90 years thanks to roles in Hollywood blockbusters. Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he starred in the action movie «Last action hero», with Rachel Weisz in the romance the «Gone with the sea» with Alan Rickman in the historical film «Rasputin» in which he played the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. From other works of the period it is worth noting Thriller «apt pupil» and the post-war drama «Gods and monsters» for which the actor was nominated for the award «Oscar» and «Golden globe» as the best leading actor.

    Ian McKellen in FLM
    Ian McKellen in the film «Rasputin» | Cinema

    The real fame came to see Ian McKellen already in the XXI century. He first appeared before the audience in the image of the supervillain magneto in the comic book adaptations «X-Men», and soon turned to the wizard Gandalf from the epic by J. R. R. Tolkien «the Lord of the rings», the Director was Peter Jackson. Later this role went to actor in the prequel «the Hobbit».

    Interestingly, the atmosphere during the work on the fantasy was incredibly friendly. Moreover, nine of the actors who played members of the fellowship of the ring made his tattoo with the image of nine written in Elvish symbol. Therefore, such a sign on the shoulder is not only Ian, but Elijah wood, Orlando bloom, Sean bean, Viggo Mortensen, and other actors.

    Ian McKellen in FLM
    Ian McKellen in «the Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring» | Official movie site

    In addition to these famous paintings McKellen took part in creating the mystical «Loser», the crime Thriller «the Prisoner», another alternative continuation of the story about the famous sleuth «Mr. Holmes», and now Ian is working on the musical tale «beauty and the beast», which will appear before the audience under the guise of turned into a mantel clock Butler Cogsworth.

    Personal life

    As a teenager Ian McKellen realized that he was not attracted to the opposite sex. Officially, the actor announced sexual orientation in 1988, and later confessed: he regrets that it was not doing this earlier public disclosure because ceasing to hide his secret, he was able to Shine and achieve so much more as a professional. By the way, Ian McKellen is the first homosexual, who was awarded the knight’s title.

    Ian McKellen and Sean Mathias
    Ian McKellen and Sean Mathias

    The first partner of the actor was a history teacher from Bolton, Brian Taylor. Their romance began in 1964 and lasted 8 years. Later, Jan began Dating, and then to conduct a joint household with the British Director Sean Mathias. They met at the Edinburgh festival and have been together 10 years. The separation occurred due to the fact that Sean was getting very jealous of the success of his partner, whose career just went up sharply.

    Recently, the public ascribes Mackellen an affair with his best friend Patrick Stewart, who three years ago married a 35-year-old singer Sani Sell. The reason for such conversations began their meeting at the event dedicated to the London premiere of «Mr. Holmes». Approaching each other, the men hugged and kissed, quite frankly.

    Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart
    Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart | The Northern Echo

    Ian McKellen actively expresses its position and fights for the rights of sexual and gender minorities. He was the initiator of the open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin to repeal the law banning gay propaganda, and called the mayor of the Russian capital Sergey Sobyanin «coward» because he refused to hold a gay pride parade in Moscow.


    • 1982 — the Scarlet Pimpernel
    • 1995 — Richard III
    • 1998 — Gods and monsters
    • 1998 — apt pupil
    • 2000-2014 — X-Men
    • 2001-2003 — the Lord of the rings
    • 2003 — Emil
    • 2005 — Loser
    • 2012-2014 — the Hobbit
    • 2015 — Mr. Holmes


    Ian McKellen

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